Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 7

Remember last chapter when Nancy Landgraab asked her husband Geoffrey for a cupcake machine? Well, he got her one! I expanded the kitchen a bit and tucked it into a corner. This machine is really huge! Of course, I sent her to try it out immediately. Hopefully she won’t stain that pretty red dress!

I think she had fun. She was so happy when her first plate of cupcakes came out of the machine! They are vanilla flavoured ones.

You know, I never really liked Nancy because she’s a snob and all that. But ever since she got a new job and things started to get better with Geoffrey she is just so disgustingly happy! And I mean look at this, isn’t she adorable?

I assume the cupcakes were tasty. Good job, Nancy!

Her first day of work was still two days away but I thought a bit of writing pratice couldn’t hurt. I designed the writer’s nook under the stairs as her new workplace. She was enjoying it right off the bat!

Well, she was probably also thinking about all the money she could make with selling books. Her aspiration is fabulously wealthy. For the first step she needs 10k of savings (the Landgraabs already have that of course) and she needs to earn 5k. If she practices her writing more she can make it in no time!

Since she is a materialistic sim she also constantly has the happy moodlet from looking at the new stuff I bought for their house. For example, this painting. I’ve had problems with the materialistic trait in the past. The option to admire new possessions (Neuen Besitz bewundern) didn’t always show up after I bought something. But it does seem to work this time. Nancy also admired the new bookshelves in the living room and her new Princess Cordelia bed. I have to admit, it looks pretty awesome!

Meanwhile, Geoffrey was at work and a notification showed up. He is a secret agent and I had to make a decision: Should Geoffrey play the good or the bad cop? Since Geoffrey’s kind of the good guy I let him play good cop – but the criminal only laughed at him and he came home embarassed. Poor Geoffrey.

Beschämt = Embarassed

At least he had delicious cupcakes waiting for him! Though I think the dirty dishes distracted him from the awesome flavour. Bummer.

Nancy has really done a lot of writing and she really has to pee by now. OH WAIT didn’t I forget something? (I totally didn’t, I just enjoy torturing my readers, BAHAHAHA, me so evil) Nancy is going to take a pregnancy test!


I can’t wait to see whether her wish was granted. She told Sandra Muffin that she wanted another child…

The suspense is killing me! I can’t believe how long it takes for the pregnancy test to complete if you don’t fast forward it. Gnarf!

She’s having a baby! Yay! I’m so happy for her. She looks really pleased too. So now Nancy immediately ran into the kitchen to tell Geoffrey the good news!

Oh my, how will he take it? Of course you know every sim does this cute frown when they find out someone is pregnant (sorry I don’t have a picture). It always look like they are thinking “Oh no! Why?!”. But then afterwards, Geoffrey got really excited.

He also threw his hands in the air like he just didn’t caaaaare… (sorry for that, it always gets me)

Geoffrey seemed so happy after receiving these news. Although the yummy cupcakes were probably a part of his good mood! Nancy already experienced a jolt of sickness and her thoughts turn to dirty diapers. No, Nancy, think of it in a postive way! A new baby, isn’t that cute?

Geoffrey seemed to sense his wife’s mood swing and he quickly distracted her.

See, I knew Geoffrey has a thing for cars!

They sat down to have some more of these cupcakes. Geoffrey couldn’t take his eyes off Nancy.

They are sooo adorable.

I’m so sad right now, I didn’t get a good shot of them eating the cupcakes. They ate them in total unison! It was too cute!

They also flirted autonomously. I think their marriage is back on the right track.

That’s it for today folks! Tune in next time 🙂

PS: Here, have this picture for your entertainment

Uh, you think you can treat me like I’m some sort of dork?

Next: Chapter 8


11 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 7

  1. Nice chapter ❤ I think it's good to see Nancy and Geoffrey getting their marriage strengthened although I will admit that I once had one of my Sims romance Nancy and eventually moved her into his home and made her leave her family behind lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The cupcake machine is HUGE but I actually like it a lot, mostly after we get the Baking skill in GTW. I really like to see Nancy and Geoffrey getting along so well. Congrats on the baby! I wonder if the baby will look more like Geofrey, and what that would look like. So far in my game, Nancy has had just boys and they all look like her, lol. Great chapter, funnies!

    Liked by 1 person

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