Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 38

Last chapter, Dina Caliente got pregnant from her boyfriend Johnny Zest. Yay! Although Katrina, Dina’s mother, did not approve of the relationship, she asked Dina to come to the pub for alien’s night. Seems like she’s interested in her daughter’s life after all.

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Chapter 44 – Unknown Reunion – Part II

Kanan sighed. He wasn’t even sure why he hadn’t said anything. He was sure that Kahio was his son – a dark skinned, black haired young slave coming from Tribe Arayeo, it had to be him. He saw it in his eyes. He was excited and felt proud of his son, and happy to finally meet him. How many slaves could say that for themselves? But he was also sure that Kahio had no idea who he was. He wondered if they had ever told him about his father. Probably not. Who cared for breeding slaves anyway?

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Chapter 44 – Unknown Reunion – Part I

Tribe Arayeo hadn’t seen much change in a while. Apart from Roran, joining and leaving as quickly, there had been no new tribe members lately and no one had left. Kalaya was as arrogant and grumpy as ever while Manika tried her best to give her daughter guidance, but to no avail. Tahia and Nieva were enjoying married life and were awaiting the birth of their first child, carried by Nieva. But change couldn’t be postponed forever and thus came the day of Kahio’s young adult birthday. As the son of a tribal sister, he would have to leave the tribe, even if his mother had been sentenced to death right after he was born.
Kahio sat on the edge of his bed, lost in thought.

He wasn’t sure how he felt having to leave Tribe Arayeo. This was his home after all. But sometimes he yearned for something new, something fresh where the tales of his manipulative mother didn’t haunt him every day. Because even though no one at Tribe Arayeo ever talked about Raala Weyane, she was still there. Kahio wasn’t sure how to describe it. He had never known his mother, yet he felt as if she was following his every step on the tribal compound. Maybe it was time for a change.

The birthday party was small and of course nothing compared to the party for the Creator heiress. But Kahio didn’t mind, he much preferred a smaller group. Big crowds made him nervous. Just as everyone had gathered around the table, the Creator started to speak.
„Kahio, you have served this tribe faithfully and your leave will be an honourable one. May you find honour with a new tribe and serve them with all of your strength“, she then shifted to a less official tone.

„I hope those dealings with your mother will not cloud your path, Kahio. It had nothing to do with you.“
Kahio only nodded, not even acknowledging the Creator’s last remark. His face was a mask.
„Thank you, Creator. It was a pleasure to be here and I’ll be sad to leave although I understand why I must.“
He proceeded to blow out the candles on the cake without great enthusiasm. He wasn’t sure what was to come. But he knew that change was in order.

Kahio strolled around the slave market, waiting for something to happen – anything. He would have gladly done any task he was given rather than die of boredom. But every work that could be done was already being done by someone else. He sighed and sank onto a nearby bench. He didn’t want to seem lazy, but even the masters had to see that there was nothing at all for him to do.
„I wouldn’t let myself be seen hanging around like that, if I were you“, a voice suddenly said behind him and Kahio jumped to his feet. Behind him stood a muscular, dark-haired slave with a similar skin tone to his own. He looked strangely familiar although Kahio could have sworn that he had never seen him before. He eyed him suspiciously.
„There is nothing to do“, he finally replied, „All the work is already being done. If you have a suggestion, I’d gladly take it.“

A slight smile played around the other man’s lips like he knew something that Kahio didn’t. Kahio didn’t like that one bit.
„Which tribe are you from?“, the man asked out of the blue. Kahio was startled for a moment but then answered. „Tribe Arayeo.“
„Thought so“, the older man huffed quietly, like talking to himself.
„Why that?“, Kahio asked loudly to show that he had indeed heared the other’s remark. But the bulky slave quickly brushed it off.
„Nothing particular, really. I just had a dealing with them in the past and know them, that is all.“
It didn’t make any sense to Kahio as how the slave would have deduced that he came from Tribe Arayeo, but he didn’t push the issue. He didn’t care that much after all. Just at the moment, one of the masters came over.
„You there, young slave, repair the toilet in the main house, quickly!“

Kahio nodded and gladly strode over to the main house, finally having something to do and being rid of the strange slave. He didn’t see the other man looking after him the whole time.

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Chapter 43 – Here It Goes

Nieva kissed her wife on the cheek. Tahia was still looking a bit downcast, but Nieva hoped it wouldn’t last for long.
„Don’t worry, it will be over by noon“, she promised.

„But what if it doesn’t work on the first try? You’ll have to do it again…“, she worried. Nieva shook her head.
„You worry too much, my love. And even if I have to do it again, it won’t change anything. It’s only breeding and you are still my one and only love.“
Tahia nodded. She knew she couldn’t do anything about it, but she was mad at herself for feeling the way she did. Well, it was time to take a leap of faith and trust in Nieva.
„Go ahead, I’ll wait for you“, she kissed Nieva once more before the older woman walked down the stairs to start the breeding ceremony with Roran.

Tahia didn’t want to see any of it, so she retreated into her room and snatched a book from the shelf. She sat down and opened the book but her eyes glossed over the words without reading them.

Kalaya walked around the gardens looking bored. She brushed over a few of the plants’ leaves and shook her head.

There was nothing to do in this compound. Her mother was trying to get her to train for the ritual fight but she didn’t want to. Training is this warm weather would exhaust her terribly. Speaking of the devil, Manika came outside just at this moment and darted towards her daughter. Here it goes, Kalaya thought.
„Why aren’t you training?“, Manika demanded, „You’re ought to take this fight seriously. I heard they have a new champion at the temple and she is very strong and quick. There is no way you could beat her without proper training!“

Kalaya let her mother’s sermon wash over her. „Yes, mother“, she grumbled and slowly walked towards the training grounds. She could at least pretend to train so her mother would finally let it go. She almost bumped into Nieva and Roran heading towards the breeding chamber since she was looking down at the ground. She stepped back, an annoyed look on her face but the other two didn’t even acknowledge her as the disappeared into the breeding hut.

Was this the behaviour she had to expect as Creator? Ignorance? She would need to have a word with them…
Manika came after her daughter of course. She got on the treadmill and started running, not saying a word. Her rage was bubbling at her daughter’s rebellious ways and she knew that one more word could make her explode.
Good thing she’s facing away from me, Kalaya thought as she lazily hit the punching bag. I don’t even need this. If she won, I won’t lose.

Nieva came out of the breeding chamber alone. She just wanted to go the bathroom quickly. If she was with child already, she wouldn’t have to do the breeding again. Although she had to admit, she might have enjoyed it a tad more than she should have. She felt guilty. Hurrying past the training grounds,she raised an eyebrow at seeing Kalaya at the punching bag.

Didn’t the girl refuse to train just a few days ago? Nieva was pleased that she changed her mind. It was important for the tribe that the heiress won the ritual fight with honour.
The wait seemed endless but finally, Nieva found out that she was indeed with child!

She breathed in and out deeply, feeling relieved. She ran outside to fetch Roran from the breeding chamber. It was better if he didn’t stay longer than necessary.
„I am with child, Roran“, she told him, „I know you must leave soon. It was nice to meet you.“ Nieva didn’t waste any words. Roran just smiled.

„May you have a beautiful daughter“, he simply said and walked out. Nieva went after him to find Tahia and the Creator. Manika was just coming from the training grounds.
„Good news, Creator!“, Nieva caught up with her, „I am with child!“

„That is good news!“, Manika exclaimed. „Have you told Tahia yet? Go find her.“
Nieva nodded and ran upstairs. That left Roran standing in front of the house looking a bit lost.
„You served this tribe honorably“, Manika told him, „You may leave.“
Roran didn’t look back as he walked away from Tribe Arayeo, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. He would have liked to see how his child turned out. But he was but a slave and it was not his place. It would never be.

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