Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 53

We’re back with Caleb and Lilith Vatore, the vampire siblings. Last part Lilith turned a few townies into vampires to get her vamp gang going. Caleb doesn’t have the power to turn others and he doesn’t really want to. He likes the quiet life – like reading books.

Or sleeping in coffins. By the way, this fancy coffin looks really cool.

Since Caleb wants to be a good vampire, he has to learn about ways to satisfy his thirst without drinking from humans.

All hail plasma packs! Caleb learned to make some from fish and frogs. He hasn’t figured out the plasma tree yet. I found the tree in their back yard. It looks awesome.

So at least, as soon as he learns about this glowing tree, he won’t have it far to get started with a plasma fruit farm. For now, fish and frogs will have to do.

Vampire super speed is a lot of fun. And the fishing area of Forgotten Hollow looks spooky and mysterious. A lot of simmers have been wondering if there was a secret lot to be found here but there doesn’t seem to be. Boo. Well, it still looks good.

Caleb is very concentrated. He needs to catch as many fish as possible before the sun goes up. Also, as I looked around I discovered even more creepy stuff apart from the grave on the island.

Shivers. This world really is good.

Since Caleb’s thirst was getting low I created some plasma packs (which is instant) from the fish he had already caught. They don’t restore as much thirst as drinking from humans, but hey, everything to be good, right?

As Caleb was fishing I looked around for some other vampires and I found this amazing game generated townie.

Doesn’t she look great? Her name is Christina. She isn’t a vampire (Future me: yet) but I still wanted Caleb to get to know her. Potential vampire partner? Lilith also came over to talk to her (and some random dude who showed up).

The three of them got along quite well, especially Caleb and Christina. Sigh. Dream Team.

I really want her to be Caleb’s girlfriend. But she also looks way too good in that vampire countess dress to not be a vampire. So I had Caleb ask his sister Lilith to turn Christina.

Lilith was sceptical, but she ultimately agreed. Also goes towards her aspiration anyway so win-win.

So we will see Vampire Christina soon! This was a short part but I have a bonus for you guys. Remember how Lilith turned my simself into a vampire? And she also turned Marketa aka ThePlumbob? Here are some pics of our newly vampified selves:

You can almost not tell. July is a bit pale. But still, something seems off…

Totally looks like me when the alarm goes off at 6 am in the morning.

Marketa’s vampirism is a bit more visible.


Hope you enjoyed this part, and see you around!

Next: Chapter 54


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