Chapter 59 – Unknown Future

When Kalaya came out of the bathroom she wasn’t sure how she felt. Everything was going to change now. She was pregnant.

It meant that Vitor would have to leave with the temple acolyte. And she would have to discuss a lot of things with her tribe. After she found out about tribe Faarang being behind the attack, thoughts had been racing inside her head. Was another attack imminent? Was her heiress in danger? Would they have to gather new slaves and tribal sisters? The answer was probably yes to all of these things which demanded immediate action.

Kalaya made her way to the kitchen where she found the temple associate sitting at the table with her mother. They seemed to have been talking but went silent when Kalaya entered. Kalaya felt a bubble of anger about this, but she swallowed it.

“Good news”, she said, her voice sounding more tired than enthusiastic, “I’m with child.”
In any other situation there would have been clapping and congratulations but not today. Manika simply nodded. She looked like she was thinking hard about something. The temple sister stood up.
“Great”, she said with hardly more enthusiasm than Kalaya had shown, “That means I can take Vitor and the assassin to the temple. I will send word when the trial date has been set.”

“Very well”, Kalaya agreed and led the temple sister outside. They found Vitor near the slave hut, doing woodwork. He turned towards Kalaya as the two women approached, his face expectant.
“Is it time?”, he asked with a hint of insecurity in his voice. Kalaya knew why. She didn’t want him to leave either. Their time together had been… enjoyable. But she nodded.

“I am with child.”
Vitor stepped forward and took her hands.
“I am happy for you. I’m sure your daughter will be just as beautiful and clever as you, Creator.”

“Thank you”, Kalaya blushed, “I hope she will be as witty as her father. I’m glad you get to stay on this earth a while longer. And in such an honorable way too. You will be remembered for a long time.”
Vitor smiled but then the temple sister interrupted them.
“We have to move quickly. It would be bad to miss the goddesses sign for trial at the temple.”
Kalaya furrowed her brows at the woman’s rudeness but they had no choice. She let go of Vitor’s hands and they moved towards the prison. Vitor looked inside, then opened the door. There was some shuffling inside, then Vitor came out holding the bound assassin.
“Goodbye, Creator”, he said in a sad tone. Kalaya didn’t speak only nodded in acknowledgement. She hated goodbyes. The assassin scowled, but as usual he stayed silent.
“We will leave then. Await our messenger”, the temple associate said and led the two slaves away.

Kalaya looked after them, but after a few minutes they were out of sight. Just like that. She looked at the sky and hoped the goddess of nature would bless their unknown future to come.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 59 – Unknown Future

  1. Mixed feelings about this pregnancy but hopefully it will be beneficial for the tribe. I was starting to like Vitor, I hate to see him go.


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