Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 34

After the crazy party in the last chapter, the next morning was fairly quiet. The only thing that remained of the party was this cake made by the one and only Lucas Ainsworth.

Geoffrey was the first one to eat some cake. Better get the others down here, too, before the cake spoils! And who the heck keeps making these cupcakes?!

Nancy was busy writing a book about a music group… I think. Now that her daily task at work is writing books, she’s been dashing out novels like crazy. She already gets a decent amount of royalties. Sweet! It really helps for her fabulously wealthy aspiration.

Malcolm had no interest in the cake… yet. But ew, he was all stinky in bed. That looks really nasty there!

By the time he was up and showered, the cake was spoiled but he still attempted to eat it. I think it spoiled the second he grabbed a plate. It looks like his stinkiness just transferred to the cake, lol.

Without bothering to change his clothes, I let Geoffrey work on the rocket. I think the PJ’s help his productivity.

Tadaaaa, the rocket is finished! Can’t wait to send Geoffrey on some space adventures.

But, I decided to install the landing stabilizers first. I really don’t want Geoffrey to crash the rocket and die. He has young children! That should be worth 500 simoleons.

Oh, quick interlude. Did you ever notice what happens to a running TV when you speed up the game? I could looks at this swirliness for hours!

But, I was interrupted from the swirly hypnosis by Siobhan Fyred, who called Malcolm to go on a date!

Just look at Malcolm’s face on the left. He’s like Hell yeah, I got it. But I said no to the date. Siobhan seemed way too much into other guys at the party. I let Malcolm call Angelina, his fellow criminal friend, instead. They went to park and bonded while this kid was awkwardly watching them.

But, as soon as I looked away, they started fighting and loosing relationship points! Oh no! What did Malcolm do?! Maybe he told Angelina about Siobhan and she took it the wrong way?

But Malcolm smoothly apologized and I think he fixed it. Phew. Crisis averted.

Yep, that girl is totally digging him! And Malcolm is really skilled with those compliments. But Angelina had to go to work soon after and so we went back home.

Back home I noticed Summer and Autumn having a conversation over homework and they actually like each other although Autumn is evil. They are such cute sisters. Can’t wait to see them become teens.

Suddenly, Summer got a text message.

What?! The Paragons? Dude, you’re a young adult. Why are you inviting kids to your club? Besides, I don’t feel like the Paragons are the right club for Summer. Since she is a rambunctious scamp, I let her join the League of Adventures instead! They mostly use the jungle gyms and have fun!

Of course, I sent Summer to gather with them. Because why wouldn’t a bunch of kids gather at a park in a different town in the middle at the night without adult supervision. Perfectly logical!

To my dismay, Summer didn’t really get along with Elsa, the club leader. I tried telling jokes to get Summer playful, but Elsa dismissed all of them. Lame.

I still got her playful for her aspiration. And the group did have some fun on the space ship, too! Yay!

Meanwhile, Nancy got promoted! She’s really working up!

When I came back home, I let Geoffrey finish the rocket upgrade and finally sent him to space! This is my first time using a rocket! I’m so excited!

Suddenly, this popped up. I didn’t make the most sensible choices to be honest. Well, it was my first time after all.

But, at least Geoffrey didn’t crash and has returned safely. Woop woop! More space adventures to come, for sure!

That’s it for today folks. Hope you tune in next time 🙂

PS: Have this picture for your entertainment.

Summer: “I’m going to kill you all in your sleep.”
Nancy: “That’s nice… wait what?!”
And I thought Autumn was the evil one…

Next: Chapter 35


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