Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 38

Last chapter, Dina Caliente got pregnant from her boyfriend Johnny Zest. Yay! Although Katrina, Dina’s mother, did not approve of the relationship, she asked Dina to come to the pub for alien’s night. Seems like she’s interested in her daughter’s life after all.

I let Dina accept the offer, because I’ve never seen alien’s night before. I wasn’t sure what I had expected. There were just a bunch of normal looking guys there. Are you telling me they are all aliens? Or are non-aliens invited as well?

Well, there must be some Aliens here, because I spied Michael Vermont, one of the guys Sandra Muffin almost got with. I definitely know that he is an alien! But otherwise, alien night was quite a disappointment.

Katrina came to the pub and she and Dina had barely talked for a minute when she stood up and outright left. Rude! I bet she didn’t expect to find out that Dina is pregnant. Katrina must have thought it shocking, given that she and Johnny are not married.

Dina was a bit sad that her mother had left, but decided to make the most of the night and dance for a while.  One of the men came to dance next to her, but Dina was not impressed. She doesn’t need anyone else than Johnny.

Suddenly, this dude came up, stomping angrily through the door.

I took it as a hint, that it was time to leave and so I took Dina back home. What a disaster. But look, she’s got a baby bump now! But she looks so tense and miserable. Poor her!

She took some grilled cheese from the fridge and of course stared down the flower pots while eating with such concentration that I was surprised there were no lasers shooting from her eyes.

I felt like it was time for Dina to relax. To the spa it is!

I really thought it was a good idea to come here and let Dina relax and do all the fun spa stuff. Until…

Darn, I forgot that pregnant can’t do all that much at the spa. I at least let her do the greeting yoga pose.

Oh, oh, look who’s there in the background again! Yup, that’s right, it’s Ronald Trump, the fabulous yoga instructor! Hehe.

I checked the rest of the spa and found this angry lady impatiently waiting for someone to massage her. Uh oh, she really looks like she needs it.

Yay, Dina is at least able to get a rose petal soak bath. That should be relaxing!

Just as Dina got in the bath, angry massage lady came in and was shocked to find Dina already dare. How dare she take a bath in the bath section of the spa! Rude!

Angry massage lady was not happy about the things she had seen. You’d better google how a spa works before you go there, lady!

I feel like everyone is so freaking angry in this place. I found Jenny Sherbet, Alejandro Ferrari’s girlfriend, staring down the wall.

But look, there, behind her. Could it be… Yay, it’s massage guy! The father of Sandra Muffin’s baby. And we finally learn his name!

Okay… now that was anti-climactic but I didn’t know what I expected. At least we know his name now.

Dina ordered a swedish massage and her massage therapist was also pretty darn angry. What is wrong with this spa?! Aren’t people supposed to be relaxed and happy?!

When Dina got the massage, I noticed that her hairstyle does look pretty weird from underneath. I’m not sure why, but this kinda freaked me out.

Oh well, at least the employees stopped being angry. They were all reading anger management books instead.

The last thing Dina did at the spa was meditate. While pregnant sims are allowed to meditate (How generous), it does look kinda weird and sort of hides their baby bump.

Dina concluded her relaxing day at the spa with a glass of a lovely fizzy drink! Everyone here being angry didn’t affect her at all.

To the contrary, she was quite happy and had some whims to flirt with Johnny. Aw.

So that’s it for today folks! Hope you tune in next time when Dina’s baby is born! Woop woop!

PS: I told, something is wrong with this place. Angry sims. Everywhere!

Next: Chapter 39


5 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 38

  1. Angry Sims everywhere! Watch out! Sometimes, those mad looks can mean they’re tense. Just watch for the stomping and you’ll know they’re angry.

    Angry Sims at the spa?! I agree with you that it’s a relaxing place and that they should be happy! I’ve seen lots of angry Sims at museums. It’s crazy!

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