Vee Is For Vortex – Chapter 1

Welcome to the neighbourhood! I’m so excited to start this rotation. My starter sim is Sandra Muffin.

What? That’s just her name, there’s nothing I can do about that. Or are you suggesting I chose that name for her because I love muffins and I’m a lazy goofball? Silly you.

Anyway, that’s her:

She’s an outgoing slob and goofball. And she’s so pretty without makeup I didn’t dare give her any except for some eyeliner. Here are some of her outfits. I gave her 5 everyday outfits and 3 in every other category so she has lots of clothes to chose from. I recently learned from CathyTea that sims do change their clothing autonomously! Isn’t that awesome?

It’s time to move Sandra into town. I’ve done a few builds lately and I decided that the Spanish Bungalow would be perfect for her.

Wait, this build costs about 200.000 and Sandra only has 20k…

Oopsies. You never saw this! Ò.Ó

Alright, so Sandra has magically inherited 200.000 Simoleons and is able to afford the Spanish Bungalow. So I moved her right in!

The first thing she did was check out one of the computers. I like to think that she ‘chose’ the purple bedroom that way (there is also a red one). She seemed very pleased with her new home.

She played Bicblock for a while and thought about Aliens. In hindsight, this makes a lot of sense. You’ll see what I mean.

She did check out the other computer in the entry hall.

But soon after, she went straight back to the purple computer (I’ll call it that from now on, easier) and played Bicblock again. She must really love that game.

No more video games now, Sandra! Time to get a job. While she was looking for jobs on her phone an astronaut popped up in her thought bubble, so astronaut it is!

Makes sense now, that she thought about the Aliens earlier, eh? Her daily task is playing chess, so I sent her to the chess table, but she was interrupted by Nina and Katrina Caliente welcoming their new neighbour!

I chose ‘Friendly introduction’ for both of them but Katrina was not amused. Apparently she expected a classier gal in this expensive house. She left straight away. Rude.

Sandra also didn’t hit it off with Nina. Although Sandra was being nothing but friendly, I got the message that Nina felt ‘unwanted’ at this house. Bummer.

But look who showed up fashionably late: Don Lothario.

Is that fruit cake? Oh dear. I hope he doesn’t try to impress Sandra with that.

I can’t decide if this look is ‘I like him’ or ‘Pff, I can see right through you’

Obviously, Sandra likes Don because they got along straight away and he even asked for her number! Their friendship bar was rising quickly, but no autonomous flirting happened. I’m not sure if I want Sandra to get going with Don. We’ll see. At least he took the fruit cake with him as he left. Phew, crisis averted.

Meanwhile, Nina strutted around like she owned the place!

Aaaaand, she’s playing Bicblock on the purple computer. What’s it with this computer and Bicblock? Must be a coincidence (Future me: Bahahaha).

After Don left, Sandra tried to chat her up, but Nina was not interested. Girl, you’re using her computer and not even going to talk to her? That’s low, really.

Later Nina warmed up a bit, and though she was talking mostly about herself, their friendship bar got back into green. Nice.

That’s it for today, tune in next time 🙂

PS: I saw Nancy Landgraab and Mortimer Goth strolling by. Can’t wait to play them as well!

Next: Chapter 2


33 thoughts on “Vee Is For Vortex – Chapter 1

  1. I’ve been wanting a simple yet fun read and I chose this story. 🙂 I enjoy the dramatic ones, too, but lately I just need less drama. 😉

    Ms. Muffin looks mighty nice. Don can just back off. She needs some normal relationships. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandra is super cute love that she isn’t wearing any make-up 🙂 – Katrina was super rude btw, I am not surprised. However Don did surprise me by being neighborly and offering a fruit cake! How fitting I personally think he is a fruitcake myself lol. On to the next chapter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Sandra, especially her last name!! She’s pretty and I love her personality. What a beautiful house she lives in. I wish Nina would be just chat with Sandra and get to know her instead of going on the computer to play. I also enjoy seeing you use the conversation bubbles in the pictures! I look forward to more of this!!

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  4. Hi Julyvee, Enjoyed the intro to your ‘Neighborhood’ rotation and Sandra seems like a really fun Sim. I have about 3 stories going right now in Sims 4 and have aging on only for the household I play but the townies age up as usual. It’s fun to see each of my Sims pop up in each legacy story and interact with each other on their own.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I knew Sims can change their outfit when they have different options, but for me outfits are part of their personality and look. Maybe, because I watch so many animes (they rarely change clothes in those) lol

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  6. ninjapig approves of her surname! Mmm, muffins. 🙂 😉

    Sandra is beautiful! I love that you kept her makeup very minimal and gave her such variety in her wardrobe! And it’s so typical of the Caliente sisters to be snooty to her. I hope they get along better in chapters to come – what’s worse than snobby neighbours? 😛

    Oh, Don. I hope he’s not getting any funny ideas! And personally I think Sandra’s expression there is ‘I see right through you’. 😀

    I’m so happy to read that you’re enjoying this! A neighbourhood rotation sounds so fun, and that’s how everyone should feel when they’re playing/writing about it! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Ninjapig! I was really nervous for her judgement 🙂 I should have known, I moved her into the Caliente neighbourhood! But Nancy showed up too (you’ll read more about her next chapter) and Mortimer Goth ^^ It plums that the generated townies use the cc hair I got for my Amazon story sometimes xD Why can’t I disable cc for certain saves xD

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  7. Awesome start! I love when stories are told from the writer’s perspective. It makes it such a fun and light read. You’re really making me want to start a rotation story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it too every other story I read in this perspective was so fun! I was really hyped about starting this but because I was dedicated to finishing another story first, I had to wait and that made me even more hyped xD Now I have tons of fun!

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  8. Lol, Don brought the fruit cake! I love that Sim, though it’s strange seeing him so skinny. He got really beefed up in my game, and I changed his hair. Awww, I’m gonna get all teary eyed seeing the other Sims, like Nina. She’s so skinny, too! And Katrina isn’t an Elder. Oh, gosh, I hope you have so much fun rotating. Are you planning to do your own Sims and leave the EA made ones to wander and maybe marry in later, or are you going to play them, too? OOO and I love the name you picked, lol Sandra Muffin. And I totally use motherlode all the time. I haven’t ever really played without money cheats. I can’t help it as a chronic builder, lol.

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  9. This was such a fabulous light read! It’s really apparent how much fun you’re having with this, your enthusiasm just bursts out of the whole entry! 🙂 I love Sandra too, and her outfits are so cute!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. About your comment to ninja about CC hair being used by townies – you can fix this by clicking into Manage Households and clicking the Edit button for the specific townie that has the hair you don’t want them to use, and changing it. You can also save townies you like to the Gallery if you want. I suggest going into Manage Households when you FIRST load up your saved game and checking out the townies that the game created. I religiously do this every time before I get down to playing. I delete all the townie elders and any couples that were generated with children. This is just a personal preference for me since I have SO many families in my rotation, I don’t really need so many extras. I actually keep my townie population on the small side so I get to know a certain “few.” Have fun with your Sims! 🙂

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