Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 32

In the last chapter, Malcolm Landgraab racked up some mischief interactions for his job by taking on Michael Plumhead. But for his aspiration, he needed an enemy and also get into five fights. So I looked around and selected this guy as his first victim. Mwahaha.

Malcolm didn’t waste anytime in ridiculously insult blondie here and imply his mother was a llama multiple times! Go, Malcolm! (This guy has a bad influence on me!) Blondie didn’t take it well.

I just love how sims look when they fight! You can get some hilarious screenshots here. Suddenly, Natalie Cross walked directly through the fight, completely unfazed! Can you believe it?!

She was just like “Ugh, boys.”
Much to my dismay, blondie kicked Malcolm’s plum. Rude. I’ll take this a hint to let Malcolm train more.

Nevertheless, the fight counted towards Malcolm’s aspiration and it also brought down their relationship bar so much, that Malcolm could declare blondie his enemy!

Oh no he didn’t! I have to admit I expected something more spectacular as the enemy animation. At least it had a dramatic soundeffect.

I let Malcolm go home, enough fights for today, time to get buff. But before I could let Malcolm train, Nancy got a call by Vernon Morse.

Woop woop, a party at the Bluffs! Ever since I got Get Together I’ve loved these spontaneous parties and the Bluffs are just gorgeous! So of course, I accepted and let Nancy take Geoffrey along, too.

But it seems like as soon as we arrived, Nancy had to go the loo.

Excuse me, you are standing next to a party bush?! You can pee in there, you know. I’ll spare you the pictures, but let’s just say she successfully “fertilized” the bush. Afterwards, she and Geoffrey joined the party. A few Windenburg folks were there and Michael Plumhead, getting it on with the ladies. UGH, I hope he get’s dumped.

The views from the Bluffs are amazing! If you are thinking about getting Get Together, do it, just for the beautiful setting!

The party was going great, but the dancing was a little slow.

So I decided, the group had to step up their game! I’m in love with the group dance feature already!

Oh my days, just look at them! They rocked the whole party. And Michael plumhead awkwardly tried to follow suit, but failed. Ha! Bet that was embarassing for him.

Everyone was cheering the group on, except…

It’s Maya! Geoffrey’s affair. She must be very sad to Geoffrey so happy with Nancy. Bet he promised her to leave his wife. So sad. Well, it’s past time we deal with this. Geoffrey led Maya away from the party to a secluded spot on the top of the cliffs. He told her, that he had made up with his wife and had two new kids and wanted to stay with her. Maya was devastated.

Oh, Maya, don’t worry, you’ll find someone special, too. Geoffrey comforted Maya because although he had just left her, he still cared. He’s just a good guy and can’t leave another sim sad.

Or you could rekindle the romance with your own husband. Not all hope is lost! I think Maya will get over it.

There I was just talking about the great marriage of Geoffrey and Nancy, when this happened, while Geoffrey was talking to Maya. Nancy was caught up in a group of men.

And Vernon Morse seemed interested. Very interested.

Geoffrey didn’t even notice another man flirting with his wife because he was asleep with his head in the grass. Gosh! Scandal incoming!

Big scandal incoming! Nancy and Vernon went skinny dipping together! Nancy, how could you!

But it turned out, that Vernon wasn’t as much into it as I had thought. He got out of the water quickly and was promptly disgusted by the act. I think he thought thinks over and decided not to ruin a marriage!

Phew, crisis avoided. Nancy also reconsidered. Was it really worth throwing away everything she had with Geoffrey? I think not. And she didn’t either because she went over to Geoffrey and hugged him. They also became best friends!

Whew, what an eventful day! But in the end, a little scandal happened, a huge scandal was avoided, and everyone’s happy. See you next time!


Summer: “Hey, Autumn, haven’t we got the best parents EVER?”
Autumn: “Yeah, whatever.”

Next: Chapter 33


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