Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 29

After the debacle with the two Michaels in the last chapters, Sandra Muffin was in for a treat! Which is a trip to the spa in this case, and maybe meeting a lovely guy, someone like…

You got it! Ronald Trump, the Yoga teacher, is back and you’ll see more hilarious pictures of him doing yoga!

Sandra was not that good at Yoga, but it was her first time. I’m thinking of buying her a yoga mat for home. She can definitely use the relaxation from time to time.

To be honest, I only payed attention to Ronald during the Yoga session. He was just too hilarious to not watch. But see what happens when I don’t look after Sandra for a while.

This guys name is… oh, I can’t remember, but it seems like Sandra has taken a liking to him. That’s at least until he gave her a rather… intense hand massage.

Sandra always makes the funniest faces! But before I got more shots of the crazy massage I was distracted by someone.

Lucas! He just came by and waved like “Guess who? You missed me?” Sigh, this guy is everywhere! And that’s a good thing, because he is awesome.

Meanwhile, Sandra was taking a nap in the sauna… what? Who even naps in a sauna? She almost didn’t notice how massage guy came in and started flirting with her. Although I have to admit, it’s kind of hard to see the flirting if a random lady decides to have a drink in the middle of the sauna and stand in everyone’s way!

Oh, guess who showed up looking all sad! Michael Vermont, the guy who rejected Sandra’s affection.

I bet he saw Sandra and massage guy in the sauna. Sorry, dude, you missed your chance. And it seems like he wasn’t that sad after all because I had Sandra flirt with him and he rejected her again. This is the ultimate sign for me that these two are not meant for each other. We’ll find your soulmate, Sandra, I’m sure. But…

Nope, nope, nope, it’s not him! This was the Michael who flirted with Sandra’s friend in front of her. Never. ever.

By the way, look who was stalking around and was entertained by all the drama? That’s right.

Me! I almost forgot I had my simself in my game, but it just looks like I’m playing gossip girl, relaying the lastest drama news through my phone. And obviously, I like trains.

Sandra invited Andre DeSilva over and the two had a great time! Sandra did not try to flirt with him though. I just didn’t feel like she liked him that way – they are just great friends.

This time, I remembered to let Sandra play chess for work and promptly she got promoted! Good job, Sandra!  I think this calls for a party. But before, she invited Lily Silvester and another guy she met at the spa over to talk.

She explained to Lily how she thinks that Michael Vermont was afraid of commitment and that was why he rejected her although they had already kissed. I guess the whole introduce-to-friends thing was making things way too serious for him. Well, to lighten up the mood, Sandra threw a costume party!

How fun to see all of the guys dressed up. The guy in the background is massage-guy from the spa. I still can’t remember his name for good (Future me: You better should.
Past me: Wait? Is he the one?
Future me: Bahahahaha
Past me: I hate your teasing)

Suddenly, this random dude knocked on the door, I think he lives across the street, so Sandra spontaneously invited him in. Apparently Nancy Landgraab – who was not in costume – was not amused because she made the most hilarious angry faces while dancing next to him.

And here is massage-guy looking at me with a sad face. How tragic. I think I should let Sandra talk to him.

And so she did! I think they like each other a lot. He was so happy after she came to talk to him!

Sandra – well, I did it, but let’s say it was Sandra – took the plunge! She just didn’t want to be alone anymore. So it just happened.

And more came from that. The clown costume must be a thing…

A lot more came from that.

Sandra was happy but things also moved very fast with massage-guy. He wasn’t too thrilled about the news.

I just hope they can make it work and massage-guy will get his plum together!

That’s it for today folks! Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger, but the ingame week is over so we’ll switch to the Landgraabs next time.

Next: Chapter 30


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