Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 16

When Nina and Don came home after their weird gold medal date (Nina refused to become Don’s girlfriend) Don autonomously went to sleep in Katrina Caliente’s bed and I realised that Don didn’t have his own bed. Since the German description of the Calientes said that Don was Katrina’s boyfriend I designed their house with three bedrooms in expectation of Don sleeping with Katrina.

But since Katrina and Don have no romantic involvement, I shooed him out of the room. Where to go? The obvious answer was Nina’s bed since they are lovebirds. But Nina just rejected Don… is this really a good idea? The issue kind of solved itself as Nina had the whim to woohoo with Don!

After the woohoo, Nina got the whim to get a boyfriend. Wow, Don must either be a) really good at this or b) he is so bad that Nina wants another boyfriend to get rid of him. I went with interpretation a) for her whim and since Don had the whim too, I let him ask her again. Please don’t reject him, please don’t reject him…

She said yes! Don’s woohoo skills must be really convincing! Plus, how could you resist someone who looks so handsome. Must be the new outfit!

Shortly after, Don had to leave for work and since he is a doctor, I got to go with him! I’m really excited for this one because I never played the doctor’s career before.

He met his colleague, Laura Stevens, in the lobby. They are also both friends with Sandra Muffin. Their friendship meter is relatively high but I sense no romantic interest here (Wait, is he touching her bum… noooo way, that’s just the game being weird right? I should tell Don about the rules for sexual harassment…). I guess they just see each other a lot.

Don’s first patient was Summer Landgraab, Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraabs daughter!

She looks like she has a bad rash! I will have Don find out what’s wrong with her.

He took a smear from her mouth and then he had to analyse it, but the analysis had no results! Wow, Don, you really are a plum doctor.

Well, if Don can’t handle the analysis-machine, maybe he can at least examine Summer.

There were still not enough results to be sure of Summer’s disease. Don decided to take a break and eat some baked goods. What a determination to help the ill and needy!

When he came back he examined Summer’s ears. This looks so funny!

I noticed that Summer’s rash was gone! So I let Don diagnose her with “Nothing is wrong” but apparently I am a plum doctor, too! Because it said that Summer still had symptoms and she would go find another doctor. Bummer.

Don’s next patient was Summer’s twin sister, Autumn Landgraab. First he failed to take a smear from her mouth. This further confirms that Don is really bad at his job, lol.

But after a few more tests, he correctly diagnosed her with starry eyes and cured her by giving her some medicine! Well done!

Don’s next work goal was to deliver a baby and a few moments later a pregnant sim waddled in!

That’s right, Don’s first pregnant patient was a guy! Poor alien abducted dude. How funny is that! But Don was all professional and escorted the guy to the baby delivery machine.

The guy didn’t really have faith in Don’s doctorly skills. Well, neither do I, but pssst, don’t tell the abducted guy, he’s already freaked out enough.

In the end, all concerns were for naught because Don delivered the baby safely. YAY!

By the way, the baby boy had a normal skin tone – the same as the abducted guy. I really hope they’ll be a happy family.

When Don came home, his girlfriend Nina was there and ready to greet the successful doctor (exaggeration *cough* but alright, have it your way).

What a crazy day at the Caliente household! Hope you tune in next time to see how Nina and Don’s first date as a couple turns out!

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15 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 16

  1. Wow! What a crazy day! A male pregnancy? Whoa!!

    Two of my Sims are doctors and one of them, Medicine Man Matt, stars in one of my series. He’s becoming a male pregnancy specialist as every SINGLE time I play as him and a pregnancy case comes up, it’s always a male!

    The other doctor in my game, Felix, dealt with only 1 male, the rest females.

    Loving the Calientes so far! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh MMM GGee that was a crazy day at the hospital! I really do think that Laura Stevens had a post it note on her bum that he was simply umm removing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All that drama between Nina and Don! I hope she won’t regret her decision…

    Also that pregnant guy walking into the hospital was the best! I hope he’s happy with his new nooboo! ❤

    Really enjoying your rotation so far! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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