Chapter 58 – Unprecedented

“You know each other?”, Kalaya called out in surprise. Did this mean that Vitor was in on the attack? If so, she didn’t dare think about the consequences for her possible heiress. But maybe there was a different reason. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions.
“Vitor! Explain this!”, she demanded.

“We’re from the same northern tribe”, Vitor started, his eyes not leaving the assassin. He looked like he was trying hard to keep his cool.

“His name is Ezio, a deadly assassin. He killed our tribe’s leader!”
So there was another reason, thank the goddess. Kalaya was about to reply when the temple representative intervened.
“Those are serious accusations. Do you have proof?”

Vitor still glared at Ezio who finally broke his silence.
“He doesn’t. Because it’s a lie!”, he growled.

“It’s plausible still, even without proof. And there is proof that you tried to kill the Creator!”, Vitor retorted.
“Why would he kill your tribe’s leader?”, the temple sister asked.
“I can only speculate. But the old leader refused to sell him to a certain tribe from the south who was interested in him. My guess is that he killed him because of that. The new leader sold him to the tribe quickly.”
Ezio’s face revealed no reaction to Vitor’s words. The temple representative quietly observed the two slaves for a few moments before speaking.

“This is an unusual constellation. Ezio will stand trial and Vitor is a valuable witness. But I understand you have already bred?”
“Yes”, Kalaya confirmed, “But I don’t know yet whether we were successful.”
“Hm, I see”, the woman said thoughtfully, “I propose this. Vitor will stay to complete his breeding duties. But right after he has to come to the temple and stay until he can testify at the trial.”
Nieva let out a shocked gasp and even Kalaya was surprised.

A slave who wasn’t to be sacrificed after breeding? That was unprecedented. She was glad for Vitor, but there was one thing.
“How will we bless the pregnancy if Vitor isn’t to be sacrificed?”, she wondered. She wasn’t about to let her baby girl go without the goddesses blessing. She needed it now more than ever. Thankfully, the temple representative had already thought about it.
“We will make a special offering to the goddess at the temple – in your name. If the assassin is found guilty he will be sacrificed as well. It will please the goddess and bless your heiress”, she explained. Kalaya was pleased with this arrangement.

It gave Vitor more time on this earth, which he deserved. And it would help to find out the truth about this assassin. Speaking of which…
“Who bought him then?”, she asked Vitor. She needed to know which tribe had bought the assassin since they were most likely behind the attack. This tribe would be her greatest enemy now…
“Ezio? Oh yes, a scary woman. She was all smiles but I’ve never seen eyes like that. They made you shiver. She was evil, I can tell.”
Kalaya felt a bad feeling creep up on her. The description reminded her of someone she’d rather not meet again.
“What tribe was she from, do you know?”
Kalaya asked cautiously.
“Oh, I know.”
When Vitor said the name it only confirmed her fears.


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