Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 30

Welcome back! Really sorry to leave you on the cliffhanger of Sandra Muffin’s unexpected pregnancy, but her ingame week was up and we are returning to the Landgraab household.

I found Geoffrey looking all fancy in his work suit!

I let them go and complete their daily tasks for work. Geoffrey still needs to rack up some logic and charisma skill for a promotion in the secret agent career. Sigh. He must have had connections when he got the job, because his skills are not up to it yet!

His wife Nancy is a writer and so did a bit of reading before going off to work. I really hope she gets a promotion soon because as an ambitious sim she’s giving me a hard time, constantly being tense and all that jazz.

Meanwhile, one of the Landgraab twins, Summer had invited over Olivia, a girl from school. But she didn’t seem very friendly.

Did Summer steal her homework or what? I have no idea how she deserved to be yelled at like this. Summer asked Olivia to leave

Since the holidays were round the corner at the time, I used the Langraab’s last money to buy a Christmas tree. And yes, they are now officially broke! I have no idea how they will pay their 10k bills in time. Might have to cheat a little there, hehe.

Autumn wasn’t too excited about the Christmas tree and started plotting on world domina… I mean do homework with her older brother Malcolm. Clever kid!

When I checked on Summer, Olivia was still there. What?! Didn’t I ask her to leave a minute ago. What’s her problem?!

I can relate to Summer’s face so well in this case.

Geeze, this kid has a problem. After I asked her to leave again, she again ignored me and angrily watched some comedy instead. Just look at that little condensed pile of rage!

Finally, Olivia left after making half the household mad in the process. Geoffrey let off some steam by working on his rocket. I really hope he can get this done soon, I would love for him to go to space.

Malcolm was chatting online with Marilyn, the daughter of the Cross family. He is disliked by all of them but I feel like he actually might like Marilyn, but doesn’t care to admit.

“Mwahahaha, I’ll invite her to the movies and then steal all of her popcorn. I’m such a evil mastermind!”


Again, I learned something new today: Kids can actually use the observatory! But it didn’t to Autumn any good because she got sick afterwards. What the hell is going on in there?

Geoffrey couldn’t waste any time with changing his outfit, and just worked on the rocket in his PJ’s. Way to go!

After Geoffrey left for work and all the kids went to school, Nancy was alone in the house. What a good time to work on her first book, the adventures of Babsy, the bat.

Fun fact: This is screenshot #666. I wanted this to be Malcolm, but well

She did reach writing skill level 5, but was then disturbed by a knock on the door. It was Vernon Morse, another EA premade. Apparently he just moved into the neighbourhood and wanted to say hello.

Nancy came out to chat and complained about the drought in Oasis Springs. The hadn’t had any rain in forever!

When the kids came home, Summer stayed true to her name and did her homework outside while Malcolm and Autumn preferred their ususal word domina… errr, homework setup at the dining table.

Summer looked really chill after finishing her work. Really chill. What the heck do they put into the school food?!

Vernon Morse was still around and sat down and the dining table with Nancy to chat but Malcolm had set up an evil plan. Don’t shower and pester everyone with his foul smell! Seemed to work on Vernon!

Meanwhile, Autumn was wallowing in Malcolm’s misery. Sigh. Evil sims.

(Oh, you might have noticed, I got my game changed to English! Sorry, no more German lessons 😦 But it’s easier for me this way)

Vernon had been at the Landgraab’s house for so long that his mother Gladys got worried and decided to check on him. Geeze, he’s an adult, Gladys!

Vernon said Hi to his mother but then went back inside to talk to Nancy. What shocking news did he give her?

Then, I noticed something weird. As all the Landgraabs like to do, Summer stared at the BBQ sauce decoration while eating… And it increased her fun meter? What?!

She was doing nothing else at the time, only eating and staring at the sauce. Weird girl. Must be some hilarious sauce right there!

Nancy was chatting with Vernon in the kitchen when Geoffrey came home. He couldn’t see Vernon yet.

What’s he going to do when he finds out that his wife was chatting with a stranger while he was at work? Let’s find out if Geoffrey is the jealous type.

He seemed to be slightly worried, but nothing serious. The only thing I noticed is that “Friendly introduction” was not an option for him. Vernon on the other hand was only slightly weirded out by Geoffrey’s unhygenic appearance.

He left soon after. That’s it for today folks! Hope you tune in next time when Malcolm ages up and all sorts of hilarious stuff goes down!

PS: In case you ever wondered, have this picture of Nancy Landgraab as a child!

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