Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 13

The Landgraab’s newborn twin girls, Summer and Autumn, just grew up to kids and they are unbelievably adorable. Somehow I found the Landgraabs on the sidewalk again after opening up their save (I have no idea why this happens) and Summer started a conversation with her father Geoffrey while Autumn is looking for victims…for…being evil I suppose?

Nancy Landgraab got infected by the “troll the forums”-bug that already caught her son Malcolm and her husband Geoffrey.

Summer is such a cute little girl. Can you believe she has the gloomy trait? She must be related to Erica Bloomer from the Bloomer legacy because she is too the least gloomy sim ever.

Summer and Geoffrey actually became best friends! But Geoffrey loves both of his daughters equally so when Autumn turns around to talk to him he also gives her a kiss on the cheek.

But I secretly think maybe Autumn just wanted to steal Geoffrey’s attention from her sister Summer. A whole nother level of being evil!

But Summer doesn’t seem to mind at all because she immediately walks over and hugs her twin sister. They seemed to get along well until Autumn started yelling at her. Oh no!

And yes, Geoffrey is autonomously doing pushups on the sidewalk
(Future me: Interesting
Past me: Why that? It’s just a conincidence.
Future me: Whatever you say…)

Oh, I almost forgot!

That’s Nancy’s new computer, she got it for her promotion to Blogger. She is currently working on her children’s book “The adventures of Babsy the bat”. I hope she finishes it while the girls are still children! Nancy has to make up for getting embarassed at work. She stole another blogs content and even tried to defend herself but her fraud was revealed. Stay original, Nancy, I think you are creative enough!

When I saw Summer take a nap at the fireplace I realized that I forgot to rebuild the girls’ room! It’s still a nursery without beds.

I tried to fit two beds into their room but there just wasn’t enough space. Sigh. Time to revamp! I used up almost all of the Landgraab’s funds to expand the house. They have like 500 simoleons left! Just imagine broke Landgraabs! I think I’ll cheat them their wealth back… uhm I mean, they must work hard, yes, yes…
But it was worth it because now the girls have this awesome realm to theirselves!

They even have monkey bars on their balcony! I would have loved a room like that as a little girl. I added an art table for Autumn, she wants to be an artist prodigy! The entrance to their room is where the painter’s nook was originally. I moved that to the corner where the nursery was before.

Summer immediately went to her new room and chose one of the beds.

Autumn gets to sleep at the window. I should have taken a picture of the view, it’s amaze-balls!

Autumn started on her aspiration she has to draw 2 pictures while inspired. She was looking very sly while drawing these so I assume they have something to do with her plan for world domination? And that has to involve maccaroni, of course! Everyone was asleep at that time except for her. Evil never sleeps! She completed the first milestone of artist prodigy, actually.

As for Geoffrey, it seems like the push ups weren’t a coincidence after all! He got bitten by the fitness bug and autonomously started working out on the treadmill although he was exhausted! I assume he wants to look good for Nancy. Stay away from those cupcakes!

While running, he was watching Simton Abbey. I never really payed attention to sims TV programms before but because I know the real show this one really got me! Such a good summary of the real series. Did you also notice how all TV programms have Sims 3 graphics? Okay, enough of useless trivia!

Malcolm increased his mischief level by trolling the forums and he can now share conspiracy theories, write chain letters and… Spy on Neighbours! I let him use the observatory straight away!

He got a playful moodlet from the interaction! It reads “Spy success (Because of spying on neighbours) Neighbours, who get up to silly things? That’s funny!” I think Malcolm is a goofball at heart, he is playful so often! That’s why he gets on so well with Sandra Muffin…

I wanted Nancy to read books for her daily task at work but she decided she wanted to cook breakfast for her kids instead. They all got along really well until Autumn shared a dirty story about some monster and everyone was freaked out.

Summer left the table and tried out the monkey bars on her room’s balcony! She needs level 2 of the motor skill for her aspiration which is good because she also need a level 2 skill for school.

Afterwards I let Geoffrey read to Summer. His aspiration is successful lineage, and he has to read to a child for two hours. But I think Malcolm enjoyed the story, too! (See, goofball) Geoffrey completed his first milestone! What a sucessful day for the Landgraabs!

At the end of the day, Autumn came downstairs and started talking to Malcolm. I sense partners in crime coming up!

That’s it for today, guys! Tune in next time when I play a new household!

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11 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 13

  1. I love this update ❤

    The girls bedroom is amazing and I love, love, love the monkey bars idea – I've never seen it done before and it's super cute.

    I can't wait to read next chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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