Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 28

The next morning, Sandra Muffin was still feeling very good from her kiss with Michael Vermont. She had a good feeling about him and he seemed a lot better than Michael Plumhead. Sandra was feeling so inspired, she decided to put her feelings on a canvas.

Later that day, Sandra wanted to have another party and invited all of her friends. When everyone arrived, Nancy Landgraab trolled teh forums while Sandra told Jonah Stevens, Laura Stevens’ husband, a funny story about dinasours. I think he approved!

Oh, this is a party… and every party needs… a caterer! That’s right, guess who returned!

*starts hyperventilating* Lucas is so amazing! He made all kinds of excellent food throughout the party and left tons of tasty leftovers for Sandra.

Eliza Pancakes felt like this party was not on her level. I have to admit, the music, Sandra played on the piano was pretty bad. Everyone got tense, except Geoffrey, who was having a blast of a time dancing in his swim wear!

Laura Stevens is sad…again! Who would have thought.

Look how hilarious that old guy looks when tense. He looks like he wants to punch the stereo!

The cool barkeeper was Alba Palermo, she already had a thing with Don Lothario in an earlier chapter. She is so interesting! And also a lot better barkeeper than Michael Plumhead.

So remember, when I thought Michael Vermont was the perfect guy? Turns out, Future me was right, because when Sandra walked up to him to kiss him, this happened:

He agressively pushed her away! What a douche, you just don’t do that to a girl! Oh my days, I was so mad at him.

Although he was immediately sorry and apologized, my image of him will be forever tainted! But I wanted to listen to Sandra in this and she seemed to forgive him quickly.

What’s up with all of these sims being angry or sad over video games? Some big thing must have come out lately.

The party went well afterwards and Sandra and Michael flirted autonomously. Maybe Michael just had a bad day? I’m still not convinced, but Sandra seemed to be so I let him.

Laura Stevens was doing an awkward sad dance while Sandra and Michael played chess. At least that’s an activity they enjoy together. I’m still suspicious…

Suddenly, Michael went all into mad mode again. Is this guy insane or what?

Omg, Lucas in the background!

Well, Michael seems to have gotten his plum back together because he kissed Sandra while old dude was being all creepy by standing close to them. Wait, didn’t I say I’d never invite this guy again? He was already being flirty with Sandra at the last party. WHY IS HE HERE?!

Nancy had a great time while she and Eliza had a dance off. If I assume correctly that Eliza is a snob too, I guess they get along great! Again, old dude in the background was being flirty and thinking of rocket woohoo. Ew! Super gross!

The party earned a silver medal! Yay! But after the piano music disaster, Sandra wanted to practice a bit before trying the next party. Good thinking there, Sandra!

The next morning, she invited Michael Vermont over. He was happy to obliege!

These two are so cute, they took a selfie together!

Sandra decided that it was time to settle things once and for all. They had already kissed and she told him, that she had feelings for him. And he… he plumming rejected her!

Oh my god, I am so mad! He was only being a player leading Sandra on, just like Michael Plumhead. Sandra asked him to leave immediately. I’m so sick of guys being douche-heads in this game!

But on the other hand, I really want Sandra to find someone, so after Michael Vermont left and Sandra was just cooking something, I sent her out to meet an EA premade called Andre DeSilva… in her sleep wear? Oh well, I bet he likes the view.

Okay, maybe he’s a little creeped out. But they got along well and had a nice chat. I sense no affection here though. But that’s alright. Afterall, Sandra can need a friend in these times of turmoil!

That’s it for today folks! Tune in next time to find out if Sandra finally gets a guy.

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