Previously on Tribe Arayeo (new chapter coming today)

Previously on Tribe Arayeo

„Today is an important day, as Kalaya, the Creator heiress, will go to the temple and fight the Champion to earn her honour and become Creator of this tribe.“

Kalaya could only think about the shame she had just brought to her tribe. Regret came washing through her in waves. She should have trained. She should have listened.

She knew what awaited her: a year at the temple to „find inner peace“. She huffed. Sure.
„I can see that you are missing the necessary respect for the godess. That’s why you will sharpen your mind today with meditation and chess. Maybe then you’ll be able to see your foolish ways. Go!“
Kalaya rolled her eyes. Sharpen your mind, seeee the spirit, bla bla bla. What a great bunch of baboosh.

Manika sighed. Ever since her – Watcher be damned – daughter lost the fight, women as well as slaves had refused to join Tribe Arayeo. They were in bitter need, Baato was only one slave and he was slowly but surely growing old.

„It’s all your fault!“, Zaleena suddenly yelled at her. „My tribe, my legacy will fall apart. It’s your fault!“

It all came done to one thing, and as much as she twisted and turned it, she knew it was inevitable: Winning the second fight would just not be enough.

Every tribe who doubted Kalaya’s honour should send forth their own champion and Kalaya would fight them all. A tribe that wouldn’t send a champion would automatically accept Kalaya as Creator of Tribe Arayeo. And if she won, they had no choice but to respect her. On the other hand, if she lost… If she had put too much on her plate… They would never respect her again. The Legacy of Tribe Arayeo would be over. Kalaya shivered at the thought.

Both women were panting. But only as the priestess cried out: „Kalaya Arayeo wins!“, Kalaya realized that she had finally done it. She had won.

Kalaya never cried but she felt a burning sensation in her cheeks that came very close. She swallowed hard to keep the tears away and finally said the words that kept repeating in her head since the day of her dream.
“I’m sorry!”

“I hope you don’t mean what I think you mean”, Manika said, anger rising in her voice. “War is not the answer!”

Suddenly she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Out of instict she took a quick step back which probably saved her life. This way the blow that had been meant for her head only scratched her nose, so close to her eyes that she could feel the weapon brush her lashes.

“WHO. SENT. YOU?”, Kalaya grabbed the man’s arm and shook him.
“What does it matter?”, he finally exclaimed, “It doesn’t matter who sent me. The only thing that matters is that they will defeat you if you try to bestow war upon these lands.”

“The most ironic thing is I had already changed my mind about the war. You were right, it’s too big of a risk.”

“You know…”, Manika started carefully, “There is a way that would probably convince the other tribes that you don’t have any war plans…”
Manika fidgeted with her hands. “I’m not sure you will like it.”
“What does that matter?”, Kalaya replied angrily. “The tribe isn’t safe as long as these rumors persist. Tell me now!”
“You have to produce an heir.”

“The war rumors are false.”
The assassin threw his head back and started laughing.
“Don’t you get it?”, he said as he finally calmed down, “It doesn’t matter. This isn’t about the rumors. It’s about her mindset. If she has thoughts of war after just becoming Creator what will she think of next? She is a danger to all of the Amazon. She will never be safe. And neither will her children.”

Author’s Note: Tribe
Arayeo is back! I realize it’s been ages since the last chapter, but I’m gonna be back to updating at least once a week from now on. I’m still settling into a schedule and as soon as I have found a certain update day, I’ll let you know. Until then, it’s somewhen once a week. Thanks for being so patient with me!

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