Vee is for Vortex – Table of Contents

Sandra Muffin
Chapter 1 – Moving in
Chapter 2 – Meeting some premades
Chapter 3 – Aspiration goal hunt
Chapter 4 – Nancy’s anger and Laura’s extreme pantomime skills
Chapter 5 – Befriending Don?

The Landgraabs
Chapter 6 – The Landgraabs go through a few changes
Chapter 7 – Nancy and Geoffrey rekindle their romance
Chapter 8 – Geoffrey starts on a new skill
Chapter 9 – Sandra almost reveals scandalous details
Chapter 10 – Cupcake empowered mischief skills
Chapter 11 – The weirdest party in all sim history
Chapter 12 – Family love falls in unlikely places
Chapter 13 – Everybody is working on their aspirations

The Calientes
Chapter 14 – A night at the club with Nina Caliente
Chapter 15 – Don’s quest for romance
Chapter 16 – A doctorly day with Don Lothario
Chapter 17 – Don and Nina go on a weird date and Dina introduces her love interest
Chapter 18 – Don starts a fire and gets swooned over by all the ladies
Chapter 19 – Katrina spends a relaxing day at the spa
Chapter 20 – All sorts of drama goes down in the Caliente finale

The Roommates
Chapter 21 – My roommates start a trip to Granite Falls
Chapter 22 – Sophie meets someone and Alejandro goes crazy
Chapter 23 – Philipp goes on an adventure he never wanted
Chapter 24 – Sophie and Alejandro plan a double date
Chapter 25 – A crazy costume party

Sandra Muffin
Chapter 26 – Sandra Muffin ventures out into the world of love
Chapter 27 – Dealing with a plumhead
Chapter 28 – More party, more people, more problems
Chapter 29 – A tragic clown brings an unexpected surprise

The Landgraabs
Chapter 30 – Visitors shake up the Langraab household
Chapter 31 – Malcolm ages up and becomes a good criminal
Chapter 32 – Scandalous happenings happen
Chapter 33 – Another Landgraab party
Chapter 34 – Geoffrey ventures out into space
Chapter 35 – Someone is spreading chaos

Dina and Johnny
Chapter 36 – Dina and Johnny go on a chaotic date
Chapter 37 – Dina is in for a surprise
Chapter 38 – A weird visit to the pub followed by a weirder visit to the spa
Chapter 39 – Awesome parties be awesome
Chapter 40 – The joys of parenthood await!

Don Lothario
Chapter 41 – Don buys a fitness shop
Chapter 42 – Don meets someone interesting at the bar
Chapter 43 – Having an apartment at the store finally pays off
Chapter 44 – A new conquest
Chapter 45 – Don is on a mission to continue his aspiration
Chapter 46 – Triple Trouble is on the Horizon
Chapter 47 – A new addition
Chapter 48 – Don’s daughter grows up
Chapter 49 – We see what Don’s other kids look like

Alejandro Ferrari
Chapter 50 – Alejandro opens his Trattoria
Chapter 51 – A week of interesting guests and scandals

The Vatores
Chapter 52 – Mission: Turn everyone
Chapter 53 – Exploring Forgotten Hollow
Chapter 54 – Christina joins the gang


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