Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 45

Since Don Lothario needs three strong romantic relationships for his aspiration, I decided to invite over an eligible lady: Alba Palermo, the barkeeper. He has already wooed the alien Anyala  Nirtam and Candy Behr from Windenburg.

Future me: What could possibly go wrong…

Alba is suspicious and rightfully so! But since she has no proof of Don being involved with other women, she still accepts his flirtations.

She might even hope for shopping perks if she befriends Don. Just like Candy wanted to be famous. As if.

Don brings out the big guns! He does everything to ensure that Alba feels special. Although they are standing right in the entrance area of the store! Anyala or Candy could walk in any minute!

Fortunately for Don, they don’t but the other customers don’t seem too happy about being neglected while Don woes  his new target.

Look who it is! Dina Caliente’s and Johnny Zest’s daughter. Isn’t she cute. I wonder if what she’s here for?

Apparently she wants a fitness machine. Sorry, kid, you’re a bit too small for that one still. Maybe when you’re older.

Why is this guy so angry?

Ah, today must be the day of interesting, charming and handsome customers!

Hehe, I keed, I keed, but it was fun to see my simself visit Don’s store. What might I buy? I’m not really a sporty person at all, so in real life you would probably never find me in a shop like this.

Don and Alba took things to the next level – literally, like the upstairs level.

“Sooo… are we gonna woohoo or what?”

I think Don has to do something to inflame Alba’s enthusiasm for Woohoo. He seems to have taken it for granted.

But after a little sweet talking, Alba couldn’t wait to woohoo with Don! Oh girl, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into.

True to his nature, Don left the apartment directly after the woohoo while Alba stayed around for a while – not that she had any choice in the matter because I locked the door again to keep out nosy customers. Also yay because Don completed another milestone of his aspiration serial romantic!

But there’s one thing I haven’t thought of…

DON LOTHARIO! Put your pants back on! Think of the children! But Don gracefully ignored my yelling and proceeded to sell stuff – in his underpants! Maybe he thought no woman could resist his adonis-like body.

He might be in for a tough wake up call…

Katrina Caliente was not amused AT ALL! She might still be mad that Don broke her daughter Nina’s heart. And seeing him running around half-naked while he is NOT with Nina won’t help.

Well, well, since Don won’t be making any sales soon, let’s check on our employees. Oh wait, Snape didn’t even show up for work at all. Rude. And what about Belle?

I knew I shouldn’t have bought an employee computer. Sigh. Why is the retail system so f’ed up? I really hope the SimGurus improve this soon.

No one was around to help, which meant my poor simself could not buy these comfy sweaters. Bummer because I really like comfy sweaters.

Eventually, I directed Don to put on some pants and do his job. Katrina Caliente was immediately in a better mood and even bought some sportswear. I guess that’s a nice ending for this mess of a day!

That’s it for today folks! How will Don’s business continue with these lazy employees? What’s going to happen with the three ladies? Did I click ‘try for baby’ with any of them? See you around next week when we find out! (I feel like a bad TV commerical right now.)

Next: Chapter 46


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