Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 56

We are back with the roommates household, which is composed of Alejandro Ferrari, Sophie Mocca, Lily Silvester and… Philipp. Still don’t know his last name. They’re still on their adventure holiday in Selvadorada and so far the results have been… mixed. But on the plus side, I think it could have been a lot worse.

It’s only been two weeks since the last chapter and these screenshots are actually new, so no more Chinese Whispers but a real update. You’re probably so impressed right now.

When I opened my Vee is for Vortex save again for the first time since 2019 I found it exactly as I left it. With Lily Silvester looking like she was zapped by an electric door in a thousand year old temple. Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened (I think).

Future me: “You are a terrible detective.

Doesn’t look like anything a good nap can’t cure. I’ve found that a nap helps with most diseases in The Sims 4 and I’ve actually never ordered any meds for my sims. If only that worked in real life.

Lily seemed a little disoriented almost as if she had been frozen in time for two years and only just woke up again. *cough* Hate it when that happens.

The first thing she did was go and talk to Alejandro by the pool.

Lily: “Hey Alejandro, how exactly have we been paying for this cabin if we’ve been here for two years?” Alejandro: “What are you talking about we only got here 3 days ago.”

Lily figured it was her weird illness. All her memories of Selvadorada seemed really blurry and she couldn’t really remember what she did yesterday. What she did remember was a fleeting romantic moment she had with Sophie at the jungle waterfall.

Since it was the realest memory she felt she had, she decided that she wanted to act on it. After all, Sophie was clever and pretty, why not pursue her. But how? Lily doesn’t know anything about flirting. She decided to consult some expert advice.

Wow this book has a lot of fish metaphors for love… or maybe it’s actually just a book about fishing.

The book must have been a real revelation.

Lily: “Wait, so THAT’S how it works??”

I also found Philipp in the library looking very sneaky. What is he up to? Maybe he is also looking for love advice?

While reading the fishy flirting tips, Lily conveniently forgot that Sophie has a boyfriend. Maybe Sophie forgot about that too because she joined Philipp at the chess table and started a suggestive conversation with him.

Sophie: “Remember that time you set yourself on fire? That was so hot.”

Oh wow, maybe almost burning to death did make Philipp more interesting after all. But he couldn’t really appreciate the compliment because he was so distracted by Sophie’s smell. Sophie, too, realized the stench might be hurting her chances but she figured a swim in the pool would be just as good as an actual shower.

Sophie: “UGH, I left my socks on again. Wet socks are the WORST!”

Now that Sophie is in the pool, this fishing book might actually come in handy for Lily. Sophie even smelled like fish. This will definitely work. She quickly approached the pool but Sophie had other plans. She couldn’t wait to talk to Philipp again.

Poor Lily, such a bummer.

Lily: “It’s the green swirly circles isn’t it?”

As Sophie was leaving the pool I captured this lovely screenshot of her.

She is so pretty, no wonder everyone is after her.

However, the reality of the situation was a little less instragram worthy.

And that’s why you don’t compare instagram to real life, kids.

She went straight back up to the chess table to talk to Philipp. Unfortunately, the pool did not quite replace a real shower as Sophie had thought.

Philipp: That book did not teach me how to talk to a smelly old shoe even if the shoe is really attractive.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and finally told her to take a shower. Usually with Vee is for Vortex, I’m more of an observer and influence my sims very little, but this was just making everyone so uncomfortable, it had to stop. As soon as Sophie stepped out of the shower Philipp was there, eager to talk to her now that she didn’t smell like fish guts anymore.

He had changed into his swim trunks, maybe he thought it would make him look cool and sexy. He dazzled her with his knowledge of popular sports.

I couldn’t believe it but Philipp’s new moves were actually working.

What are you suggesting here, Sophie?

At least up until the point when Lily butted in with a fish related pick up line.

Lily: “Hey, girl, are you a fish? Because we should hook up. Get it?”

Sophie was not impressed and actually completely ignored Lily. Rude, Lily invested so much time with that fish book!

Sophie: “What fish? I didn’t hear anything. Anyway, you look so cool in those sunglasses.”

Her rudeness kinda snapped Philipp out of it. How could the girl he liked be so stand-offish to her friend? Even though Lily was trying a pretty stinky pick up line, to be fair. Still, Philipp wouldn’t have it. And Lily was already embarrassed by her lack of success so they just both left.

Seems like you ruined it with both of them, Sophie. She didn’t really understand how this happened though. I think she has quite a bit of self reflection to do.

Sophie: “Hey wait, where are you going? What about that fish… eh.. baseball… sunglasses. Come on!”

What a rollercoaster. First Philipp gets flirted at by a beautiful woman then she turns out to be rude (and she also has a boyfriend, but apparently no one but me remembers that?). Either way, Philipp was so angry about the whole situation. Even though he only flirted with Sophie for like 5 minutes.

Philipp: “This is the only book that can possibly capture the greatness of this betrayal.”

Lily thought it over and decided that now that Philipp was out of the running, she would get another shot at Sophie’s attention.

Lily: “Girl, your shirt is so dirty, you should take it off.”

It did not not go well.

Sophie: “What?!” Lily: “I should not have said that, I should not have said that.”

Lily you should stop trying, it’s just not going anywhere. It’s rather time we take care of that affliction of yours! Go take a nap, you’ll feel better in no time!

Like I said a good nap can cure anything. Future me: Are you sure?

Meanwhile, Philipp had finished “Untamed Treachery of the Heart” and was looking for something more lighthearted to read. But still with loads of love advice. I think he found the perfect book.

Grilled cheese or BLT? That’s the question.

When Lily woke up her illness was not cured! That’s crazy! This technique has never failed me. Like ever. Poor Lily, I really want to see her healthy again. So I caved and bought her some medicine. She finished it in one gulp.

But… THAT DIDN’T WORK EITHER! Quite the contrary, it seems like she dosed herself with loads of ineffective drugs, making her even more dazed!

Only then did it occur to me to actually look at the moodlet she had that caused her illness. Turns out it wasn’t the electrical zap, it was a bee sting! Now this makes so much sense since Lily and Sophie were chased by bees TWICE during the last chapter. How didn’t I see this before? I’m so sorry, Lily, for letting you suffer this long (literally for two years).

Meanwhile, Alejandro found the whole ordeal very amusing and inspiring.

Alejandro: “This is gonna be the best prank in the history of pranks.”

These people are killing me. Anyway, Lily’s moodlet suggested she ask around at the local market for an antidote, so that’s what she did.

The guy was sort of helpful, but he required a special ingredient to make the antidote.

But wait! Sophie got a load of bone dust blown in her face during the temple adventure! She must have some! And even after all these horrible pick up lines I didn’t think Sophie would just refuse to help Lily. And of course, she came running with the bone dust as fast as she could.

Lily gave the bone dust to the strange man and thankfully immediately received the antidote. I was a bit scared he was going to scam her.

Now, drink up! Lily was quickly cured, I’m so glad. This whole ordeal with the green circles has taken way too long! Unfortunately now that she was no longer dazed Lily realized she was soaked in rain.

Lily: “I’d rather be poisoned again than be out in this weather.”

Tone it down, Lily, I bet you’ll be glad you’re cured once your back in the warmth of the cabin! Sophie was also not happy about having to run to the market during the rain.

Sophie: “Gosh, couldn’t you get poisoned at home? SO inconvenient.”

Getting chased down by bees and nearly dying in a mysterious temple? No problem but being outside IN THE RAIN is where she draws the line. Still, I think deep down she has a good heart or she wouldn’t have helped Lily out even after her fishy advances.

So that’s it for today folks! I hope you tune it next time (whenever that will be). See you around!

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4 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 56

  1. This chapter was great! So much fun to read! I am so looking forward to the next chapter πŸ™‚πŸ™‚.


  2. Ha, I like how you’ve worked the haziness of what exactly happened into the storyline! What a trippy vacation for them. Then again, between the curses, beestings and everybody stinking, who can blame them (this does not sound like a relaxing holiday, lol!).

    Aww, I was rooting for Sophie and Lily but it looks like their moment from the jungle is gone.

    LMAO, look at Alejandro’s smug face when he came up with the bee box idea πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alejandro was a background character in this chapter but that moment was just perfect πŸ˜‚

      I also don’t see Lily and Sophie together anytime soon, she was much more interested in Philipp.

      And yes these people are terrible at vacations πŸ˜‚

      Thanks so much for reading πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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