Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 55

Hey everyone, it’s me Julyvee… Surprise! Bet you thought I was dead in a ditch, but no worries, I’m alive and well. While thinking about finally restarting this story, I read the last chapter which was published almost exactly 4 years ago and I came across this note:

now I should have a bit more time to dedicated to my beloved Vee is for Vortex

So… that was a fucking lie, lol. I’m not making any promises this time. I got hooked into reading SimLit again recently and of course it has whetted my appetite for writing again. Also, since I am working from home, I have more time on my hands. But I’m not gonna lie I’ve been jumping between hobbies lately so maybe you’ll see the next update in 4 days, 4 weeks or another 4 years, who knows. In any case, I hope you enjoy!

We’re back with the roommates household, which is composed of Lily Silvester, Sophie Mocca, Alejandro Ferrari and Philipp… I don’t know his last name.

Quick recap: The last time we saw them… *quickly re-read my own chapters because I can’t remember jack* … Right, Alejandro opened a trattoria in Magnolia promenade, broke up with his cheating girlfriend Jenny Sherbet and started dating his hostess Alexa.

Sophie Mocca and her boyfriend Francis had fun at the roommates costume party and Sophie befriended Sandra Muffin (my starting sim for this rotation).

Lily Silvester saved a sim after they collapsed in the hospital (she’s a doctor) and was thus too exhausted to participate in the costume party.

Philipp is just… Philipp. After failing to identify any plants he found during his trip to Granite Falls he picked up the herbalism skill, but other than that he didn’t do much. Poor Philipp, I don’t give him enough love.

So now, onto their new adventures. I found these screenshots on my computer and they’re from 2019 (feels like a lifetime ago). So obviously, I have no clue whatsoever what was actually going on in my game at the time. Guess I’m playing a game of Chinese Whispers with my past self and just hoping it will make any sense at all. 

Lily Silvester was reading a book to relax after a busy day at work. The book was intriguing her as it told the tale of a mysterious jungle full of treasure.

The town mentioned in the book was called Selvadorada and was actually not too far away. Lily really wanted to go and told Sophie about how exciting it would be.

I mean, after their previous vacation in granite falls, what could possibly go wrong *cough*.

So yeah, these four in the jungle? I’m sure it will be a great success.

I found this house on the gallery and it looks amazing

Soon enough, the four roommates arrived at the house in Selvadorada.

I think Philipp really wanted some attention after being a mere background character for many chapters. So, naturally, the first thing he did after arriving at the house was set himself on fire.

This vacation is off to a great start! Philipp, I am so sorry about neglecting you, but there has to be another way. Luckily, Philipp had the skills to put out the fire by himself.

Sophie came to check on Philipp after he saved himself. He was angry his plan to become the most interesting character in this story kind of… backfired. Badumm tsss.

Sophie: “Seriously, dude, you need to cool it.”

After this much adrenaline in the evening, everyone wanted a well deserved rest. Since none of the roommates brought their plus one, Lily and Sophie shared a room.

The next morning was misty but fresh and ripe with opportunity.

Lily couldn’t wait to explore this jungle and discover the treasure rumored to reside within.

But first they all ate breakfast and visited the local market where they bought all sorts of supplies for the upcoming jungle adventure. Though Lily could swear one of the vendors was trying to pass off bettle dung as a skeleton-repellant cream.

Lily made the only thing she knows how to cook: burgers
Lily: “Hey lady, don’t rush me, I haven’t decided yet whether to buy the beetle dung or the can of magic jungle air!

Finally after scoring some supplies which seemed more or less useful, Lily made her way to the jungle’s entrance.

Wonder why it’s so overgrown. Has no one else ever tried to find this treasure?

Lily wasn’t going to let a few vines stop her on her quest and she started furiously slashing at her obstacle.

Sophie came running after her because he figured it wouldn’t be a great idea to let Lily stumble into this probably dangerous jungle all alone. Good call.

Sophie: “Stop, stop, STOP! You are going to take someone’s eye out!”

Right behind the gate, Lily and Sophie come across a herd of grazing Capybaras who were about to be attacked by a horde of bees.

Of course the best way to save the capybaras is to attract the bees attention and distract them. That’s smart, right?

Maybe not the best idea after all.

But Lily and Sophie managed to outrun the bees and continue their adventure.

Honestly, this Selvadorada jungle offers some amazing views! Lily and Sophie appreciated them just as much as I did – presumably, I don’t actually remember. I mean this happened two years ago, geeze.

Party parrot!

The waterfall was such a romantic place that it made both Lily and Sophie feel very flirty. I saw Sophie eyeing Lily curiously. Interesting, maybe there’s a whole other reason why Sophie followed her into the jungle. Maybe if she wasn’t taken…

But nothing happened and the two of them continued slashing through the vines to move forward. Well, Lily did the slashing and Sophie mostly watched.

But then – Surprise! Jungle Adventure Part 2 – Return of the bees!

I hope she doesn’t bring them back home with her

They managed to lose the bees once again – hopefully for good this time! When they emerged from the undergrowth they stood in front a vast temple. Finally, this bad boy might hold the treasure they’re looking for!

The entrance was guarded by some sort of electrical barrier, which Lily completely ignored and tried to walk right through.

This seems perfectly safe
This woman has a problem

After that failed as everyone but Lily expected it to, she found some sort of riddle nearby that needed to be solved in order to disable the barrier.

What do you mean I can’t just waltz right into this mysterious jungle temple full of ancient treasure. So unfair.

I have to assume Lily solved the riddle because the next screenshot I have is of Sophie at the next electric-bolt-disabling mechanism.

I have absolutely no idea how Sophie figured out which one of the skeleton’s spears to pull. Or maybe she just tried on at random.

The beetle dung skeleton-repellant is coming in real handy right now

In any case, she got lucky and secured safe passage to the next part of the temple. Go Sophie!

Sophie: “Go, me!”

The temple rooms did not become any less scary and riddle-y, but Lily and Sophie had already found a bunch of artifacts buried in various heaps of earth around the temple.

Heck yeah, I’ve always wanted one of those!

The next door was protected by two rows of roaring flames and not even Lily was dumb brave enough to walk through that.

It was once again Sophie’s time to shine solving the riddle that would let them pass through the gate. But this time she wasn’t so lucky and the strange jungle pillar blew a huge load of bone dust right in her face.

Sophie was not amused. However, she gets annoyed at a great many things so maybe inhaling some centuries old skeleton mist is one of the more reasonable things to be peeved about.

Finally, they got past the barrier and it seemed like they had reached the end of their search at least. An abudance of treasure was waiting for them!

I’m so happy Lily fulfilled her dream of finding buttloads of gold in an ancient booby-trapped temple which was probably in danger of collapsing any second. She was excited too, I think. Her expression was a bit hard to read.

Maybe Lily should take a nap and stay away from the jungle for a while. Anyway, that’s it for today folks! I hope you enjoyed it and I will hopefully see you soon!

Bonus shot: Lilith Vatore came over and Lily debated the existence of vampires with her.

Lily: I don’t know, vampires just seem so unrealistic and also pretty cliche
Lilith: …

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8 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 55

  1. Your dry sense of humour shines throughout this whole post, love it. And omg that screenshot of them stargazing in Granite Falls, stuck/under a picnic table, that has several gross smelly dishes on top of it 😂😂😂 Beautiful. You can’t make that stuff up, haha.

    Lily and Sophie did seem to have a brief moment there in the jungle. I wonder if it will lead anywhere!

    I feel you with switching between hobbies, I’m incredibly indecisive and flakey (I know it may not come across that way, haha, but definitely the case). Nice to see you getting into simlit again though! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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