Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 48

When we last left Don Lothario, he just had a kid with his alien girlfriend, Anyala Nirtam. The little girls name is Rinai Lothario. Don’s house didn’t have space for a bassinet, so I aged her up quickly!

She is so cute! A great blend of both of her parents. Here she is in CAS after I gave her some new sets of clothes.

Isn’t she adorable? I’m sorry, I forgot what her child trait is. But she has the social butterfly aspiration so she will meet loads of new sims soon.

But before that can happen, we need a new house. Don’s old house only had one bedroom. And little Rinai deserves some space of her own so I downloaded a small starter home from the gallery.

Aw, the new family moves in. I wonder how Don is taking all this family life business. Will he get tired of it soon? Well, not yet at least. I placed a few extra items in their new house, such as a fitness machine for Don. Here’s what it looks like on the inside.

Don loves his daughter. He autonomously started joking around with her and they even took a picture together. How cute!

But it seems like he also has to experience the downsides of parenthood. Like his little girl talking back at him. No monkey business, you little Miss!

Meanwhile, I sent Anyala to work on her mixology skill since she has the master mixologist aspiration. Good thing I placed a  bar in this house.

Talking of aspirations… Don’s isn’t exactly family friendly. He still needs to kiss 10 sims. Do sims he already kissed count?

Anyway I decided to invite two kissable ladies over to the park (Future me: Big mistake).

For once, Future me is right. Big mistake. As soon as I had Don kiss Alba, Nadja burst out in tears. Oh dear I totally didn’t think about the jealousy system. The worst thing was, the kiss with Alba didn’t even count towards Don’s aspiration. Bummer.

Time to patch things up with Nadja. Maybe Don still has a chance. He did kiss her once back when he was living with the Calientes but that was ages ago. I’m hoping a kiss would still count for his aspiration.

Don apologized and they retreated to a secluded area of the park so no one would see them. Don’s gonna bring out his big flirting guns.

But, apparently Don’s guns are not as big as he thought. *snicker*.

Awkward. Also, the spot they chose wasn’t as secluded as I thought.

Natalie is not impressed. Don tried to win Nadja over one more time but no such luck. She’s still not in the mood for a little smooching.

Right then and there I got the notification that Candy had Don’s baby! Omg! I have to check out what the baby boy looks like soon.

I think I will go into the Behr household and age him up so he can run around town and maybe play with his half-sister Rinai.

Speaking of Rinai, I was wondering if she had any alien powers. She is not an alien obviously but isn’t there such a thing as half-aliens? I’m not sure how to check that out but I found that she could do alien-ish interactions with her mom.

It was nothing special though, they just talked normally. Uh-oh, look at their faces. I have a feeling they are up to some alien shenanigans.

And sure enough when I told Anyala to hug her daughter, this happened…

Shiver. Nightmares.

So guys, I hope you are not traumatized forever and that I will see you around next time!

Edit: Omg who knew “next time” would be half a year away. But now the story is back!

Next: Chapter 49


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