Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 50

We are back at the Roommates household but this time I’ll be focusing entirely on one of them: Alejandro Ferrari, the charismatic Italian.

Because he is about to become a manager! A Restaurant manager to be more precise. I selected a nice plot of land in Magnolia Promenade where we can build his restaurant from scratch.

I’m determined not to cheat him any money so he got a really basic setup with the fund he had (about 8000 simoleons). We’ll see if he can reel that back in. Anyway this is Alejandro’s Trattoria!

Bare, I know. But I hope to add more tables soon. The menu is Italian-inspired and not that big to not overwhelm our chef.

I hired some townies to work at my restaurant, the host is Alexa
Future me: I don’t like her.
Past me: Why?
Future me: Just wait.

The waitress is Reyna. I believe the chef is Jenny Chin, one of the girls Don Lothario romanced at his store. The world is small.

Alexa is new as a host and she still has to learn some manners.

She’s being pretty snarky to our first guests, the Goths. But I guess she’ll learn some charisma soon (Future me: HAH!).

Rather than being friendly to the guests, Alexa got really excited about chatting up Alejandro. Wait up there, lady, this guy is taken!

And apart from providing friendly host service, she seems to be doing literally anything else. Sigh.

I can see why Future me hates her. To cheer up the Goths after Alexa’s bad service I had Alejandro offer them free drinks. They accepted but they still seemed on the fence about this whole restaurant thing.

Hopefully a good meal will change their minds. I’m glad Reyna didn’t drop it at their feet!

But oh no, what’s happening?

A fight! Big bummer. Maybe Mortimer got salty about Bella’s choice of restaurant. They were both subdued and unenthusiastic after that.

While they still both left a 3 star rating, Bella seemed a lot happier with the place than her husband. We’ll get there.

Alexa still being Alexa. Damn, future me was right.

“Wow, you really chose this place for your date?Ha, good luck then.”

Not sure if Alexa caused it by ruining the mood, or this two are just on a really weird date. Because they seem to hate each other!

Just in case it was Alexa’s sarcastic greeting, I had Alejandro pay for some hostess training for her. She seemed kind of happy about that – but with Alexa I’m never too sure.

Anyway she really needs this because her behaviour is not getting any better! UGH.

“Seriously, dude. Your shirt is ugly as fuck. Go sit in the corner so no one has to see it.”

Meanwhile, the angry couple has been convinced to stay at Alejandro’s by him frequently checking up on them and showering them with compliments. They still hate each other somehow. Townies are weird.

Our chef is gathering some seriously fruit ninja skills! Go, Jenny!

And *gasp* finally! The first guest Alexa is being friendly, too! And Severus Snape of all people.

I think these two would really get along. They seem to have a similar character.

After that, things went uphill with the guest greetings and people frequently sat down with 3 or 4 stars already.

I captured this adorable scene I really wanted to show you:

“You’re drawing in your olive bowl? Awwwwww, that’s so cute.”

And with that I’m ending this chapter. Alejandro made a bit of profit, not that much but he’s moving on up!

And I hope you’ll stick around for his pizza and pasta adventures!

Next: Chapter 51


3 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 50

  1. Mmm, Italian food! ninjapig and I will definitely have to pay a visit there some time (and especially with such a handsome restaurant manager)! I can’t blame Alexa for flirting with her boss during work hours too much. xD It is unprofessional of her though.

    (Having said that…Alexa is so pretty. I bet that’s probably why she gets away with so much. xD )

    Ahaha drawing in the olive bowl! xD Well done on capturing that moment.

    I hope things get better for Alejandro! He’s doing so well as manager, I guess it’s just a matter of time! Even with such a temperamental member of staff. xD

    Liked by 1 person

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