Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 17

Since Don Lothario needs to go on anther date for his aspiration of Serial Romantic, I sent him to the park with his girlfriend Nina Caliente. Apparently, Don didn’t care that Nina was actually his date because he started chatting up random women.

First this painter girl and then… Yay, Alba Palermo, the super cool barkeeper from the lounge! He immediately started flirting with her and she was very receptive. Is Nina even seeing this?!

Nope, she doesn’t care. Probably because she couldn’t stop staring at this cute red-head. What a couple you are, Don and Nina!

Meanwhile, Don got to know Alba better.

A lot better.

Way to go, Don! He didn’t even need that kiss for his aspiration (yet) but they got along so well, I just couldn’t resist. I mean, we already know Nina is probably not going to be his girlfriend forever, right? (I’m such an evil person)

Speaking of Nina, did she get jealous at that kiss? Nope! She didn’t even see it while she turned her back on Yiliang Stevens, Laura Stevens’ son. He still thought he had so much game, though!

After Alba Palermo left, Don interacted with Nina again and the Date did actually earn a gold medal! Wow, these two go on crazy dates. Remember the last one where Nina refused to be Don’s girlfriend? Also gold, and now this *sigh*.

The date completed Don’s first aspiration milestone! Yay! For the next tier I had to let him practice his charisma skill (not that he needed it) and I got this super awesome screenshot! I just love his expression here.

I also remodeled Nina’s balcony to make space for Don’s training equipment. He’s got to stay ripped, you know!

Before Don left for work, Nina had the whim to woohoo. I swear these two want to woohoo all the time as long as they aren’t busy flirting with other sims (at least on Don’s part). I also have the feeling, Nina is getting kind of clingy

(Future me: Bahahaha…
Past me: Say what?
Future me: Never mind, carry on

I really want to advance Don in his career, but he is giving me a hard time! He is constantly failing to get precise diagnosis results. Plum it. His patient today was Natalie Cross, the cool sim whom Sandra Muffin met on the street and who was the first to dislike Malcolm Landgraab!

Don didn’t get any results from examining her, so he had to do a treadmill test. A medical treadmill, how cool!

He did diagnose her correctly! Awesome! (I forgot what she had though, maybe llama flu?) On another note, Summer Landgraab was back! Last time Don made a wrong diagnosis (or rather I did). So much for finding a new doctor, Summer! But before he could cure her, he had to visit a patient at home.

This was really weird, because it was basically a house full of random ill sims running around. Hey, aren’t they supposed to be at home in bed?

After Don came home, I decided to check on Nina’s sister, Dina Caliente! Look how beautiful she is!

She wants to be a master mixologist and dreams of opening her own bar one day. You go, Dina, you can do it!

When I checked her relationships I noticed that she already had a romantic interest. It’s Johnny Zest! Wow, she must have some genuine feelings for him. Johnny was disowned by the Landgraabs for wanting to become a comedian and is not exactly rich. I always thought she was quite a gold digger!

I invited Johnny over and things seem to be pretty serious between them. Dina wants to take it to the next level!

Johnny was kind of overwhelmed with the situation so I settled for meeting Dina’s mom, Katrina, first. One step at a time you know.

“You’re the boy who was disowned, right? You poor sock can’t provide anything for my daughter!”, Katrina insulted Johnny.
“We are in love at that is what matters! I will do everything I can, and you are just being snobbish!”, Johnny retorted.

Well that didn’t exactly go well. Obviously Katrina knows that Johnny was disowned and doesn’t want a man like him for her daughter! How weird, considering Katrina is in the entertainer career herself. What a hypocrite she is!

Things got worse when Dina went to grab a drink in the kitchen, Johnny and Katrina only continued to fight.

When Dina came back Johnny rather wanted to leave.
“I don’t think this is going to end well, Dina. Maybe you deserve someone better, clearly I am not welcome here”, he said sadly. Katrina was rather pleased with herself, but Dina wouldn’t just let him go and took him upstairs.

“But Johnny, I don’t care what my mom thinks. I love you and I want to be with you. We can move out together, you know.”
“Are you sure? We don’t have much money if your mom doesn’t support us. My career hasn’t hit off yet”, Johnny worried. He wanted to give Dina the life she deserved and he was afraid she would run off when she realised that he was really poor. But Dina didn’t care and convinced Johnny that she loved him. Awww.

To show how few they cared for others’ opinions they even kissed in front of Don and Katrina to display their love for each other! Cute! Katrina has got nothing on them. But I’m sure Dina will have to move out soon if she wants to see Johnny more often.

That’s it for today, folks! Tune in next time, when Don starts a fire and gets it going with even more ladies!

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7 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 17

  1. Wow, Dina and Johnny in love? That’s cool!

    That painter girl is actually a park sleeper, as you probably found out already. Common thing? The insane trait. I always feel bad for them because their needs tend to be low, especially the hygiene need. I played with Insane Sims before and I have to say, when I go off to another household and I see my Insane Sim as a park sleeper, I’m like, “Uh, hello??? You actually have a home!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Their date…that was hilarious! I don’t get Sims and dates, but I always get a good laugh out of it!

    And I love Johnny and Nina. I’m rooting for them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww Johny Zest, I didn’t expect that! Either Dina figured out she’d provide for herself and her husband doesn’t need to be rich, or she still thinks he could somehow still help her get the Landgraab fortune!

    Haha, what a date indeed! I guess they have an open relationship. Alba is so cool looking, I hope we’ll get to see more of her!

    Liked by 1 person

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