Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 39

Dina Caliente and her boyfriend Johnny Zest are enjoying their quiet, but happy life. Dina is still pregnant with Johnny’s kid.

After using the punching bag for a while, she made some more grilled ch eese. I swear, this woman is addicted to grilled cheese. At the same time, Johnny came around like a creepy stalker and stared at Dina for several moments.

And then proceeded to give her a kiss on the cheeck. Aww, I forgive you for being a creepy stalker, Johnny, you are sweet! Can’t wait for their kid!

Then, guess who I saw walking buy the house. Lucas Ainsworth! *fans self* He was being pestered by that evil little child, Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis, who already haunted the Landgraabs.

Boo, he deserves better! Time to save him! Johny got Lucas out by making some lame joke about the weather.

“Hey, did you change your wardrobe? You look pretty fly for a white guy.”

“Yeah, I also got some great boxers with hearts on them, my girl loves them…”
Too much information, Johnny. Just. Too much.

Lucas made a quick exit after this awkward encounter. Johnny decided to try his comedic charisma on two ladies chatting nearby. Oh Johnny, I thought we were over the creepy stalker phase?

The ladies were not impressed. Ha ha, yeah, so funny… They look pretty desperate to get rid of him, to be honest. I decided to leave Johnny alone and check what’s up in the house. I found that Dina never finished her grilled cheese! Scandalous!

As she finally finished it, I realized that these cooking animations are pretty weird. This doesn’t look like grilled cheese sandwich at all. Is this some weird future food that transforms on your plate?

Also notice how the food blurbs look like little hearts. Aw.

The burlbs did indeed magically transform into a huge platter of grilled cheese. Cheer up, Dina! You can get your grilled cheese fix now. But it seemed like she’s not only passionate about grilled cheese.

Go, Dina! She really took initiative. Johnny was so impressed that he decided he wanted to impress his girl too and get a bit of muscle on.

Uhm, this is not a dance competition, Johnny.

I don’t think that’s how it’s done. Sigh. I wanted Dina to go jogging. No excuses, even if you’re pregnant. Turns out, pregnant sims don’t jog. They just go for a little stroll.

Learned something new again!

For Dina’s aspiration, she needs to make five (or three?) drinks at a social event. So party it is! What could possibly go wrong with a heavily pregnant woman in the house (*cough* Landgraabs *cough*)
Future me: Yeah, this party is going to be awesome.
Past me: Was that sarcasm?
Future me: Maybe.

The caterer (Lucas again!) started a cake but abandonded it halfway through in favor of playing horseshoes with the ladies. I would have been mad at any other caterer but not Lucas. I forgive you!

Babs L’Amour had her eyes on Lucas, apparently he looked like he had some money on him (which is not untrue). Her behaviour made Alba Palermo so angry, that she started snapping about everything. Even that Johnny’s blazer had the same colour as her hair. How dare you, Johnny!

Dina’s sister, Nina, came over and gave Dina’s baby bump some love. I’m so freaking excited for this kid!

Alba was still snapping at Johnny, something about him stealing her style. At the same time, Lucas refused a flirt from Babs.

Both Johnny and Babs were so angry, they lashed out at Lucas. But he was unfazed, calm as a rock! Don’t let them get you, Lucas!

Wow, now that’s a great party. The hostess is tired from her pregnancy, the caterer is not cooking but browsing art and everyone else is angry or miserable. Awesome!

At least, Lucas looks pretty darn cute when he is inspired.

He also stayed for quite a while even after the party. He just couldn’t get enough of the awesome web art! He wanted to leave, but somehow he was glued to the computer.

He only left when Dina went into labor. He can’t deal with that, he’s just a cook after all, not a doctor.

Johnny was also adorably clueless of what to do. So what to do? Panic, that’s right.

I didn’t want Dina to go to the hospital and home births take forever. So naturally, she sat down for some grilled cheese to pass the time. Not that it helped much.

Finally, after 1000 years, the social service provided a crib and Dina could give birth.

Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but that’s it for today folks. Tune in next time for the cute nooboo! (Future me: I could spoiler them, Past me: Don’t you dare!)

Next: Chapter 40


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