Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 23

The next day, I sent Lily Silvester and Philipp Clay to the Granite Falls National Park. Their roommates Sophie Mocca and Alejandro Ferrari are staying at the cabin because Sophie just got a boyfriend and Alejandro is a recovering coffee addict. Anyways, look at this beautiful view!

I was also very pleased to see some of my favourite sims around. Natalie Cross was there, she met Sandra Muffin in the early days of this rotation and was also the first to dislike Malcolm Landgraab. She is also very memorable because her style is pretty awesome! In the background, Francis Summersburg strolled along, he is Sophie’s new boyfriend. Hey, shouldn’t you be with her right now?

Lily wasted no time and introduced herself to everyone, Eliza Pancakes was there too! The group chatted about all sorts of things and got along very well. But where is Philipp…?

Running off! Oh, Philipp, where are you going?

Well I may or may not have spent the first 5 minutes in the national park looking for the entrance to the hidden lot! I knew it had to be here somewhere and I may or may not have sent Philipp to explore it. This is extra funny because he is squeamish. Just imagine all of the bugs and spiders in there…Ew!

Brave as he is (bahahaha) Philipp made it through the hidden path and found the hidden lot! It’s gorgeous! This is also my first time to see it.

Wow! Philipp was overwhelmed by the view, there was a rushing waterfall to his left and on his right he found a small cabin, but no one seemed to be there.

After exploring for a while, Philipp found the Hermit who lived here in his circular garden, a bit away from the cabin. He was wearing spa day pants!

Philipp complimented him on his beautiful living space, the Hermit agreed. It was so peaceful, not even airplanes flew over this lot!

I alredy knew that this lot had some plants and fish to offer you could not find anywhere else. An opportunity I could not miss! Poor Philipp had to obey my wishes even though he never wanted to! Mwahaha.

He was so uncomfortable with fishing, it really went against his squeamish nature. Well, okay, I’ll release you from fishing but you will have to harvest these wild plants!

Translation: Plant (Normal) A plant that grows in the wilderness! Would it be worth to harvest it?

Philipp found some weird looking mushrooms and flowers which he harvested. He was about to do anything just so he wouldn’t have to fish anymore. He plummed at fishing anyway and didn’t catch any. I should have known, he already had no luck when fishing at the cabin.

I also checked some of the plants and… holy plumbob! There are potatoes, tomatoes and onions? I didn’t even know these plants existed in sims 4! Unbelievable! I could not let this opportunity slip and so Philipp had to stay at the Hermit’s house until all plants were ready to harvest.

Yeah… I’m sure the Hermit doesn’t mind. He’s off gardening anyway. Philipp really had to spend  a lot of time at the house because the plants just wouldn’t grow!

Finally, at least the onions were ready! He also got the potatoes when a message showed up that this holiday would be over in one day. But… the tomatoes… and blackberries…

I decided to stay a while longer and Philipp finally got the tomatoes too! He was already getting really tired but I just couldn’t let him go!

Okay, fine, I let him go back to cabin as I got the message that the holiday would be over in 4 hours. So apparently I spent 2 days at the hermit’s house waiting for plants to grow. Oops. The blackberries will have to wait.

Time to say goodbye! Alejandro doesn’t seem pleased to leave behind that coffee machine. Sorry, bro!

Aaaah, home sweet home! Have you ever noticed the beautiful views from Willow Creek? Here are a few examples.

You can get these by pressing tab and then turning the camera. I’ve never tried this before and it’s awesome!

Well now, that we are back home and Philipp has so many plants in his inventory… I will make him a gardener! Mwahaha, sorry squeamish Philipp, I’m just too evil. Philipp thought all this gross business was over but nope! Collecting a few roses was his first job.

When I attempted to plant those mystery plants he found I noticed that I could not plant them because they were unidentified! Apparently you need the herbalism skill to identify plants. I let Philipp try nevertheless.

But to know avail. Looks like you’ll have to start studying herbalism, Philipp! Eating one of these mysterious mushrooms also got him nothing.

Apart from a bad stomach ache. Sigh. We’ll work on that, don’t worry. I know he never wanted this but he is actually not all that bad as a gardener.

PS: Look at the ship in the background. Amazing!

That’s it for today folks. Tune in next time when Sophie and Alejandro plan a double date!

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14 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 23

  1. Such gorgeous lots and screenshots! EA really did a good job making everything look beautiful. And that steamboat is one of my favourite things about Willow Creek! 🙂

    Poor Philipp! But I think he’s pretty cute when he’s grossed out, haha. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OOOO, yes I’m glad to read you realized you can TAB into free camera and take screenshots that way. That’s what I do! I love taking screenshots (kind of a fanatic, lol). It’s great you’re still going with this story. I’m just a little bummed because for some reason my phone still won’t show me your pictures when I read your posts. It’s probably just my phone, though. It’s wonky!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great chapter! Love all the beautiful pictures. How do you get the shots with the thought bubbles? When I use the camera in the sims the thought bubbles never show up. Do you use screen shots (print screen)?

    Liked by 1 person

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