Conflicting Siblings Challenge – Sims 4 Parenthood

To celebrate the new parenthood game pack I thought of a gameplay challenge: The Conflicting Siblings Challenge!

A new feature that came with the parenthood pack are character values. Every toddler, child and teen has 5 character values: Manners, Empathy, Emotional Control, Responsibility and Conflict Resolution. You can max them in a positive or negative way. The goal of this challenge is to create two children, one with the best character values and one with the worst and have your parents master parenting in the process!


  1. Create two parents and their two children in CAS. They can have any traits and any gender. The parents must be young adults, the children must be toddlers or kids.
  2. Have the family move into a home. You may use the FreeRealEstate cheat to buy them a house.


  1. Have one child have all 5 character values in the positive range to receive a trait when they’re due to age up to young adult.
  2. Have the other child have all 5 character values in the negative range to receive a trait when they’re due to age up to young adult.
  3. Have both parents complete the Super Parent aspiration.


  1. Money doesn’t matter in this challenge. You may cheat as much money as you want.
  2. Both parents must have a job and may not miss work except for taking earned vacation days. Active careers and professions are allowed. If a parent works from home they must complete their work assignments during working hours. Active careers are allowed and you decide whether to go to work with your sim.
  3. Lifespan has to be set to normal.
  4. You may not age up your kids unless it’s their birthday. You may choose their traits how you wish.
  5. You may optionally decide to apply Hard Mode and/or Extreme Mode (see below)

Hard Mode

Parents must actively work towards getting promoted.

Extreme Mode

You’re not allowed to control the kids.

Good luck and let me know how you like it and whether the challenge needs improvement!

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