Chapter 32 – And The Sun Will Shine

Being in labor was tedious for Manika and it lasted very long. Tahia came to help by soothing her and the baby.
“Your daughter is going to be the most beautiful heiress”, she told her.

Manika just wished the baby would come out already. She was still having doubts about having a boy and now she wanted to know.

And finally, she held her sweet baby girl in her arms!

Manika felt so happy! She had a heiress and she didn’t need to be with any other man. Taam would always be her only one.
“You are going to be the strongest and most beautiful Creator ever, Kalaya”, she cooed.

With Kalaya’s birth, happiness fully returned to the tribe. Even Baato was in a great mood which he showed by dancing around while making maccaroni.

Tahia and Nieva couldn’t stop gushing about how cute the baby was.
“She is going to be a great Creator”, Nieva said and Tahia agreed. They looked into each others eyes deeply. The baby fever had got to them and maybe it was time for them to take the next step in their relationship?

Manika was so glad to see her tribe flourish. Everyone was so happy and productive. She herself felt like she was never was as happy as now. Taam would be so proud.

Baato was hardly lazy these days because he wanted to make up for his moping around, but after his exhausting cooking dance, all he could do was fall into bed and take a well deserved lazy nap. Gladly for him, no one noticed.

Time flew by so quickly and soon later, Kalaya aged up into a child!

She has inherited Manika’s red hair although it’s slightly a different shade (must be Taam’s influence). She is also cute as a button! Her child trait is Genius. (Note: What’s up with heiress and the genius trait? She rolled it, I swear!)

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – And The Sun Will Shine

    1. I do sometimes. I did with Kalaya Yes but sometimes I just choose a trait that makes sense like Kahio’s loner and gloomy traits ^^ the randomizer is great though


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