Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 19

I have been neglecting Katrina Caliente lately while I was playing Don Lothario and her two daughters, Nina and Dina. I felt sorry for Katrina, she is a romantic sim and has the Soulmate aspiration and she has constantly been tense from lack of romance. I decided to focus on her for a while and let her spend a relaxing day – and maybe even meet some nice men!


While she was trimming the family bonsai – which had been neglected too – she looked much calmer already. I also noticed that bonsai trimming increases the garden skill! I mean it’s only logical when you think about it, I just didn’t know it before. There’s so much I’m still learning about this game!


And then – much to Katrina’s luck – came the Origin sale and I finally bought spa day. I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale for ages! I’m so excited everything I’ve seen from it in other stories has looked so great!

Translation: Wellnes-Tag = Spa Day, Fähigkeit = Skill, Genuss = enjoyment/pleasure

Katrina was carefully optimistic that the times of tenseness were finally over! On another note, Nina has caught an ugly rash and Don is in his underwear – again. I assume those two have been woohooing too much.


I was way too excited to have the patience for building my own spa. I just wanted to try everything straight away! Plus, the EA prebuilt spa is super gorgeous in my opinion. It’s a way better build than the premade’s homes. I’ll stay with the EA spa for now and maybe build a combined spa/gym later.


Take note of the guy on the left. You can’t really see him well in this picture, but you will soon. He is a sim that my boyfriend created! I was in the kitchen cooking some food and he got hold of my computer and started messing around in CAS… He was so hilarious I placed him in my game and of course he had to randomly show up at the first place I visited. You’ll see him in full soon enough, but first of all, I checked out the new spa!


This is beautiful! GAH, I can’t even get over how sleek everything looks in spa day!


The spa also has changing rooms where sims change into a bath robe. Awesome! The doors are gender coded so only sims of the specified gender can pass through. No peeping!


I love this. I already feel relaxed from just looking at it. It’s really a much better design than other premade houses.

And know I will finally present to you the sim my boyfriend made: Ronald Trump!

Lehrer = instructor/teacher, the note says “A engery-focus-yoga-course starts in 30 minutes. If you want to take part, go the yoga-instructor and tell him”

And that’s right, he is the Yoga instructor! How amazing is that! I thought I might play Ronald for a little prettacy in this rotation later. His clothes are actually a lot uglier, he only got these because he somehow works at the spa. His traits are materialistic, snob (I think) and bro. Surprisingly fitting if you consider that my boyfriend chose the name after he picked the traits.


Here’s another random picture of the massage area I wanted to show you before we check out Ronald Trump doing a Yoga course. I actually can’t stop laughing at this!


Katrina was actually a bit late for Yoga but I let her do some poses anyway, she just didn’t really follow the course.


She’s actually pretty good at this if you consider that she’s never done it before! Apparently there are some poses you can pick for your sims and they can also do whole routines on their own.


Bahahaha, look at Ronald and Katrina’s face! This shot is perfect!


After the Yoga, I let Katrina get a hot stone massage. It looked very relaxing!


And the spa is very hygenic too! The employees who had nothing to do constantly cleaned the massage chairs or read books (to improve their skill I suppose).


After the massage, Katrina looked so happy and relaxed! She also got a happy moodlet from the great massage.


Oh, look who’s there! Nancy Landgraab! She doesn’t look very happy… I wonder what this guy she is thinking of has done to deserve her wrath… He’s the massage therapist we already saw in that screenshot of the massage area.


Surprisingly, Nancy went to talk to him and her anger immediately vanished as they started talking about writing! Hey, they have common interests! First I assumed that the guy might have read one of her books but she hasn’t published any yet. Or maybe he is a fellow colleague? Oh, that’s why she was so angry at him! Everyone’s trying to get a promotion and she viewed him as competition! But they did get along after all.


Nancy got a foot massage so I let Katrina get one too! They both looked so relaxed! But Katrina’s plumbob is orange already, she will have to leave soon. But nooo, she hasn’t met any cute guys yet!


I let Katrina flirt with the cute massage therapist. First things seemed to go well if you don’t count that random lady barging in. She actually wanted a massage? How dare she!


But then the guy got this thought bubble:


Oh no I guess he isn’t too fond of Katrina’s flirting after all. But I know why! While Katrina tried to talk to him again, he only had eyes for Nancy. Rude! Nancy is happily married! Well maybe she wasn’t but since she rekindled her romance with her husband Geoffrey and had twin girls, she is!


Also, another EA premade has been spotted! Babs L’Amour is working at the spa, she gives foot and hand massages.


Katrina’s plumbob was almost red but I decided to introduce her to one more guy. Could this be it?


He seems very receptive, but…


Nope, he doesn’t like her either. Poor Katrina. By now her energy was so low that I had no other choice than to send her home.


Weird dreams you are having, Katrina, but whatever. That’s it for today, folks! Hope you tune in next time when serious drama goes down!

PS: Look at this guy just creepily staring at the hedge. How did he even get in there? This is a closed off area! I don’t understand sims sometimes…


Next: Chapter 20


10 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 19

  1. So much funny things going on in this chapter! I loved seeing Ronald in all his weird glory. And I’m happy Katrina got to spend some time at the spa! I think she just missed my Sims…more on that when I update my blog next time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Isn’t spa day amazing? It might be my favorite pack. 🙂

    Question about pre-mades! Did you have to download them from the gallery or what? Now I want them in my game, too! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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