Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 11

When I came back to playing the Landgraab family today, I found Nancy Landgraab staring at a cupcake, lost in thought. She is pregnant after rekindling the romance with her husband, Geoffrey, and now the pregancy is straining her. She feels so sick in the mornings and maybe she is wondering if this cupcake is going to make her throw up.

Geoffrey came into the kitchen to make himself some cereal and Nancy talked to him about how she was scared of being tied down.

She wants to pursue her career as a writer which she only recently took up and she is afraid she might get fired if she already took time off. The first time she went to work she was already late because she had napped before. She blamed it on the pregancy.

And now her back was hurting, too! She really didn’t enjoy being pregnant right now. But Geoffrey knew exactly what would help his wife with her mood swings.

How sweet! He also gave the baby bump some love and Nancy immediately felt better. The baby would have a great father, she was sure.

While at work, Malcolm Landgraab’s boss assigned him to clean something very dirty. Malcolm decided to throw it away instead. He’s rich, he shouldn’t have to deal with such peasant work. But his boss caught him and now Malcolm got put up for trash duty. Bummer. At school, Malcolm did some homework for other classes while the teacher was away and he also got caught! Oh dear, his evilness isn’t really helping him out, is it?

He took it out on Natalie Cross, the sim who first disliked him for his aspiration. She was just walking by and got taken by surprise.

Throwing a drink at her face was successful! Malcolm had a lot of fun but he also got angry from talking to a good sim. I sent him to bed to cool off.

I want Geoffrey to get promoted so I checked on the requirements.

Translation: Führender Detektiv = leading detective, freundlich = friendly, Interaktionen = interactions, Logik = logic, Fähigkeit = skill, erreichen = reach

He needs level 5 of the logic skill and level 5 of the charisma skill. Wow, Geoffrey, you have a mischief skill of 6 but don’t even work on the skills you need for your job? Way to go. I told him to play chess but it will take a while until he reaches level 5. At least he went to work concentrated.

Later that day, I let Nancy practice her writing skill. It increased and she can now write poems and love letters to other sims. I decided to let her write one for Geoffrey as a thanks for the nice back massage. It increased her romance bar with him!

She also thought that she would love to have a party (Future me: Why the plum did she think this would be a good idea?) now that the Landgraab’s house had been repainted! I actually changed most of the colours in their house because it looked way to cold for my liking. The house is now clad in reds, oranges and yellows. I also think it fits their neighbourhood better. They live in an orange desert after all.

When Geoffrey came home Nancy told him about her wanting to throw a party and Geoffrey gladly oblieged.

He’s an outgoing sim and loves to invite people over. Also I noticed Nancy doesn’t know anyone apart from her family and Sandra Muffin. I guess people judge her too much; the party might change that. Geoffrey on the other hand knows a lot of sims. I didn’t invite his affair Maja though, and decided to deal with her another time. But Geoffrey invited Sandra Muffin and Laura Stevens, the doctor whom Sandra became friends with in Chapter 4. Even though he dislikes Laura, he thought Nancy might need some new female friends.

The party was about to start but as soon as the guests arrived…

Hey Geoffrey, sticking your arm into people’s heads is not very nice!

… Nancy went into labor! Seriously? She knew she was pregnant in her third trimester and wanted to have a party. Grrr, why didn’t I check on that before. I’m too gullible around my sims. Well, now it’s too late, the guests are there, you want a party, you’ll get one!
Nancy autonomously went to take a nap in the living room, alright then I’ll take care of the party on my own. Grump.

Sandra Muffin arrived and looked amaze-balls! She was also feeling flirty. I wonder whom she’s going to talk to first.

Say whaaaat? Are you kidding me, she’s totally putting the moves on Malcolm here, I can see it! He’s a teenager! Are you trying to sneak around the Sims 4 system, Sandra? Well it seems to be working because Malcolm already gets some funny ideas in his head. I’m also wondering what kind of pick up line has to do with grilled cheese. Sigh.

I feel like I’m losing control of my party, let’s go check on the other guests.

Laura Stevens is already sipping juice, must be a great party. Next to her is Jonah Stevens, I still have no idea how they are related.
(Future me: Yes, you do
Past me: Shut up, you’re distracting my flow)

Since I installed a party and buffet area with a bar outside I wanted to know if anyone was using it.

There they are again! Sandra is using some flirty dancemoves while Malcolm is just goofing off. I wonder if he notices Sandra’s subtle advances. I know Young Adults can’t really flirt with teenagers in game (and I don’t have a mod either) but I swear to you, Sandra totally knows how to outsmart the system.

Why can’t Sandra mingle with the single guys of her age? Like this barkeeper.

Geoffrey ordered a drink from him and he had some seriously cool mixing moves going on. Geoffrey is being a great party host except he doesn’t take care of his wife… who is in labor for crying out loud!

He introduced himself to the caterer, Eliza Pancakes, instead. He said he was so glad to have her number in case they needed a great caterer again. See there in the background, Nancy is waddling in. Wait, she should be upstairs in her room. Oh no, would she… she wouldn’t, right?

Plum me, she would! She gave birth in the kitchen! It’s an adorable baby girl called Summer Landgraab. The other guests were totally not freaked out. Well yeah they were, because everyone went outside.

But wait there’s more! Nancy has twins! Twin girls!

I have no idea why they placed Autumn Landgraab’s crib in Malcolms bedroom but well. Everyone came back inside and didn’t think it was weird at all to have a newborn in the kitchen.

I also managed to achieve some of the party goals in all this mess. Laura Stevens talked to some guy about her passion for woohoo. What the… shouldn’t she be saying that to her husband Jonah Stevens? I found out he is her husband because he was flirtinig with Sandra Muffin outside! At least he tried, because Sandra totally ignored him and danced with Malcolm. Laura Stevens’ marriage doesn’t seem very happy to me. Maybe that’s why she was sipping so much juice earlier. That plus her job… she must be so stressed, poor her.


“Are you wearing the same outfit as me, you dork?”
“Learn some respect, young man, I wear this 1000 times better than you do.”
“Get lost, oldie!”
“I’m telling your parents!”

At least Nancy and Geoffrey were very happy after the party. They even earned a silver medal and got… a new couch. Wow, that was anti-climactic. The Landgraabs are so rich, what do they care for 400 Simoleons.

But their new baby girl twins, Summer and Autumn, they were priceless to them.

Next: Chapter 12

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14 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 11

  1. TWINS!!! SO cool! And yes, I truly love how everyone went about their business whilst two babies were being forged in the kitchen Hahahaha


  2. Oh boy LOL Sandra. I wanted to see her with a baby bump but not with Malcolm haha. He got some kinky thoughts too xD

    And AWWWWW twin babies and I love the names you picked for them. It will be so nice seeing these girls run around in their home ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I write notes while I play to remember stuff I can’t see in the picture and when I re-read them one of the notes said “I still have no idea how Laura and Joah are related” but by the time I was reading I did already know xD So that’s that

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww twin girls! I can’t wait to see what they look like!!
    Great party, too. 🙂 Having parties is one of my favorite parts about neighborhood rotations since you can invite your Sims from other households and watch them without controlling them. It’s fun seeing their autonomous actions, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe, you will find out next chapter. I already used 1 more chapter than planned on the Landgraabs but they are really awesome to play ^^

      I especially loved the part where Malcolm was mean to that guy who wore the same outfit as him xD

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’m really enjoying your Landgraab story so much! They’re surprisingly lovable now that you’re writing about your experiences with them. 🙂

      Haha I liked that part too! Evilness must have NO equal! >:)

      Liked by 1 person

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