Chapter 39 – A Spirit That Never Sleeps

On the edge of her teenage years, Kalaya yet still had to change for the better. Manika felt helpless about her daughter’s disrespectful ways. She scolded her again and again, but the child kept her aura of arrogance and self confidence. It began to affect the whole tribe while everyone was constantly trying to dodge out of the little girls way.

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Bloopers – Part 5

Manika is really sad about this horrible ceiling… we need a renovation

Yep… The shaman farted at the wedding. Sigh. I had to cut the thought bubble from the real picture.

My simself came over to visit the tribe! hahahaha

Doesn’t Baato have like the cutest eyes? I admit, I only included this picture because everyone loves Baato, right?

Mmm, okay I’ll rethink that… creepy eyes…

Tribe Arayeo – Season 2 coming soon

Hey guys,

I just realized I had made this announcement on the forums, but never on my blog. Those of you who don’t follow me on the forums must have thought I gave up on this story – I have not! I was only taking a break to pre-write tons of chapters and in fact, Season 2 of this story is returning on February 1st! 4 days to go!

Thank you for your patience and I hope you will enjoy the future updates for the Tribe 🙂


Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 33

After Nancy Landgraab and her husband Geoffrey were almost involved in a major social scandal in the last chapter, their morning started out quite peacefully. Geoffrey – who hadn’t even noticed his wife skinny dipping with another man – appreciated the quiet house during the sunrise and his tasty piece of cake. Nancy was reading for work and also showed no signs of previous events. Sigh. Sims forget so easily.

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