The Unsual History of Tribe Arayeo

I have recently decided to pick up the Amazon Challenge! Check it out here. And no, this has nothing to do with the online shop. It’s about a young woman founding a tribe of strong Amazon women.

I wanted to say I have been inspired to do this by the Amazon Challenge story of Tribe Wahine by pammiechick. If you haven’t read her story yet, you have missed a lot, so go check on it right here.

Also, please go easy on me, this is my first challenge and also my first story. I’m actually German so I apologize in advance for possible weird English. I started only with the base game and some cc to fit with the tribal theme. By now I have GTW, OR and Patio stuff as well.

I know the genre of the Amazon Challenge can be tough for some of you. Chapters that contain violence or scenes of sim death will be marked as such at the top of the post, so you can decide, whether you’re comfortable reading.

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