Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 33

After Nancy Landgraab and her husband Geoffrey were almost involved in a major social scandal in the last chapter, their morning started out quite peacefully. Geoffrey – who hadn’t even noticed his wife skinny dipping with another man – appreciated the quiet house during the sunrise and his tasty piece of cake. Nancy was reading for work and also showed no signs of previous events. Sigh. Sims forget so easily.

Oh dear, here comes their evil son Malcolm. The peace can’t last long now!

Look at him, strutting around like he owns the place… wait… whatever, forget about that (Past me: You stole that line from me
Future me: Well, it was good
Past me: It’s mine *hisss*
Future me: *rolls eyes* shut up)

Back to the table! … Figuratively. Because there’s no actual table here. Well, there is, but it’s small, it doesn’t count. I’m getting caught up…

Malcolm said hi to his mom and actually didn’t do anything evil. How suprising!

And obviously, Nancy thought this was a sign that it was time for them to throw a party. Wait, let’s remember what happened at their last party.

Sure, have a party, what could possibly go wrong? Alright then, it’s your house and reputation. Let’s party!

I love Nancy in this outfit, she’s so pretty. Things are going well so far (Future me: Wait for it). Future me is not wrong, because the first to show up was Vernon Morse, the guy Nancy almost cheated with!

Actually, I think his everyday wear looks a lot better than his party outfit. I thought  a scandal was about to break loose, but Vernon completely ignored Nancy and headed to the kitchen. Lame. Let’s get to some more interesting guests.

It’s Lucas again *fans self* This guy will be the caterer at every party as long as he’s in my game. He’s just too gorgeous. But I admit, he looks better with his glasses. Sandra Muffin is heavily pregnant and it seems to be getting on her nerves! Hopefully the baby comes soon. But not at this party. Please. Not again.

Nancy had also invited her new snob friend, Siobhan Fyres. I thought she could be friends with Malcolm, but of course, being an evil sim, Malcolm immediately ruined it.

But Siobhan wasn’t angry for long. I think she’s very pretty when she’s not yelling at someone!

For a reason I forgot (sue me), Malcolm was feeling confident so I decided to let him shoot a bold pick up line at Siobhan. It worked!

“You’re funny, Malcolm. Let’s chat sometime”, she said but I remembered Malcolm’s blue haired friend and fellow criminal Angelina. Maybe, I shouldn’t let Malcolm pursue Siobhan. (Future me: Wise, wise *strokes beard*
Past me: I have a beard?! I’m a girl!
Future me: *sweats nervously*)

Sandra Muffin apparently didn’t like her party wear. I assume it was pretty uncomfortable with that huge belly.

I love this pickLook at Lucas being all happy about his white cake while Vernon hates the chocolate cake and Sandra is angry, even with cake.

Nancy felt Sandra’s belly and talked about the baby and that cheered Sandra up. Phew. But the kitchen was a place of chaos. So many things happening! Sandra almost peed herself, Malcolm and Siobhan exchanged numbers and Geoffrey tried to talk to Nancy, but she ignored him. Rude.

And then… I just HAD to take this picture. I mean, look at it!

Look at it! He’s so cute.

I realized I had hired an entertainer for this party, but the piano and the mic are on the second floor and everyone was gathering in the kitchen. I’m such a plum party host.

Malcolm and Andre DeSilva had a great conversation with Siobhan. Both seemed quite interested.

Aaaaand, the spicy food glitch has caught hold of my game. It’s cake, for plum’s sake, it’s not hot! Lucas only makes perfect cake! I still love the faces though, they crack me up!

Awww, look at Siobhan and Natalie cross being flattered by the men. I believe Siobhan is looking at Andre and Natalie is looking at Vernon.

Since Siobhan seemed to prefer Andre, I let Malcolm invite over his friend Angelina. And look, who showed up too: Vernon’s mother Gladys. Geeze, Vernon’s an adult, can’t she let him go anywhere alone?! She always shows up, when he’s there to visit. I didn’t invite her in this time.

I was so busy watching Malcolm, Angelina and Gladys, that I almost missed some flirting going on in the kitchen!

Ew, Vernon flirted with Siobhan! And she liked it! That guy could be your dad! Natalie was pretty taken aback too.

She thought, Vernon might like her and now she found out he’s a creep who pursues younger women. So sad!

I let Malcolm and Angelina have some private time at the fire and noticed this interaction.

Rule number one. You don’t talk about Crime Club. How funny! I really like Angelina, she’s cute and she gets along with Malcolm. I let Malcolm use the bold pickup line on her too!

I think these two have a future!

Meanwhile, Geoffrey and some random dude kept Sandra Muffin company. It really cheered her up! She didn’t mind that guy farting, since she’s a slob too. Sigh. No one cares that I find this nasty.

Cute screenshot alarm!

Isn’t she pretty? This should be a photo. Unfortunately, the party was over and everyone left, following Lucas lead. They are like his squad and he’s the gang leader!

Only Angelina stayed behind to talk to Malcolm.
“I clean everyday and I think you should do too, it really helps with producitvity.”
“Clean?! What?!”

Haha, I know it’s just the spicy food face, but it’s just too fun to make up explanations for them.

Then, I got a very sad notification.

Noooo, darn you, MC Command Center mod, you made me miss the delivery! Apparently, MCC develops pregnancies even when aging is off. Boo (Edit: Apparently this is a ingame functionality. Hmph). Well, at least we can’t miss the age up. That’s it for today folks, see you around!

PS: Have this screenshot for amusement. All the ladies attention must have exhausted him pretty hard.

Next: Chapter 34


3 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 33

  1. Nothing like Frank’s Red Hot Birthday Cake LOL! And nothing wrong with a few extra smells at the table right Sandra Muffin and random guy farting? And poor Malcom last screenshot, I hate it when I smell like yesterdays fish and fall flat on my face thereafter! ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s not MCC, pregnancies work that way in the game – even when aging is off the sims will deliver their baby in 3 days no matter what.

    I wonder who Malcolm will end up with, who knew Siobhan was such a flirt! The segments when you talk to your future self are too funny! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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