Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 25

Last chapter, Alejandro Ferrari and Sophie Mocca had a double date with their respective partners and Alejandro asked Jenny Sherbet to be his girlfriend. Now, Alejandro loves fitness so he often works out. I think, Philipp Clay started working out with him because he wants a girlfriend, too! We’ll see what we can do about that.

Throw that punch, Alejandro!

Suddenly I got the notification that Lily Silvester has to leave for work. She’s a doctor! And a much better one than Don Lothario, too. I went to work with her and she chatted up the nurse, Laura Stevens in the lobby. Laura is one of Sandra Muffin’s friends, too! I love seeing all the sims from other households in this game.

Lily told Laura that her favourite writer was Amanda Muse.
“Who’s that?”, Laura asked.
“You don’t know her? You should really read her novel, Dust to Dust, it’s about a ghost romance. It’s amazing, but I don’t want to spoil things for you. She actually just completed it this week!”
“Sounds fun, I will look into it. See you soon”, Laura replied enthusiastically and left for work.

Lily had to get going, too! Her first job was to calibrate an x-ray machine!

But then suddenly a sim in the lobby collapsed on the floor. Oh no! Lily to the rescue!

Oh, by the way, that sim at the reception looks familiar…

YESSS, it’s actually Shirley Thoreau from the Thoreau Legacy by JoieWilder! How amazing! I totaly forgot that I placed her in my neighbourhood so this was a great surprise!

Okay, back to that collapsed patient (sorry, I got carried away…)

Lily saved her life with an emergency operation. Yay! Lily is a great doctor. But the jobs is also exhausting.

Very exhausting.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Alejandro were having a dance off! How fun! They danced for like ever.

They danced so long that Lily came back from her nap and was able to join in!

Philipp hates gardening, he gets bad moodlets from being squeamish all the time! But I am an evil overlord so he will still have to do it. He’ll get used to it. Mwahaha.

Since Sophie met so many people at the bar in the last chapter, I decided the roommates would throw a party! It would have to be an outdoor party because their house is really small. I also decided on a costume party! I only recently got the Digital Deluxe upgrade which included the costume party type and this is going to my first one. How fun!

Alejandro Ferrari and his girlfirend, Jenny Sherbet wore matching Grim Reaper outfits! Yay for partner costumes.

I love the hotdog costume, it’s hilarious! I have no idea what Philipp and Sophie’s boyfriend Francis are portraying, though.

Look who’s there! It’s Sandra Muffin and she is the caterer, how awesome! I immediately let Sophie befriend her.

Wow, this looks really creepy when three Grim Reapers are slow dancing in sync! There were actually FIVE Grim Reapers at the party! That was almost half of the guests!

Sophie dressed up as an astronaut and after skimming through all the Grim Reapers, I finally found a fellow astronaut she could chat with! I have no idea who it was though!

At the end of the day, I have no idea what costume Lily had because she changed out of it at the beginning of the party. Plum. But she probably would have been another Grim Reaper anyway!

That’s it for today folks, I hope you enjoyed it! See you soon!

Next: Chapter 26


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