Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 35

Since Get Together gave us more pool objects and jumping platforms, I thought it would be scandalous if the rich Landgraabs didn’t have one of these latest fashion thingies. So I bought them one and Summer, one of the Landgraab twins, went to test it with a huge cannonball!

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves here, just to say I love all the different jumps the sims can do. There are cannonball, back flip, skydive, and more!

Yay for Summer’s amazing cannonball! She also got a happy moodlet from the successful jump. I let Autumn try out the backflip, but apparently you need to do some training because she fancily plummeted on her belly!

Aw, poor Autumn. I did feel sad for her. But maybe she should try a simpler figure next time. I sent Geoffrey to cheer her up, but she walked away as soon as he sat down. Rude.

Guess she doesn’t want any cheering up. Oh well, Geoffrey had fun eating his breakfast by the poolside anyway.
Speaking of cheering up, it seemed like Summer needed some. Or did she?

Yeah, gloomiest face EVER. This is also actually the first time I’ve seen Summer sad from her gloomy trait. Well, I think the monkey bars cheered her up! I’m already excited for her and Autumn to age into teens and see what they look like and what traits they will roll!

Because we had a finished rocket on the roof, I let Geoffrey venture out into space once more! His last mission had failed miserably after he was caught by space pirates!

Gasp! At first I really thought I was going to land on Sixam, but I’m not sure if you can get there by rocket at all (?). But, Geoffrey found an uncommon space rock! I think I’ll start decorating his room with the space stuff. Nancy will be thrilled!

Suddenly, Nancy got a message and look what it said.

Uhm, yeah, they are like… mother and daughter?! What the heck. I found this extremely amusing. After the weird text, Geoffrey came back from space and Nancy was there to greet him. Though he felt the need to change into his swimwear. Oh well, they live in a desert after all, it must be hot. Look how cute they are!

This was all autonomous!

When Nancy went back down into the kitchen, she met her son Malcolm. Since Malcolm hadn’t racked up the necessary mischief interactions for his job as a petty criminal, he dared his mother to streak!

And streak she did! Gosh, Nancy, you are so scandalous! Doing things in the nude seems to be her thing. Think of skinny dipping with other men…

Poor Malcolm, he thought he could finally do everything he wanted now that his mother was out of the house and probably arrested. But things turned sour soon enough!

Plummit, Malcolm, pull yourself together! I don’t want you to burn down the house I spent so much time recolouring! What kind of criminal are you?

Right… at least the Landgraabs are rich (I used a cheat lol) so I could replace all the stuff easily. And hey, it gave me a good laugh looking at the hilarious faces sims make when running from a fire!

Haha, oh my days. Anyways, that’s it for today guys! See you around, when we turn towards a new household…

PS: What the heck, this woman is like everywhere! Who even invited her in? WHY IS SHE TAKING A ROSE PETAL BATH IN OUR BATHROOM?!

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6 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 35

  1. LOL! What a chapter! Visiting sims are obsessed with baths. In my Rebuild Willow Creek save, one of the cousins likes to come over and use the fancy tub. XD

    Liked by 1 person

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