Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 18

I can’t believe it. I turn my back on Don Lothario once and while I’m watching Katrina Caliente play the violin she suddenly gets the tense moodlet from a fire! I was like “Wait, what is happening?” and hurried over to the kitchen just to find this:

Oh my days, no! Don, put the fire out quickly! You can’t die on me now!
I was probably panicking as much as Nina and I really thought I would lose Don forever *sob*. But gladly he managed to extinguish the fire himself, although he looked quite crisp! Phew!

Crisis averted! I’m so glad you didn’t die, Don! I have some great plans for you, hehehe.

Wondrously, Don still finished his scrambled eggs before taking a bath. Wow, those eggs must have been worth it!

After the fire, I noticed Nina had this whim:

Translation: “Get engaged to Don (because of romantic relationship) Click on Don and chose the propose option in the category romantic.”
Heiratsantrag machen = propose
verloben = engage (in terms of marriage)

Oh wow, this is escalating quickly. Don had no such whim and I am sure he does not want to marry Nina or anyone else for that matter. Hm, I am a bit worried that Nina is more invested into this relationship than Don is. Poor Nina, heartbreak is on the horizon for her.

Don still flirted with her autonomously but I feel like it was just casual for him. Labels like boyfriend or girlfriend don’t mean much to a man like Don.

For his next aspiration he needs to have had 3 first kisses. He already has two, the first was Nina and the second was Alba Palermo, the cool barkeeper Don kissed in the last chapter, while on a date with Nina. Wow, wording it this way he sounds really rude.

I realised that it would be pretty hard to meet up with other women while Nina was still in the house, especially since I assume Don will need to woohoo them or have multiple girlfriends in the long run (at least in TS2 the serial romantic aspiration worked that way). Nina has no job and basically just hangs around the house all day waiting for Don. Wow, I should have thought this through earlier. Nina is clearly not the ideal girlfriend for Don, way to clingy…

So Don and I hatched a plan and Don went to flirt with Nina in his underwear. How could she probably resist. She’s basically willing to say yes to everything right now.

So Don convinced her to get a job. He told her that he found successful women very sexy and Nina is always eager to please him. Since I (and Don) sneakily tricked Nina into getting a job I decided to at least let her decide what kind of job she wanted. But she only cared for the money.

So I got her the best paying job I could find! Lucky for Nina, that was a job as a live chat employee. Great! No hard work and you get to sit around all day. The daily task is playing video games. I couldn’t imagine a better job for lazy, bic block loving Nina.

I guess that’s my way of making up to her. Also I noticed, that the thing about liking successful women was not an entire lie by Don because he got the whim to woohoo right after Nina completed her daily task!

Afterwards, Don had the moodlet “good woohoo” and Nina had “spectacular woohoo”. Wow, Don must be really good at this! No wonder Nina wants to put a ring on it!

But Don and I had other plans. He needs that third kiss! So he chatted up a classy woman called Nadja who just happened to walk around the neighbourhood. He was in his underwear again *sigh* Geeze, Don, she will think you are super creepy.

Questionable fashion sense alarm, can someone call the fashion police?

But somehow, that did not happen and Nadja enjoyed Don’s flirting a lot (Must be his magical underwear).

Don learned that she is actually a colleague at the hospital and also romantic! I was just about to get up their romance level when this happened.

ich bin’s = it’s me, Wie wรคrs mit = How about, Verabredung = date

Oh no! Alexa is the girl Don chatted up at the gym in an earlier chapter. While I would have loved to send Don on a date with her, this was the most unfortunate time. He was about to get it going with Nadja! Wow, the ladies really are after him. I decided to say no to the date.

Wise choice, because this kiss completed Don’s second aspiration milestone! Yay! I hope things don’t turn awkward since they are colleagues and Don probably won’t call her ever again.

Speaking of milestones, I found Dina was pretty tense. There was the fire and also she hasn’t been promoted in a while.

Sorry, Dina, I neglected you! Let me make it up to you!

Meister-Mixerin = Master Mixologist, Meilenstein = milestone

Another milestone! This is going great. The only aspiration I haven’t worked on yet is Katrina’s. But maybe she will meet someone next time when I send her to the spa to test out the spa day pack I recently bought!

See you around!

PS: Check out this guy. His name is Alejandro Ferrari and you might see him around again in the future.

Next: Chapter 19


12 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 18

  1. Those flirty serial romantics! Always running around in their underwear. But the ladies do seem to approve! lol. Is the new Alejandro guy wearing scrubs? Or is that just townie fashion wear? So hard to tell in the game, sometimes! Was wondering if he worked with Don as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol Don running around in his underwear is too funny! Apparently the ladies are digging it haha!

    I’d have Nina try to propose, he’d probably reject her and then he’s free to get more conquests.

    Liked by 2 people

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