Until It Breaks – Chapter 30

It’s Over

Valerie wasn’t sure what had brought her here. Now that she was staring at Ethan’s house she even forgot what she wanted to say. But after all that had happened, she felt a strange need for closure.

Jenny hadn’t talked to her since the day at the café and Valerie couldn’t blame her. Thinking back all the choices she had made seemed horribly wrong. Jenny was right, she was a sneaking bitch either way. She should have told her about Ethan from the start maybe, just maybe Jenny would have believed her back then. At least Valerie’s conscience would have been free. But it was too late for that now. Valerie had somewhat made up with the fact that Jenny would never see the truth about Ethan. If she didn’t want to, Valerie couldn’t force her.

She found herself wondering about Eva and whether she and Ethan were still together. Eva hadn’t talked to her either ever since that group chat with Liam. Liam however was relatively pleased with the whole situation save for the fact that Jenny still thought he was a jealous idiot.
“Hey, they broke up at least. I don’t really care about the sentence I just wanted him away from her.”
Yeah, the sentence. Valerie wasn’t sure whether she liked it. It seemed like a slap on the wrist and nothing that would stop Ethan from doing… anything really. On the other hand, could she have lived with getting someone into prison? Did Ethan really deserve that?

She stepped up to the door still and knocked. There was one thing that she could tell him.

Ethan’s father opened the door. He looked tired and… old. Valerie couldn’t quite pinpoint why. But she could tell the man had been through a lot.

“Oh, it’s you. Hello”, he simply said and stepped away from the door gesturing towards the staircase. “You know the way.”
He slumped back into the living room. Was this family falling apart? Did the arrest and the trial strain them so much? But then Valerie remembered something Ethan had told her. My dad isn’t as good with money as everyone thinks… She pushed the thought aside. This at least, was none of her business.

Before she could even go downstairs, Ethan came up. His eyes narrowed as he saw her. He walked towards her quickly, pushed her aside and closed the door behind him.
“Why are you here?”, he hissed, “Haven’t you done enough?”

Valerie’s cheeks were burning as she felt her anger rise.
“Me? You brought this on yourself!”
“No one would have found out if it weren’t for you! You have no idea what you’ve done”, Ethan replied angrily, his fists clenched.

“I have a pretty good idea. I stopped you from marrying Jenny just for her money while cheating on her”, Valerie spat at him. All her harbored feelings and thoughts from the last months were making their way to the surface. “You’re despicable.”
“And you came all the way down here to tell me that? You mentioned it multiple times already”, Ethan said, his voice now cool as ice, “And yet here you are, talking to me once again. I’m beginning to think you like me.”

He grinned as arrogantly as he always did.
“I can’t believe you!”, Valerie shook her head. “You’re the last person in this world I would have a crush on!”
“Fine. Why don’t you just tell me why you’re here then?”, Ethan said still with a hint of amusement in his voice.
“I quit Havencrest. I’m going to another uni. You don’t have any power over me anymore”, Valerie said confidently.

She hadn’t told her parents yet but she had sent the letter to Havencrest yesterday. She was officially out. She had decided to continue her dream elsewhere, far away from Ethan and Jenny and all this drama. To her surprise, Ethan started laughing.
“What?”, she demanded, his laughter angering her to no end. “I’m serious!”
“Oh, you’re sweet”, Ethan managed to get out, “So naive.”
Valerie wanted to punch him.
“Are you gonna explain yourself or just laugh your ass off?”
“If I spill the beans on how you got into Havencrest… do you think any other college will take you in? Do you think you’ll ever get a job with that in your records?”

Valerie stood dumbfounded. She slowly realized he was right. And she wanted to kick herself for not thinking about this sooner. Now she looked like a fool.
“I can leave. Study in another country”, she said, desperation finding its way into her voice.
“If you say so”, Ethan chuckled. “Just know that I won’t rat you out just yet.”

Valerie was confused.
“Let’s just say I might be convinced to delete the proof I have some time in the future… for a favor of course.”
A cold shudder ran down Valerie’s spine. People tend to owe me favors…
“Wait a second? How isn’t this out yet? I thought the police had confiscated your computer?”
Ethan let out a laugh. “Oh, they don’t know anything. They may have gotten me on a few minor deals but they didn’t find any of the good stuff. I know how to cover my tracks.”

Before Valerie could reply, they suddenly heard a loud scream.
As she turned, Valerie was confronted with a very angry Jenny storming towards them. To her surprise, Jenny wasn’t yelling at her. She came up the pathway and in one fluid motion gave Ethan the probably biggest slap in the face she was capable of.

“What the hell?!”, Ethan yelled back at Jenny, trying to get away from her.
“You bastard! I trusted you! Defended you!”, she screamed as she was hitting every inch of him she could reach. Valerie stood shocked as she watched the scene unfold. What was going on?  Then as she looked around she saw the key to the situation. Eva, standing in the shade of a nearby tree and grinning slightly. She had told on Ethan after all.

“Leave me alone!”, Ethan pushed Jenny away.
“I will destroy you! How could you!”, Jenny was seething.

“Whatever. This didn’t work out for me anyway. It’s over”, Ethan brushed her off.

But instead of yelling at him again, Jenny’s voice turned ice cold.
“We’ll see about that”, she turned around and walked away. Ethan was straightening his clothes.
“Crazy bitch. How did she find out anyway?”, he muttered more to himself than to Valerie. “Whatever. I’ve got better things to do.”

He looked at Valerie who was still frozen on the spot. “Are you done with whatever you came here for?”
Without waiting for an answer he turned around and stomped back into the house. Valerie couldn’t believe what had just happened. She wanted to ask Eva about what had changed her mind but when she looked back to the tree, she was gone.
Ethan’s threat still hung in the back of her mind but at the same time, Valerie felt strangely at peace. She had gotten the closure she came here for after all. It’s over…

Author’s note: So this is it… the ending of UIB 🙂 thanks to everyone for sticking around and reading! I really hope you enjoyed it!

Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 53

We’re back with Caleb and Lilith Vatore, the vampire siblings. Last part Lilith turned a few townies into vampires to get her vamp gang going. Caleb doesn’t have the power to turn others and he doesn’t really want to. He likes the quiet life – like reading books.

Or sleeping in coffins. By the way, this fancy coffin looks really cool.

Since Caleb wants to be a good vampire, he has to learn about ways to satisfy his thirst without drinking from humans.

All hail plasma packs! Caleb learned to make some from fish and frogs. He hasn’t figured out the plasma tree yet. I found the tree in their back yard. It looks awesome.

So at least, as soon as he learns about this glowing tree, he won’t have it far to get started with a plasma fruit farm. For now, fish and frogs will have to do.

Vampire super speed is a lot of fun. And the fishing area of Forgotten Hollow looks spooky and mysterious. A lot of simmers have been wondering if there was a secret lot to be found here but there doesn’t seem to be. Boo. Well, it still looks good.

Caleb is very concentrated. He needs to catch as many fish as possible before the sun goes up. Also, as I looked around I discovered even more creepy stuff apart from the grave on the island.

Shivers. This world really is good.

Since Caleb’s thirst was getting low I created some plasma packs (which is instant) from the fish he had already caught. They don’t restore as much thirst as drinking from humans, but hey, everything to be good, right?

As Caleb was fishing I looked around for some other vampires and I found this amazing game generated townie.

Doesn’t she look great? Her name is Christina. She isn’t a vampire (Future me: yet) but I still wanted Caleb to get to know her. Potential vampire partner? Lilith also came over to talk to her (and some random dude who showed up).

The three of them got along quite well, especially Caleb and Christina. Sigh. Dream Team.

I really want her to be Caleb’s girlfriend. But she also looks way too good in that vampire countess dress to not be a vampire. So I had Caleb ask his sister Lilith to turn Christina.

Lilith was sceptical, but she ultimately agreed. Also goes towards her aspiration anyway so win-win.

So we will see Vampire Christina soon! This was a short part but I have a bonus for you guys. Remember how Lilith turned my simself into a vampire? And she also turned Marketa aka ThePlumbob? Here are some pics of our newly vampified selves:

You can almost not tell. July is a bit pale. But still, something seems off…

Totally looks like me when the alarm goes off at 6 am in the morning.

Marketa’s vampirism is a bit more visible.


Hope you enjoyed this part, and see you around!

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Until It Breaks – Chapter 28

Gossip Queen

Valerie hadn’t heard anything about Ethan or Jenny since she had reported his shady activities to the police. She hadn’t given her name or other information so she didn’t even know whether the police had done anything with her tip. But it wasn’t in her hands at the moment so she tried to stop worrying about it.

She had come home to spend the weekend with her parents. She was still trying to figure out how to tell them she had quit Havencrest when she didn’t even know what she wanted to do next. The thought of her parents’ disappointment made her flinch. But she had made her choice. Ethan would make sure she got kicked out anyway. She could at least pretend to have quit on her own to save some dignity.

Valerie heard the front door open signaling her parents’ return. She went downstairs to greet them and help her mom prepare dinner.

“Hey sweetie, how was your day?”, her mother chimed.
“Quiet, as usual”, Valerie replied, “Hey, dad.”
Valerie’s father gave her a quick hug after hanging his coat.

“You won’t believe who we met at the store today. I bet your mother can’t wait to spill the beans”, he winked at his wife whose cheeks were glowing red.
“Come one, Philipe, you make me sound like a gossip queen. But it is indeed interesting…”, she pondered.
“What happened?”

“We met Mrs. Crawford today, you know, Jenny’s mom?”, she began as she made her way to the kitchen. Valerie followed curiously.
Valerie straightened up. Was this the news she had been waiting for?
“It’s almost too scandalous to say.. but it seems like Jenny canceled her engagement to Ethan Alexander!”

Mixed emotions rushed through Valerie’s head. She was unsure if she was happy about this or not. Justice seemed to have been served but she had also ruined Jenny’s life. No, Ethan ruined her life, not you.
“Of course, I’m terribly sorry for Jenny, but I can’t pretend I liked the boy. Only met him once but he made a shady impression on me already…”, her mother rambled on.
“Why did they split?”, Valerie managed to ask.
“Oh, this is where it gets mysterious. Mrs. Crawford wouldn’t tell me what for but it seems like Ethan was arrested!”

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