Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 10

In this chapter, I will finally pursue Malcolm Landgraab’s aspiration of public enemy! For the first stage he need’s to be disliked by 2 sims and use 10 mischief or mean interactions with other sims. Let’s do this!

My first victim was this guy whose name I forgot but apparently he is married to Natalie Cross, the woman with the hat that and the red skirt, whom Sandra Muffin met in Chapter 5. I’m gonna call him Mr. Sideburns. I love how Malcolm is being all mean to him while at the same time holding his precious mint mocca cupcake (Nancy made these!).

I used the “Trick” interaction that came along with the latest patch as a preparation for Halloween. Malcolm really scared Mr. Sideburns with that one!

Malcolm also threw a drink at Mr. Sideburns’ face! From one of my other games I know that sims can also fail this interaction then nothing comes out of the cup and when they shake it upside down, a blob of jelly falls out. Fortunately, that didn’t happen although Malcolm’s mischief skill is not very high. That would have been so embarassing!

Mr. Sideburns didn’t dislike Malcolm yet so I wanted Malcolm to be mean some more but look who distracted him, walking by.

Sandra Muffin! (Future me: AHA!) Mr. Sideburns took the chance and ran away. Bummer, now Malcolm has to find a new victim for his aspiration goal.

Oh look, it’s Natalie Cross, Mr. Sideburns’ wife!

I used the “rude introduction” on her and they immediately started fighting. As Sandra Muffin found out in Chapter 5, Natalie is a good sim! Naturally, she doesn’t get along with Malcolm at all. I used the interaction “Dismiss goodness” that showed up for Malcolm. I didn’t know that one (see screenshot). I had to ask someone what this interaction is called in English because the German translation really plums. Majorly. It’s called “Take off goodness”, the German word they used is “ablegen” which you normally use like “take off a coat” or when you have something in hand and lay it down. What the plum, EA?

But at least, Natalie disliked Malcolm quickly so he has his first sim for the aspiration goal (He racked up the 10 mischief interactions easily). So the next victim is… Natalie’s daughter (forgot her name too, so sue me!).

Oh boy, looks like Malcolm will soon be disliked by all the Cross family. By the way, yay because he got himself another cupcake before fightig with her. She also dislikes him now and Malcolm has completed his first aspiration milestone! Congratulations, Malcolm! For the next step he needs to become and adult, so there’s not much I can do right now. But Malcolm is happy enough, all this evilness gave him a happy moodlet. I also noticed his fun meter goes up when using mean or mischief interactions!

Back to everyday life it is… What? Bills? The Landgraabs forgot to pay them? The power was shut off? Oh man, Nancy will be so mad. Let’s call the electricity company. Who the heck is in charge here?

Translation: The Landgraab-Electricity provider has shut down the power in your house. Pay the bills to turn it back on!

What the plum? The Landgraabs literally own this company. They can’t do this! Malcolm went into full Draco Malfoy mode!
“My father will hear about this”, he yelled into the phone, but it was no use. Grumpily, he payed the bills (they were over 10k!) and the power was back on. The director of that company is so getting fired.

Unfortunately, Nancy and Geoffrey both came home very exhausted!

The director’s job is safe for now, it seems. I sent them both to bed.

Aww, Geoffrey’s already dreaming about the baby. Can’t wait to see it! What is Nancy dreaming about?

Being caught by the cops? Oh dear, her criminal career still haunts her, huh? Don’t worry, Nancy, all will be well.

That’s it for today folks, hope you tune in next time for the weirdest party in all sim history!

Next: Chapter 11


14 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 10

  1. OMG, Malcolm just looks like a dweeb being all haughty with a cupcake in his hand rofl. Loving the Landgraabs so far!!


    1. Power has only gone off once in my game (Suzu, haha!) and I was like “there’s no electricity yet!” but then they threatened to turn off the water so I knew I had to do something.

      So, I don’t remember what the message is, sorry!

      Liked by 1 person

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