Sims 4 Parenthood – Review

Welcome to my Review of The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack! I’ll try to be as objective and critical as possible for you guys! Please note that while I’m also reporting facts about the pack, the “review” part is mostly my own opinion. I was lucky to receive a free review copy of the pack from EA, so here are my thoughts after 2 days of playing.

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Conflicting Siblings Challenge – Sims 4 Parenthood

To celebrate the new parenthood game pack I thought of a gameplay challenge: The Conflicting Siblings Challenge!

A new feature that came with the parenthood pack are character values. Every toddler, child and teen has 5 character values: Manners, Empathy, Emotional Control, Responsibility and Conflict Resolution. You can max them in a positive or negative way. The goal of this challenge is to create two children, one with the best character values and one with the worst and have your parents master parenting in the process!


  1. Create two parents and their two children in CAS. They can have any traits and any gender. The parents must be young adults, the children must be toddlers or kids.
  2. Have the family move into a home. You may use the FreeRealEstate cheat to buy them a house.


  1. Have one child have all 5 character values in the positive range to receive a trait when they’re due to age up to young adult.
  2. Have the other child have all 5 character values in the negative range to receive a trait when they’re due to age up to young adult.
  3. Have both parents complete the Super Parent aspiration.


  1. Money doesn’t matter in this challenge. You may cheat as much money as you want.
  2. Both parents must have a job and may not miss work except for taking earned vacation days. Active careers and professions are allowed. If a parent works from home they must complete their work assignments during working hours. Active careers are allowed and you decide whether to go to work with your sim.
  3. Lifespan has to be set to normal.
  4. You may not age up your kids unless it’s their birthday. You may choose their traits how you wish.
  5. You may optionally decide to apply Hard Mode and/or Extreme Mode (see below)

Hard Mode

Parents must actively work towards getting promoted.

Extreme Mode

You’re not allowed to control the kids.

Good luck and let me know how you like it and whether the challenge needs improvement!

Chapter 58 – Unprecedented

“You know each other?”, Kalaya called out in surprise. Did this mean that Vitor was in on the attack? If so, she didn’t dare think about the consequences for her possible heiress. But maybe there was a different reason. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions.
“Vitor! Explain this!”, she demanded.

“We’re from the same northern tribe”, Vitor started, his eyes not leaving the assassin. He looked like he was trying hard to keep his cool.

“His name is Ezio, a deadly assassin. He killed our tribe’s leader!”
So there was another reason, thank the goddess. Kalaya was about to reply when the temple representative intervened.
“Those are serious accusations. Do you have proof?”

Vitor still glared at Ezio who finally broke his silence.
“He doesn’t. Because it’s a lie!”, he growled.

“It’s plausible still, even without proof. And there is proof that you tried to kill the Creator!”, Vitor retorted.
“Why would he kill your tribe’s leader?”, the temple sister asked.
“I can only speculate. But the old leader refused to sell him to a certain tribe from the south who was interested in him. My guess is that he killed him because of that. The new leader sold him to the tribe quickly.”
Ezio’s face revealed no reaction to Vitor’s words. The temple representative quietly observed the two slaves for a few moments before speaking.

“This is an unusual constellation. Ezio will stand trial and Vitor is a valuable witness. But I understand you have already bred?”
“Yes”, Kalaya confirmed, “But I don’t know yet whether we were successful.”
“Hm, I see”, the woman said thoughtfully, “I propose this. Vitor will stay to complete his breeding duties. But right after he has to come to the temple and stay until he can testify at the trial.”
Nieva let out a shocked gasp and even Kalaya was surprised.

A slave who wasn’t to be sacrificed after breeding? That was unprecedented. She was glad for Vitor, but there was one thing.
“How will we bless the pregnancy if Vitor isn’t to be sacrificed?”, she wondered. She wasn’t about to let her baby girl go without the goddesses blessing. She needed it now more than ever. Thankfully, the temple representative had already thought about it.
“We will make a special offering to the goddess at the temple – in your name. If the assassin is found guilty he will be sacrificed as well. It will please the goddess and bless your heiress”, she explained. Kalaya was pleased with this arrangement.

It gave Vitor more time on this earth, which he deserved. And it would help to find out the truth about this assassin. Speaking of which…
“Who bought him then?”, she asked Vitor. She needed to know which tribe had bought the assassin since they were most likely behind the attack. This tribe would be her greatest enemy now…
“Ezio? Oh yes, a scary woman. She was all smiles but I’ve never seen eyes like that. They made you shiver. She was evil, I can tell.”
Kalaya felt a bad feeling creep up on her. The description reminded her of someone she’d rather not meet again.
“What tribe was she from, do you know?”
Kalaya asked cautiously.
“Oh, I know.”
When Vitor said the name it only confirmed her fears.

Chapter 57 – You

“Your compound is quite impressive, Creator”, Vitor said. Kalaya chuckled. The slave she had brought in for breeding was doing his very best to compliment her at all times. It was a nice change from the cold attitude she got from other men.

“Thank you, Vitor. What do compounds look like where you come from?”
“Not like this”, Vitor shook his head, “It’s cold and bleak in the north. Most compounds are a small grouping of huts and a fireplace, nothing more. It wouldn’t be good for you, Creator. This compound suits you more. It’s beautiful.”
He winked and Kalaya blushed. She liked Vitor.

She had chosen him over Thiago for his intelligence. The tribe needed a smart and diplomatic creator heiress. Unlike me. Her mother was right, it would send a better sign to the other tribes than choosing Thiago, a strong and fierce man. A warrior.

“Come with me, I’ll show you around”, she said and began to walk. Vitor followed suit. The compound wasn’t big, but Vitor seemed to enjoy looking at it. He wasn’t allowed in the house but marvelled at its size from the outside.
“These are the slave quarters, where you’ll spend the nights. There’s a bed ready for you.”

“I’d rather spend the nights with you”, Vitor said in a husky voice. Kalaya giggled, she felt like a teenage girl again.
“Don’t be silly. You know you have to wait a while after… the deed to check if we have to try again or not.”
Vitor nodded, there was still a smile on his face.
“What’s this building?”, Vitor asked as they walked past the prison. Kalaya frowned.

“The prison cell. There’s a slave in there you tried to kill me.”
“What?”, Vitor called out in shock, “How dare he!”
“It’s a long story. I’d rather not dwell on it. A temple associate will come here today to take him to the temple prison until trial. I just hope it will be dealt with soon.”
Vitor nodded solemnly and turned his attention to the last building.
“So I assume this is…?”

Kalaya said nothing, she just smiled slightly and took Vitor’s hand.

Kalaya and Vitor came out of the breeding chamber, both smiling. Kalaya felt tickled by the breeze of colder air on her skin. The breeding ceremony had felt anything but cold. Vitor sure knew what he was doing. They had even tried twice, just be sure. Though I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t pregnant yet… 
“I hope you found it… satisfactory”, Vitor said as if he had read her mind. “I’m sure you’ll have a great creator heiress. And beautiful just like you.”

“Oh, Vitor, you flatter me, I-”
Kalaya stopped as she saw Nieva approach with a woman in white. The temple associate!

“Creator”, the representative greeted her, “I hear you have a criminal in need of trial at your compound. What happened?”
“It’s true. The man in our cell attacked me at night with a knife. He tried to kill me.”

The temple woman frowned.
“That’s serious indeed. I’ll take him to the temple prison where he will be tried as soon as the time is right. You’ll need to come and testify against him.”
Kalaya nodded. “I will. But when will this time be?”
“It depends on the goddess, Creator. She’ll send a sign.”
Kalaya’s anger was rising.
“That could be ages from now!”

“Then so it will be. Don’t anger the goddess, Creator. We all need to bend to her will”, the woman said, in no way moved by Kalaya’s outburst. “If you don’t mind I will borrow two of your tribeswomen to help me escort the slave to the temple.”
Kalaya was fuming now. What was this woman thinking?
“I can’t give you my two only sisters! Our tribe will be defenceless while they’re gone.”

The associate shook her head. “I can’t get him to the temple alone.”
THEN WHY DID YOU COME ALONE?! Kalaya was screaming internally but she forced herself to stay calm. She took a deep breath. The temple representative looked to Vitor for the first time since she arrived.
“Can you send this slave to help me? Then I will only need one more woman to escort the criminal.”
Kalaya wasn’t happy. This would still weaken their tribe. But on the other hand they wouldn’t be gone for long. Another tribe would have had an attack planned for a while to use this window against them. And how likely was that? Maybe I’m being paranoid. She could handle another assassin if at least of the women stayed.
“Fine. Nieva, Vitor, you’ll go with her”, she said to her tribe members.

Vitor and Nieva both nodded. They all moved toward the prison building. Kalaya looked inside. Their captive was sleeping on the wooden bench.

She gestured Nieva to be ready and opened the door. Nieva swept in, grabbed the prisoner and bound him before he was even fully awake. He didn’t cry out nor did he resist. He just stared at Kalaya as if only his look was able to kill her. Nieva moved to bring him outside.
“Be careful, this man is dangerous, he-”

Kalaya whirled around to find Vitor staring at the slave, eyes wide open. The slave growled. “Vitor.”


Author’s Note: I’ll be on holiday next week so you guys are getting next week’s chapter early 🙂 Chapters will resume in the week from May 22nd. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Chapter 56 – Candidates

Need a recap? Check here.

A few days after her conversation with the assassin, Manika accompanied her daughter to the slave market to find a suitable mate. Kalaya kept grumbling how useless this endeavour was and how none of the slaves at the market were worthy. But it was necessary and Manika was determined to make her daughter settle for someone – anyone. If she had a boy she could always find another mate later but this was an important matter. She still pondered the assassin’s words. It’s about her state of mind…  If what he said was true their little trip was indeed useless. But they had to try!

The slave market was fairly crowded as a new group of slaves had arrived earlier this week.

This event was probably the only reason Kalaya had agreed to come in the first place. Manika just hoped that the treacherous slave who had spread these vicious rumours was not around – for his own sake.

Kalaya scanned the many men they passed while walking up to the house but none of them seemed worthy of her. Too thin, too old, too grumpy… She sighed. How would she ever find someone who could give her a suitable heiress? The slave market’s master came up to them and bowed deeply.
“Welcome, Creator. If you tell me what you seek, I will be glad to be of assistance.”
His tone was submissive but Kalaya saw his mouth twitch involuntarily giving away the pretence of his words.

She knew what kind of reputation she had. First, she failed the fight at the temple then she came back with ideas of war in her head. No wonder she wasn’t the most popular Creator in the Amazon.
“I’m looking for a mate. Someone strong and of brave character”, she didn’t waste time with politeness.

If the master had little respect for her, she would have little for him in return. Still, she felt an inner satisfaction about seeing the master forcing himself to behave respectfully as was his duty. I’m still above you, whether you like it or not. She grinned inwardly.

“Very well. Follow me, I have a few candidates in mind.”
Again, he bowed and led them across the market. A blonde slave was working in the gardens. He looked up as they approached and Kalaya noticed the slightest grimace on his face before he started smiling.

Anger built up inside of her. Maybe she was being overly sensitive but the obvious disrespect of all these men was making her angry. She was Creator, it should be an honour for them to father a Creator heiress. Before the master could even start praising the blonde slave, she turned away with a dismissive gesture.
“Not him”, she simply said and let her eyes wander the compound. There must be someone here who did not know her. Or at least someone who didn’t care.
“Do you have any new slaves from the North?”, she asked the master. The man frowned in thought for a second before replying.
“I do”, he said ever so slowly, “Follow me.”
Kalaya hoped that the northern slaves hadn’t heard of her reputation yet. They approached a pair of slaves, both dark skinned and well trained. They turned towards Kalaya as she came near and she felt two pairs of piercing blue eyes on her – but there was no anger or disrespect in them. Just curiosity.

The slaves both bowed before her and the master dutifully introduced them.
“These men are twins from a northern slave tribe, this is Thiago” – he gestured towards the man on the right – ” and this is Vitor”, he said nodding towards the man on the left. “Both are strong slaves. You will be pleased.”
It didn’t sound like he actually cared for Kalaya’s pleasure but she ignored it, turning her attention toward the northern slaves. They were both handsome and strong. How should she choose?
“Tell me about yourself”, she said looking at both of them in turns. Thiago spoke first.
“We grew up in the north. It’s harsh there, but it made us strong”, his voice was deep and full of vibration. Kalaya felt a slight fluttering in her stomach.

“Thiago is strong indeed, no one is stronger”, Vitor told her, his voice more gentle than that of his brother but still deep and warm, “Me, I’m strong, but not as strong as him. My real strength is wit and quick thinking.”

He winked and Kalaya smiled involuntarily. Vitor seemed to spread joy simply by talking. But Thiago’s muscles and strength did hold a great appeal to her.
“It would be an honour for both of us to father your heiress”, Thiago added. Kalaya could see the master frown from the corner of her eye. Clearly, he had hoped to see her fail. She made a mental note to complain about this master at the temple.
“You both seem strong in body and character. Who should I choose?”, she addressed her mother with the last question.
“Be aware of you position”, Manika said, “You want to send the right signal to the other tribes.”

Kalaya nodded, she knew what her mother meant. She was here to disrupt the rumours of war and her choice of mate would either support or undermine that mission. She then knew who she would choose.

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Previously on Tribe Arayeo (new chapter coming today)

Previously on Tribe Arayeo

„Today is an important day, as Kalaya, the Creator heiress, will go to the temple and fight the Champion to earn her honour and become Creator of this tribe.“

Kalaya could only think about the shame she had just brought to her tribe. Regret came washing through her in waves. She should have trained. She should have listened.

She knew what awaited her: a year at the temple to „find inner peace“. She huffed. Sure.
„I can see that you are missing the necessary respect for the godess. That’s why you will sharpen your mind today with meditation and chess. Maybe then you’ll be able to see your foolish ways. Go!“
Kalaya rolled her eyes. Sharpen your mind, seeee the spirit, bla bla bla. What a great bunch of baboosh.

Manika sighed. Ever since her – Watcher be damned – daughter lost the fight, women as well as slaves had refused to join Tribe Arayeo. They were in bitter need, Baato was only one slave and he was slowly but surely growing old.

„It’s all your fault!“, Zaleena suddenly yelled at her. „My tribe, my legacy will fall apart. It’s your fault!“

It all came done to one thing, and as much as she twisted and turned it, she knew it was inevitable: Winning the second fight would just not be enough.

Every tribe who doubted Kalaya’s honour should send forth their own champion and Kalaya would fight them all. A tribe that wouldn’t send a champion would automatically accept Kalaya as Creator of Tribe Arayeo. And if she won, they had no choice but to respect her. On the other hand, if she lost… If she had put too much on her plate… They would never respect her again. The Legacy of Tribe Arayeo would be over. Kalaya shivered at the thought.

Both women were panting. But only as the priestess cried out: „Kalaya Arayeo wins!“, Kalaya realized that she had finally done it. She had won.

Kalaya never cried but she felt a burning sensation in her cheeks that came very close. She swallowed hard to keep the tears away and finally said the words that kept repeating in her head since the day of her dream.
“I’m sorry!”

“I hope you don’t mean what I think you mean”, Manika said, anger rising in her voice. “War is not the answer!”

Suddenly she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Out of instict she took a quick step back which probably saved her life. This way the blow that had been meant for her head only scratched her nose, so close to her eyes that she could feel the weapon brush her lashes.

“WHO. SENT. YOU?”, Kalaya grabbed the man’s arm and shook him.
“What does it matter?”, he finally exclaimed, “It doesn’t matter who sent me. The only thing that matters is that they will defeat you if you try to bestow war upon these lands.”

“The most ironic thing is I had already changed my mind about the war. You were right, it’s too big of a risk.”

“You know…”, Manika started carefully, “There is a way that would probably convince the other tribes that you don’t have any war plans…”
Manika fidgeted with her hands. “I’m not sure you will like it.”
“What does that matter?”, Kalaya replied angrily. “The tribe isn’t safe as long as these rumors persist. Tell me now!”
“You have to produce an heir.”

“The war rumors are false.”
The assassin threw his head back and started laughing.
“Don’t you get it?”, he said as he finally calmed down, “It doesn’t matter. This isn’t about the rumors. It’s about her mindset. If she has thoughts of war after just becoming Creator what will she think of next? She is a danger to all of the Amazon. She will never be safe. And neither will her children.”

Author’s Note: Tribe
Arayeo is back! I realize it’s been ages since the last chapter, but I’m gonna be back to updating at least once a week from now on. I’m still settling into a schedule and as soon as I have found a certain update day, I’ll let you know. Until then, it’s somewhen once a week. Thanks for being so patient with me!

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