Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 24

After my roommates returned from Granite Falls in the last chapter, I thought this was a good time to let Sophie Mocca invite her new boyfriend Francis Summersburg. She was all crazy about him!

Francis happily agreed to come over. He couldn’t wait to see Sophie again. But when he saw Philipp there he got so mad! Did Sophie have another guy? Apparently, Sophie forgot to tell him that she lives with roommates.

But Sophie charmed the plum out of him and he just couldn’t resist her sweetness. All misunderstandings were forgiven immediately.

They sat down on a bench under a tree in the garden to have some romantic partner time. Though that didn’t last for long, because Alejandro barged in. Rude.

Sophie tried to ignore him and told Francis how handsome he looked today. But Alejandro just wouldn’t take the hint.
“Hey Francis, looks like you finally got a closet. You were wearing that camping outfit for ages, weren’t you, bro?”

Sophie shot Francis and apologetic look, but Francis took no offense.
“Well that camping outfit got me a girlfriend, bro. Where’s yours?”
Oh no, he didn’t! Actually, no that I think of it, Alejandro has a girlfriend or at least a strong love interest.

“Why doesn’t Alejandro call Jenny and we go on a double date to get to know each other better? I feel like you two had a rough start.”
What an observer you are, Sophie! But the double date is a great idea!

This is Jenny Sherbet, Alejandro’s love interest. Isn’t she cute! Sophie was more like “Yeah, whatever” and headed straight for the bar. Hey, this was your idea!

Another cool barkeeper! My game keeps generating these!

Alejandro and Jenny are really sweet. I found out that Jenny likes art and is also likes fitness, like Alejandro! They were constantly flirting.

Sophie and Francis also really hung on each other. So much for getting to know the other couple!

Hey, Sophie, keep your funny thoughts to yourself!

I actually wanted Sophie to get to know a few other people at the bar but after she introduced herself to them she started talking to Francis again. Sigh. Young love.

The barkeeper was tired, but the party was still going strong. Everyone had a great time. Though Alejandro spent a lot more time creeping around Francis and Sophie than talking to Jenny. He’s so obsessed with them!

He even photobombed their selfie! Way to go, bro!

I noticed that Jenny isn’t yet officially Alejandro’s girlfriend, so he asked her if she wanted to be. She got so excited!
“Gosh, I thought you would never ask!”

Sophie also met Eliza Pancakes and instead of going back to Francis, she actually talked to her! By the way, Eliza has the weirdest voice I’ve ever heard from a sim. Really high and … weird.

Meanwhile, Liberty Lee, another EA premade, was just sitting there, quietly stalking everyone else while trying to be stealthy. It’s not working!

Finally, the night came to a close and the two couples headed home. Well, Francis and Jenny went to their own homes respectively. The roommates don’t have enough space for sleepovers!

Since I want Philipp Clay to identify the plants he found on his trip in Granite Falls, I bought him a book on herbalism. I hope he learns fast!

After a quick reading session, he was already able to identify a chaomille flower and planted it. Yay! He is working up.

Sophie and Alejandro talked about the successful double date. They should really do this again!

Being with Francis has made Sophie realize that she doesn’t want to be a criminal. She wanted to be a businesswoman instead! So I put her in the business career and she looked happy while filing a few reports! How that can be fun, I’ll never know. But hey, it’s her life!

After an eventful day, the roommates autonomously gathered at the table for dinner. They are all really good friends!

That’s it for today, folks. Tune in next time when the roommates throw a crazy costume party!

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