Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 26

At the roommates party we saw Sandra Muffin as the caterer. The party was so exhausting for her she came home feeling hungry and tired. Poor Sandra!

Before she could go to bed she had to eat something. She was still in her catering clothes, so basically she was catering for herself. Ha!

After a good amount of sleep, Sandra was back on track. And what was the first thing she did? Of course: Play BicBlock. Sigh. That’s Sandra how we know her!

For her aspiration of party animal, Sandra wanted to throw three parties and achieve a silver medal on three social events. So I set up a party and invited everyone she had a high friendship meter with. Apparently she befriended this old dude at the Landgraabs party (he was the one who stole Malcolm Landgraab’s outfit!). Turns out that was a bad choice because he was being all creepy, flirting with her. Ew!

Sandra tried to be polite, but she was still weirded out.
“Yeah, haha, thanks. By the way, did I mention I’m moving house tomorrow?”
I’m never inviting this guy again!

Since Sandra can’t cater at her own party I had to get a new caterer. And, look who it is!

That’s right! The one and only Lucas Ainsworth from Dust to Dust. I’m so fangirling right now!

Sandra talked to Lily Silvester and her friend Nancy Landgraab before old dude could get creepy again. They talked about the drop in crime rate in Oasis Springs. Looks like the criminals in the area had no luck since Sophie Mocca dropped out of the criminal career a few chapters ago!

Again, Sandra tried to befriend Nina Caliente, but as in chapter 1 when they met, Nina was ignoring her completely and instead talked to some guy who was swimming in the pool. I think she is still trying to get over her break up with Don Lothario!

Malcolm strutted around like he owned the place, but unlike last time he didn’t try to put the moves on Sandra. Also, Sandra had her eye on the cute barkeeper.

And obviously, he had an eye on her too (Future me: UGH, you should feed that guy to a cowplant as long as you still have the chance).

When the party was over, everyone made a huge sim parade out of leaving. Sandra though was only interested in the barkeeper, who is called Michael by the way.

He showered her with compliments and Sandra felt so good about him…

She just took the plunge! Awww!

Look how happy she is! I think someone is in love!

Sandra was enthusiastic about everything for a while, even playing chess for work!

After work, she decided to invite Michael over so he could meet some of her friends, namely Nancy Landgraab and the doctor Laura Stevens.

Those pants with those shoes? Oh dear.

They had a great time, although their conversation topics might have been a bit dark.

The funniest moment happened when Nancy told a dramatic story. I’m still laughing at this!

Also, some magic occurred and the mysterious case of the floating bowl has yet to be solved!

Sandra wanted to create some memories and snapped a picture with Laura!

And one with Nancy! They are such great friends!

Sandra was so happy about Michael being there and meeting her friends, but Michael seemed to be even more happy, because he started to flirt with Nancy in front of Sandra! What a plumhead!

What’s up with Nancy making hilarious faces?

Sandra was so disappointed and sad. She thought she and Michael had something special. But please, he only wanted her for quick woohoo. Ugh, glad he didn’t get that at least!

She thought it was best for Michael to leave. He half-heartedly tried to apologize but Sandra just threw him out! Nancy seemed to have liked Michael’s flirting although she didn’t even acknowledge it openly. She is still a loyal friend to Sandra!

Sandra was heartbroken! Her first kiss went out to some plumhead who only tried to take advantage of her feelings! Poor her.

That’s it for today! Tune in next time to find out how Sandra gets over Michael’s betrayal and whether she has more luck with the guys.

Next: Chapter 27


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