Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 20

Something quite funny happened in my game today. Don Lothario was at work and his girlfriend Nina Caliente went to make some food even though she wasn’t hungry! Her hunger meter was still in the green. Do sims normally do that? Thing was, when she finished the dish she didn’t eat it but instead Don came home and went straight for it! Aww, she made him dinner autonomously how cute (Future me: wait for it…).

Nina also had the whim to kiss Don and she did so before he could even start his food (Future me: All part of the plan…)

Nina left the kitchen after the kiss and it turned out that was a good idea because the food she had made was gross! Don didn’t like it a bit. Not even excessive kissing could have made these maccaroni more favorable!

I took this as a sign. That and that Don is constantly tense from feeling trapped in a relationship. And Nina still has that whim to marry him and follows him around to kiss him all the time. How will Don ever rack up romantic relationships for his aspiration like this?


Sorry, Nina, but it’s time for you to go. I was thinking of letting them stay boyfriend and girlfriend for Don’s aspiration (3 strong romantic relationships at the same time) and moving Don out but I couldn’t find a suitable excuse as of why Don would out of his girlfriends house without her. So… break up it is!

At first Nina didn’t really get what Don was saying. But maybe that’s because she was ill again. What a plum timing, Don. But there’s no turning back now!

Oh plum, this is sad. Nina was heartbroken!

Don also looked kinda sad, but probably more about the fact that he couldn’t woohoo with her anymore now.

I don’t even know what this picture is about… it happened right after the breakup. But I don’t want to give you any funny ideas here. They look so … happy?

Don went downstairs to let Nina deal with her emotions and sat down at the kitchen table with her mother Katrina and her sister Dina.

Katrina talked about some woohoo techniques? Guess she was trying to be flirty but it didn’t work. Don was simply friendly while Dina was all grossed out (by the talk and by her own stinky self). Ew!

I let Dina take a relaxing rose petal bath. Isn’t it funny that the beauty mask shows up on her portrait too? Also I didn’t know that sims could take aroma baths in any bathtub. I always assumed there was a special spa bathtub. Learned something new!

Meanwhile, Nina was pretty plummed up about the break up with Don. Funny enough, do you see Don there in one of her whims? Yeah, that’s the whim to marry him! She still has it even after the breakup!

She was so angry she even yelled at the computer while browsing the internet. I thought she was trolling the forums, but nope, just so plumming angry! Maybe she would forgive Don if he begged for forgiveness and proposed but that’s so not going to happen!

Don is quite happy with his newfound single life. See the moodlet? It’s a happy moodlet from breaking up. He is romantic and non-committal after all.

I didn’t really want to deal with Nina’s anger, she could cool off on her own. Instead I sent her mother Katrina Caliente outside to talk to some sims.

First was this old guy. He was the one who stole Malcolm Landgraab’s outfit at the Landgraab’s big party! Katrina liked him at first but when he started talking about his heart boxers she was more like “Hmhm, yeah, that’s nice” and then left. Creep.

Next up was this good looking guy! I think they really hit it off, Katrina was sad at the beginning of the conversation but look how happy she is now! I think, she should see him again.

Look at her! This is Sophie Mocca, she is a roommate of Alejandro Ferrari, the black guy I showed you the picture two chapters ago. Funny enough, Sophie came to knock on the Caliente’s door. Of course Don was there to greet her *eyebrow wiggle*

She knew all about Don’s passion for woohoo. Don was all like “Whaaat how did you see right through me so quickly? Most chicks only get it after I’ve not called them for 3 weeks”. Sorry Don, Sophie is on a whole nother level!

She also wants to get married, again Don couldn’t believe it. How could someone purposely want to get married?! He didn’t understand.

Nevertheless, they had a blast of a time. I think Don is able to stay friends even with the ladies who know about his ways (look at Sandra Muffin, the same with her). I think a great friendship is developing here after Sophie set Don straight about her intentions.

Suddenly this guy came up to Don and started to plum around. I think he missed the part where Sophie turned Don down. He is also one of Sophie’s roommates, his name is Philipp (Future me: Bahahahahaha). Could he be jealous?

Sophie left to try out the Caliente’s pool and instead Nina came outside to yell at Don.
“We have literally broken up 5 minutes ago, and you are flirting with another woman again? How dare you!”

She was so outraged she even yelled at her sister Dina when she tried to calm her.
“Ugh, don’t you lecture me! Go and have your perfect little family with that plumhead Johnny. Leave me alone!” Rude.
Don didn’t care all that much, but Nina wouldn’t let it go.

Bahaha, this interaction is hilarious. It says “criticise woohoo technique”. How could you criticise him, Nina, you got the spectacular moodlet every time! Nevertheless, she did. And it hurt, especially for a romantic sim like Don who relies on his great woohoo.

Don was very angry! Meanwhile that guy, Philipp (Future me: We’ll see about that… Past me: What are you going on about?…Future me: You’ll see, you’ll see) was awkwardly standing in the middle of it all. But he only had eyes for Dina. Sorry, dude, she’s taken!

Look who came for a visit! Sandra Muffin! I wanted to let Don greet her but when Don went inside, Nina was waiting for him. She had enough of all the ladies swooning over him right after their break up! Though she still had the whim to marry him at this point. Unbelievable!

Oh my days, this shot is hilarious! I feel so bad for laughing at them.

Sandra Muffin was still outside the door, waiting, and Katrina walked by awkwardly as she wanted to use the toilet. Oh don’t mind me, carry on!

Don would have none of Nina’s plum. Deal with it!

In the end, Katrina invited Sandra in and I think they had a great time gossiping about all the drama going on.

Me too, ladies, me too!

See you around, folks!

Next: Chapter 21


12 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 20

  1. Wow, that was intense! How interesting that Nina got angry after the breakup, all of my sims always get really sad after a breakup (even after the jealouy patch, unless they tweaked with it again). I hope it varies from sim to sim as opposed to rage replacing the sadness.

    The last picture of the ladies getting their gossip on was priceless! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don being constantly Tense from being in a relationship is something I know all too well! I just say, Oh, stop complaining Don! I think always-happy Sims are creepy. Let’s put it that way. It’s OK if Don isn’t feeling happy all the time, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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