Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 27

Last chapter, Sandra ventured out into the world of love, but the guy she fell for, Michael, was a total plumhead and flirted with one of her friends in front of her! Sandra was heartbroken, a relaxing bath didn’t help much.

The only thing that kept her up was her career. She had recently been promoted and was really working up. Still, she was extremely sad about Michael’s betrayal.

Sandra’s sadness seemed to have caught hold of the whole neighbourhood. Suddenly, I only saw depressed sims walking by!

Laura Stevens was walking around in her doctor clothes again. I pity her. She is always sad or tense!

Sandra walked up to her to have a chat. Maybe they could comfort each other.

Laura told Sandra that she was sad because she wouldn’t be able to play a certain video game this week she had been waiting for for years! Now that’s really sad!

The talk with Laura didn’t really cheer Sandra up, but then she met this guy.

She had a great time talking to him. He is a foodie and active, how awesome! But ironically he is also called Michael. Let’s hope that history won’t repeat itself.

He suggested, that she should go on a holiday to get some alone time and get away from all her stress. That’s actually not a bad idea.

He was so caring that he didn’t stop talking to Sandra even when she had to leave for work. Also, the plumhead Michael was there but he ignored Sandra completely.

They talked about… pesticides? Oh well, whatever.

At work, Sandra noticed a strange moss on a shuttle that didn’t match where the shuttle supposedly had been. She confronted her boss about it, but he was not amused and told Sandra to stop asking nosy questions! Sandra is really out of luck at the moment.

After work, Sandra settled down to watch some comedy, but she couldn’t concentrate on it and played BicBlock on her phone instead. I swear, this woman is addicted!

Even after all of these sad dealings, Sandra is still a goofball and splashing in a puddle cheered her up, despite everything else! Funny enough: She cleaned up the puddle by splashing in it. I wish I could clean that way!

She decided that it was no use to wallow in her sadness and invited Michael Vermont over. Unfortunately, it was 8 am and he was not amused.

Who’s even up at this hour. This chick must be insane!

But when he found out that Sandra had a pool, he was happy enough and they chatted by the poolside. I really dig his outfit!

She told him about her recent heartbreak and Michael seemed really mad that someone would do that to Sandra (Future me: PAH!). He looked like he wanted to punch the other Michael (let us call him Michael Plumhead from now on) in the face!

Sandra had a good feeling about the new Michael and they flirted a lot!

Until… oops! Yep, she farted right at him! Oh god, this is so going downhill. She was really shocked at herself. That was her slob nature coming through. Ew!

But being the perfect guy (Future me: …), Michael didn’t mind at all and continued to be smitten when Sandra came back.

They also have a lot in common! They both enjoy chess and talking about space. They are just perfect for each other! Michael works at the spa. He must give such great massages!

Despite his ill-fated name, Sandra really liked Michael, so she through all doubts overboard.

Maybe they could go on that vacation together…

When Michael said goodbye I noticed a strange glow around him… could it be?

Tune in next time when Sandra throws another party and Michael gets to know Sandra’s friends!

Future me: Now doesn’t that sound familar.
Past me: Shut up!

Next: Chapter 28


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