Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 12

Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab’s newborn twin daughters,  Summer and Autumn were moved into the newly built nursery! You have to admit, the kitchen and the evil son Malcolm’s bedroom are not the best places for baby girls.

I found it really hard to create a new room in this house although it’s so large! But all the space is planned out already so I had to fit the nursery onto the second floor. Not the best option, but all I had for now. I might revamp the house again another time. Looking forward to it!

Nancy and Geoffrey turned out to very devoting parents although I had the feeling Nancy wasn’t always happy about the girls’ crying and having to change diapers. Often, Geoffrey was left to do the job even though he was exhausted, because Nancy left for work. Her career is very important to her. Poor Geoffrey.

He also got a sad moodlet for not spending enough time with his family right after tending to the twins. That is weird. Maybe he wants to spend more quality time with the family as a whole and not only the babies?

By the way, Geoffrey did all the cleaning up after the big party at the Landgraab’s residence!

There weren’t too many dirty dishes but some of them were hidden in unlikely places!

Milch = milk, verdorben = spoiled, hergestellt = made, von = by

It turned out that Sandra Muffin had sneakily left a barely visible glass behind the computer. What’s up with Sandra trashing Nancy’s house? But Sandra is a slob after all so I’ll let that slip. Don’t do it again, Sandra!

I thought Nancy was doing a really bad job at being a mother because she apparently valued her career higher than her babies and never autonomously tended to them. But one day she got home from work with a promotion! She is now a blogger and got a new computer as a reward. I set it up in her writer’s nook. Although I wonder who she is blogging for…

Do all bloggers wear this kind of outfit? I think I’m doing it wrong

As soon as she had the promotion she started spending more time with her kids! She autonomously went to them when they cried and looked really happy again.

Maybe her boss was just stressing her at work. Doesn’t he know who Nancy is? Poor him, going to get fired. I think Nancy should take his job!

Family love falls in unlikely places. I was dumbfounded when I saw Malcolm cooing at Summer.

Not that evil after all, huh?

How cute! Sibling love! First I thought it was just a rash of good energy that overcame Malcolm but soon things got out of hand.

Geoffrey couldn’t even reach the twins one time, because Malcolm was the first to tend to their needs! And the babies cried a lot. Someone always had to be there and the whole family was perpetually exhausted. But they were all very happy, too!

When Geoffrey was not busy with his new daughters, he passed his time by repairing things, for example the kitchen sink.

And staring at the mysterious super BBQ sauce!

He also trolled teh forums! Like father, like son.

When Nancy got home from work, she went straight to her babies again.

Myyyyy precioussss

She is such a loving mother now! Sorry I doubted you, Nancy!
It was almost time for the twins’ birthday and Nancy invited over Sandra Muffin so she could be there when the twins aged up. But Sandra arrived angry again! I have no idea what her problem is this time. Maybe because Nancy hasn’t called her in a while. Hey, she just had kids!

Nancy distracted Sandra from her anger by telling her about a new story idea of hers, the adventures of Babsy the bat! It would be a children’s book and Nancy wanted to finish it soon so she could read it to Summer and Autumn.
The story cheered Sandra up a lot. She’s a goofball after all and Babsy the bat sounded so funny!

Nancy took Sandra upstairs to show her the girls. Here she is holding Summer, who jumped out of her bassinet shortly after!

Summer is so cute! But with her aging up came the trait/aspiration pop-up-window and with it came my panic. I had forgotten Geoffrey’s traits for the trait generator! Oh no! But the shock only lasted for a second because fortunately, Nancy and Geoffrey are premades and I could look up their traits online! Phew!

Summer rolled gloomy, poor thing. She doesn’t look gloomy at all. She wants to be a rambunctious scamp! We’ll see how the gloomy trait plays out with that. I gave her a few new outfits:

I kept the cute beanie in most of them. I love her!

Next up was Summer’s twin sister Autumn!

I don’t know about you but I think Autumn really has a face of non-traditional beauty. I like her looks! I thought she would be such a great kid… and then the trait generator foiled my plans! She rolled evil. Gasp! How could she be evil, nooooo *cries* But on the other hand, Malcolm is evil, too. I suppose she will get along well with her brother. We’ll see how the relationship with her gloomy sister turns out. Such an interesting family this is!

I gave Autumn a few new outfits too, she’s an aspiring artist prodigy. Drawing up all those plans of world domination, are we, Autumn?

You would never assume she’s evil

I just love the bunny sweater that’s why I had to show it from the back. The ears! GAH, I’m dying of cuteness right now. If you don’t get any more updates, you know why! (Hm, that could be an interesting way of achieving world domination… just let everyone else die from your cuteness…)

Enough of my rambling! Tune in next time and see you around!

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10 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 12

  1. Summer and Autumn are beautiful! Also sad about the evil trait but sometimes that is more entertaining (::points at her Cursed beauty Cast:: Right Isabella?)


  2. I love your german capture of the text dialog in the game ^^ In fact, I love your challenge so much. It’s great!

    And team Evil and Gloomy LOL Those poor parents and with their evil son on top. They will be kept busy no doubt!

    Liked by 1 person

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