Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 37

When Johnny Zest and Dina Caliente came back from their chaotic romantic date at the bluffs, it was time for work! Johnny needed to play music or write jokes. Of course, since he wants to be a joke star, writing jokes was the logical choice.

Yeah, sue me. I just wanted a reason to buy him a guitar so he could write cute songs for Dina. But the joke’s on me, because Johnny is horrible. Haha, get it, the joke, because he wants to be a joke st-
Future me: You suck
Past me:…
Future me: Even Johnny is better than you
Past me: *sulks*

Anywaaaays, who the heck put these awful scrambled eggs back into the fridge? Yes, they were still awful. Although it’s Johnny who’s issuing that nasty smell, not the eggs. Or maybe both.

Dina got ill just from thinking about the leftovers that awaited her.

Or did she? Maybe there was something else going on. Because I may or may not clicked on Try for Baby when they went into that bush last chapter. Hehe.

Aaaaand, yay! She’s pregnant! A nooboo is on the way. I really wish there’s only one nooboo. We don’t have space for two.

Future me: I know. I could tell you.

What better way to celebrate than some fine grilled cheese! Oh oh, two slices of bread. Is this a bad omen? I’m getting paranoid.

And also, we have a new contender for the most interesting decoration. Sorry, Barbeque Sauce, you have competition! It’s the pot plant ensemble from movie hangout stuff. Dina and Johnny stare at it all the time!

While Dina was mixing drinks, I took a look outside to see if there were any interesting sims nearby. And sure enough there were!

Uh oh, it’s Nancy Landgraab, Johnny’s mother (probably, we don’t know for sure as there is no indication in their family tree). Good thing, Johnny is not outside. But look, it’s also Alba Palermo, the cool blue haired bar keeper. We should go talk to her!

Nancy randomly started doing push ups right in front of the house. Does she know that Johnny lives here? I wonder.

Dina had a conversation with Alba about edible food that was not made by Johnny. They like each other well enough. Yay!

Johnny’s prospective dad, Geoffrey, also walked buy. Wow, these Landgraabs are definitely stalking us. Good thing, Johnny didn’t come outside.

Babs L’Amour, another EA premade (with a makeover), also came over to chat. Not sure if this face means she likes Dina?

I’ll buy it. Now Dina has two new friends. Cool!

Randomly, I noticed RoryGilmore34 looking suspiciously at a creepy old dude. And she is no longer pregnant! In fact, I looked it up in the notifications and she had triplets! Wow! First triplets in my game and I didn’t even see it, how sad. But congrats, Rory!

Camille Thoreau walked by while Johnny was paying the bills. She would have rather taken a nap. Check out Johnny’s cool new blazer! It’s also from the romantic garden stuff pack. I told you, this pack was made for him.

Johnny suspiciously eyed the grilled cheese that Dina made but it was most certainly more edible than the blob of eggs he had produced. By the way, his blazer clashes horribly with the chair. Le Sigh.

I found out that when you get close to a bed in live mode, it becomes transparent (not during woohoo though), but Dina was sleeping and…

Ugh, that looks like it hurts! Also, not so good for your baby, isn’t it. Creepy Sims.
I just had to wake her up, I couldn’t take seeing her like this. As a result, her plumbob was still orange, but well. You can nap later in a more healthy position. She then autonomously went to Johnny and kissed his hands. Awwwww.

This put Johnny in a flirty mood and all the jokes he told had a hint of boxers with hearts on them!

Meanwhile, Dina went out so she wouldn’t have to pretend to like Johnny’s horrible jokes. She tried the horseshoe game pit I bought them!

She was so giddy excited when she hit the pole! Aw, this is kinda adorable.

I also let her fill the planter boxes so they’ll have a nice herb garden. I really love playing this couple, they are so happy with what they have and don’t require much. Ah, the simple life.

That’s it for today, guys! Hope you’ll tune in next time for a trip to the pub and a day at the spa!

PS: Have this picture for your entertainment!

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7 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 37

  1. I saw your speed build for the cottage but seeing the screenshots is awesome, yes I agree the couple is adorable. I noticed that Dina is SOOO much better looking than her sister Nina too.

    Liked by 1 person

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