Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 43

The day at Don Lothario’s fitness store started out with Don practicing some pick up lines. So far he hasn’t had any luck with the ladies – which was the initial reason why he set up this store at all, so he’d better get it going. Just look at his smug face!

He’s already dreaming of hitting on the next chick. Ts ts. Don never changes.

Uh oh, I hope he doesn’t overuse that deodorant. You’re not some lanky 15-year old high school student, Don! Be careful!

Don realised that he needed to put more effort into his lady-adventures. That’s why he decided to start a social network! I didn’t know Sims could do that.

Wow, right after starting the network, Don already has 22 followers. I guess that’s just the kind of popularity Don has.

For his Lady-Project, he also put more effort into his training which he had been slacking on since opening the store. I bought him a workout machine.

Hehe, seems like you’re out of shape?

As it was time to open store, I looked around the city to look for my employees, Belle and Snape. I just love the little details in the landscape of this game. Have you ever noticed this train?

Oh and there are my hard working slaves.

Future me: They get paid remember.
Past me: FINE, they’re my hard working employees.
Future me: *cough* hard working *cough*
Past me: What? They show up for work and do as I say, right?
Future me: Right…

Never mind future me’s blah blah. I assigned Belle the task to answer customer questions. She can’t be worse than Rebecca.

Future me: … you never learn, don’t you?
Past me: Shut up!

Snape happily clocked in at the register. Look at is smile, isn’t he darling?

Don told Snape to ring up customers when they were ready. I also gave both of them new uniforms. This really isn’t the Don style.

Look who showed up! Anyala Nirtam! She just stood there staring at Don while Belle and Snape were happily chatting away.

Past me: Wait a second…
Future me: So now we’re starting to notice? Great.

Don started chatting up Anyala. They have a great connection. Plus, Don was really desperate for female attention after his long dry streak.

Wait, are Belle and Snape taking a selfie? Why aren’t they working? I’m starting to get the feeling, future me was onto something after all.

Another selfie? I can’t believe them! (Future me: Told ya)

Meanwhile, Anyala is thinking of starting a family? With Don? Oh girl, I’m not sure you really want that. But Don really wanted to get going with Anyala, so I figured…

Woo! First kiss! And a creepy stalker Snape in the background. Eek!

Rebecca also stopped by. I think she hoped to see the store going down without her. Well, not really. Nothing has changed really, because my new employees are just as bad as you were.

Yep, they still aren’t working. Instead, Belle was being hit on by a guy who claimed to have arrested six criminals all on his own. Sure. Belle was skeptical, too. I think you should see this as a sign, Belle. GET BACK TO WORK!

Meanwhile, Don and Anyala got somewhere entirely else.

Yep. This is happening.

It was all fun and games, until I realised I had left the door to Don’s apartment unlocked. Uh oh. And sure enough, a woman called Jenny Chin walked in on them!

She was shocked to say the least!

Seriously, Don, you’ll lose customers if you don’t do something to set this straight. And what better way to set things straight than talking to customers in your underpants.

Anyala left sneakily and Jenny and Don sat down to talk. Jenny looked seriosly concerned. Either she’s from the governmental business supervision department OR she used to have something going with Don and is sad that he never called her back.

Whatever it is, Don was able to calm her down and also started selling her stuff. Haha, you still got it Don!

Jenny: Don’t look at his sixpack, don’t look at his sixpack, I’m a professional, darn it!

That’s it for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Tune in next time to see if Don pursues a relationship with Anyala or if he will hook up with other women again!

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8 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 43

  1. All these beautiful women! Belle, Rebecca, even Jenny…I think Jenny was that angry woman at the spa that Dina was at! No wonder she was so angry if she was romantically involved with Don. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don, you sneaky plumhead!!

    I HATED the way employees ‘worked’ at a store. Truly made owning a business one of the least desirable aspects of the game. I was so excited, but then you can’t keep up with everything when your employees just chill and do nothing. Grumble.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow finally you updated this story… I had been waiting since forever!
    Firstly, I loved this quick update! Don the ladies’ man can never have enough, now can he? xD
    Secondly Sim Snape looks so identical to real Snape, it’s kinda creepy! 😛 (Btw whoever created him is a genius!)
    Thirdly, how did you get Don to spray deodorant on himself? I didn’t know sims could do that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahha I am glad you liked it. I have a lot of screenshots in store for future updates. Don is a real ladies man he constantly has romantic whims with different girls XD Snape was made by me 😀 I am glad you like him! The Deodorant thing happened while he practiced charisma in front of the mirror 😀 I think it was practice pick up lines (sim has to be flirty)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh my my Don you make and break so many hearts! lol 😛
      Wow you’ve done an amazing job with Snape! ❤ *stands up and applauds*
      And thanks for that deodorant thingy! I'll have my sim practice pick up lines if I ever have the need to show him getting ready for a date or perhaps to get rid of stinky pits! xD

      Liked by 1 person

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