Chapter 57 – You

“Your compound is quite impressive, Creator”, Vitor said. Kalaya chuckled. The slave she had brought in for breeding was doing his very best to compliment her at all times. It was a nice change from the cold attitude she got from other men.

“Thank you, Vitor. What do compounds look like where you come from?”
“Not like this”, Vitor shook his head, “It’s cold and bleak in the north. Most compounds are a small grouping of huts and a fireplace, nothing more. It wouldn’t be good for you, Creator. This compound suits you more. It’s beautiful.”
He winked and Kalaya blushed. She liked Vitor.

She had chosen him over Thiago for his intelligence. The tribe needed a smart and diplomatic creator heiress. Unlike me. Her mother was right, it would send a better sign to the other tribes than choosing Thiago, a strong and fierce man. A warrior.

“Come with me, I’ll show you around”, she said and began to walk. Vitor followed suit. The compound wasn’t big, but Vitor seemed to enjoy looking at it. He wasn’t allowed in the house but marvelled at its size from the outside.
“These are the slave quarters, where you’ll spend the nights. There’s a bed ready for you.”

“I’d rather spend the nights with you”, Vitor said in a husky voice. Kalaya giggled, she felt like a teenage girl again.
“Don’t be silly. You know you have to wait a while after… the deed to check if we have to try again or not.”
Vitor nodded, there was still a smile on his face.
“What’s this building?”, Vitor asked as they walked past the prison. Kalaya frowned.

“The prison cell. There’s a slave in there you tried to kill me.”
“What?”, Vitor called out in shock, “How dare he!”
“It’s a long story. I’d rather not dwell on it. A temple associate will come here today to take him to the temple prison until trial. I just hope it will be dealt with soon.”
Vitor nodded solemnly and turned his attention to the last building.
“So I assume this is…?”

Kalaya said nothing, she just smiled slightly and took Vitor’s hand.

Kalaya and Vitor came out of the breeding chamber, both smiling. Kalaya felt tickled by the breeze of colder air on her skin. The breeding ceremony had felt anything but cold. Vitor sure knew what he was doing. They had even tried twice, just be sure. Though I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t pregnant yet… 
“I hope you found it… satisfactory”, Vitor said as if he had read her mind. “I’m sure you’ll have a great creator heiress. And beautiful just like you.”

“Oh, Vitor, you flatter me, I-”
Kalaya stopped as she saw Nieva approach with a woman in white. The temple associate!

“Creator”, the representative greeted her, “I hear you have a criminal in need of trial at your compound. What happened?”
“It’s true. The man in our cell attacked me at night with a knife. He tried to kill me.”

The temple woman frowned.
“That’s serious indeed. I’ll take him to the temple prison where he will be tried as soon as the time is right. You’ll need to come and testify against him.”
Kalaya nodded. “I will. But when will this time be?”
“It depends on the goddess, Creator. She’ll send a sign.”
Kalaya’s anger was rising.
“That could be ages from now!”

“Then so it will be. Don’t anger the goddess, Creator. We all need to bend to her will”, the woman said, in no way moved by Kalaya’s outburst. “If you don’t mind I will borrow two of your tribeswomen to help me escort the slave to the temple.”
Kalaya was fuming now. What was this woman thinking?
“I can’t give you my two only sisters! Our tribe will be defenceless while they’re gone.”

The associate shook her head. “I can’t get him to the temple alone.”
THEN WHY DID YOU COME ALONE?! Kalaya was screaming internally but she forced herself to stay calm. She took a deep breath. The temple representative looked to Vitor for the first time since she arrived.
“Can you send this slave to help me? Then I will only need one more woman to escort the criminal.”
Kalaya wasn’t happy. This would still weaken their tribe. But on the other hand they wouldn’t be gone for long. Another tribe would have had an attack planned for a while to use this window against them. And how likely was that? Maybe I’m being paranoid. She could handle another assassin if at least of the women stayed.
“Fine. Nieva, Vitor, you’ll go with her”, she said to her tribe members.

Vitor and Nieva both nodded. They all moved toward the prison building. Kalaya looked inside. Their captive was sleeping on the wooden bench.

She gestured Nieva to be ready and opened the door. Nieva swept in, grabbed the prisoner and bound him before he was even fully awake. He didn’t cry out nor did he resist. He just stared at Kalaya as if only his look was able to kill her. Nieva moved to bring him outside.
“Be careful, this man is dangerous, he-”

Kalaya whirled around to find Vitor staring at the slave, eyes wide open. The slave growled. “Vitor.”


Author’s Note: I’ll be on holiday next week so you guys are getting next week’s chapter early 🙂 Chapters will resume in the week from May 22nd. Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. I knew there was something suspect about Vitor and his brother. I wonder what the connection between him and the assassin is? Enjoy your vacation. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds!

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