Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 36

Welcome back! This week we visit Dina Caliente and her love interest Johnny Zest. If you remember back to our first visit to the Caliente household, Dina’s mother disapproved of Johnny and so Dina broke with her and moved in with him. I built them a cute little cottage to live in (It’s my build, The First Cottage). It’s not much, but they are happy to be independent at least.

Dina looks pretty happy about it all. It might not be the standard she is used to, but she has Johnny and that’s what matters to her. They’ll make this house a home.

Although we might have to get rid of the garden gnomes. Dina’s not sold on them and neither am I, to be honest!

First thing I let Dina do was work on her aspiration. The kitchen might be small, but they have a bar so Dina can practice her favourite hobby: mixing drinks. Yay!

She completed another milestone of her master mixologist aspiration! Go Dina! But afterwards she was so exhausted, she went to sleep with Johnny. Aw, so cute.

I both gave Johnny and Dina a little makeover with clothes from the romantic garden stuff pack. Seriously, it feels like this pack was made for Johnny! I let him practice some comedy in the morning since he wants to be a professional comedian. Better get that skill up! Both him and Dina are ambitious, so we should get these promotions coming or this will be a darn tense household.

Uhm, not sure what that face is about, though. Creepy. Anyways, I told Johnny to be a good lad and make his girl some breakfast (Future me: You will regret this).

While Johnny was whipping up scrambled eggs, I noticed RoryGilmore34’s simself walk by. Heavily pregnant! How did that happen? Oh right, MCC… Sorry, Rory! Poor her, she looks so uncomfortable!

Johnny finished some blob of food that remotely resembled scrambled eggs. He wasn’t sold on it either. But hey, it’s the effort that counts, right?

Dina was so pleased to find breakfast ready for her and they had quite a pleasant conversation. Aw!

That was, until they tasted Johnny’s disastrous cooking. Ew! Do you regret moving in with him now, Dina? Maybe she does…

To make up for the fail of a breakfast, I let them go on a romantic date (Future me: Yeah right…) to the Bluffs in Windenburg. I love this lot, it’s so pretty! And the views are amazing!

Dina had a whim to skinny dip with someone, so that’s what they did. Avert your eyes, little readers!

Scandalous! But well, at least they are a couple. Unlike Nancy Landgraab and Vernon Morse who went skinny dipping a few chapters earlier. Gross.

I really like Dina and Johnny together, they are so cute and happy. Dina might have the reputation of a gold digger, but in my game she seems happy with the simple life!

Uhm, Johnny, what are you doing? Is this the real life?


What the heck. Johnny spontaneously morphed into Chuck Norris. Because Chuck Norris doesn’t walk on water, he swims through the land. I had to reset him to get him back to the real world.

Ew, Johnny, you pervert! Now one wants to see you wiggle it on the jumping plattform! Dina wasn’t all that happy about it either. Maybe she didn’t like what she saw. Well, it’s too late now, you’re a couple! No chickening out!

I decided that it would be best to end the skinny dipping here. But to remind Dina of why she moved in with him, Johnny swooped her up in a passionate kiss!

And then they spotted a nearby bush which seemed perfect for a bit of fun!

One thing led to anther. Looks like we got this date going again!

Dina was very pleased and got a happy moodlet. Johnny… well let’s say he had more urgent things to think of.

And abusing the bush they just woohooed in didn’t make him too happy. Oh god, this date is a disaster!

But maybe we can still turn in around. What’s more romantic that cuddling by the fire? That’s right, cuddling by a light purple fire!

I love how you can change the fire colour! There are so many options. And after this super cool display of chemistry, Johnny asked Dina to be his permanent girlfriend. Wasn’t she already? But well, I guess it’s only official if you put it on simbook. And Dina of course was happy to say yes!

Woop woop! What a day! Hope you tune in next time for some interesting developments in the Zest-Caliente household.

Next: Chapter 37


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