Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 31

When Geoffrey Landgraab returned from work, I got asked whether he should invite a colleague – and I said yes! I think it’s important for Geoffrey, as an outgoing sim, to have some friends apart from his wife. This particular guy’s name is Fenton.

Geoffrey and Fenton walked onto the roof, so Geoffrey could show Fenton the rocket. They also talked about their mutual fear of bears! Oh lord, I should never let Geoffrey visit Granite Falls.

I like Fenton, he’s a good listener and a good friend to Geoffrey. They said goodbye sometime later (and I really should remove that Christmas tree).

Geoffrey’s wife Nancy wanted to play SimsForever, but I told her no. You’re not getting to be lazy, Nancy, finish your book! And so she did, she finished writing an entire children’s book about the adventures of Babsy, the Bat. She seemed to feel very accomplished.

Excited as she was, she told her evil daughter Autumn about the book. Autumn was intrigued, but I believe she only evaluated the possibilities of using Bats to achieve world domination. Sigh.

On the other hand, I might me wrong as Autumn actually had a pleasant conversation with her good dad. That I would ever live to see this! Although, now that I think of it, the conversation might have been like this.

“How are you, sweetie?”

“Yeah, great, thanks dad, you’re job is so cool and you’re the coolest dad ever, by the way could I have some more pocket money, I need to buy a Batcave.”

Malcolm Landgraab’s young adult birthday arrived! But it was a slow start… first, Malcolm got up looking all miserable at 4 am.

His fun meter was deep in the red. Cheer up, Malcolm! It’s your birthday! But not even trolling the forums would make him happy. I actually feel sorry for him.

Malcolm actually had to work today! I couldn’t believe it. I let him take a vacation day, because it’s his birthday. He had still changed into his work clothes though. He looked so sad when he started cooking up his own breakfast. This guy needs more evilness in his life.

Finally, Nancy came down and I had her bake a cake for her son. Malcolm tried to engage in conversation by telling a dramatic story of how he barely escaped being arrested. He was shot down though, Nancy didn’t approve. Hey, there you judgemental lady, you were in the criminal career not long ago. Cut it out!

Eventually, the time came to blow up the candles and Nancy got excited. VERY excited. TOO excited. Just look at her face.

Now look at her face again. Zoom it in, take it in. I’m getting nightmares from this, I promise you!

Her excitement was brief though, because right after Malcolm happily aged up, her face turned back to frowning.

It’s better than those creepy eyes, I guess.

Because I used a randomizer, Malcolm gained the Bro trait upon again up. That is so funny! Imagine an evil, snobbish bro! I also immediately let him join the criminal career for his aspiration.

Well, Malcolm is now a Young adult and that means it’s time for some new clothes! Let’s head into cas, shall we?

Nope. It’s not Christmas anymore.



Hm okay, better. But still nope.

Yeah! That fits him pretty well, I’ll keep it!

Speaking of makeovers, it reminded me to let Malcolm train so he can get buff for his job as a tough guy. Gotta get intimidating, you know.

But he also needed to do mischief interactions. And I happened to find the perfect victim.

That’s right, it’s Michael Patterson Plumhead. Sandra Muffin was into him until he flirted with Nancy in front of her! Since Malcolm is a friend of Sandra’s, I figured it would be great for him to avenge her.

Oh no, he didn’t! Get him, Mal! One of the mischief interactions caught my eye. Noxic cloud. Ew!

Mwahahaha, he deserves every stinking molecule of this. Malcolm’s evil plan to stink up the whole world continues. So. evil.

Even though Malcolm had already racked up the needed mischief interacitons, I couldn’t let Michael get away just yet. Malcolm tricked him with a handbuzzer, he he.

And threw a drink at the plumhead. Glad, the interaction didn’t fail though. That would have been embarassing.

For some reason, Michael didn’t want to let himself be insulted anymore and stormed off. Malcolm is a good Criminal, he he, for a good cause.

I let Malcolm meet this lovely lady instead.

I thought maybe I could set him up…? But no, evil sims have to go and ruin everything. He started yelling at her immediately!

“I bet you work at the crusty crab!”

Wait, how is that supposed to be insulting… Anyways, I told him to apologize! He’ll never get a girl if he’s evil to everyone. This girl – her name is Angelina, yes I am learning to write down people’s names – is a Criminal, too! She’s perfect for him! Gladly, after he apologized, they had a very nice conversation.

I will invite her over sometime. See you guys around!

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