Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 47

Welcome back to Don’s Slim Sim Supplies! Last chapter, Don Lothario’s new girlfriend, the alien Anyala Nirtam moved in. But she had trouble when trying to help out at the store – some customers were extremely rude about her alien nature. So today, I made a disguise for her, to see what she might look like as a human!

She seems to like it! I thought the hair colour reminded me of her normal skin colour. After the shop closes, she’ll be back in her alien form though, I like it too much!

The first customers arrived and I am already sensing drama. It’s Don’s ex-girlfriend, Nina Caliente!

She’s trying to play it cool but I know she wants to make Don jealous. What would she say if she found out about the THREE women Don impregnated. This might be awkward.

Anyala had a great time helping out at the store. She sold three items and brought in great revenue. Good job!

I decided to purchase a few business perks and it seemed like faster checkouts had the best value. Checkouts just take forever!

This way we can serve more customers in less time, I hope. The store is getting pretty crowded!

Sabreene’s Simself is making friends with Nina. Uh oh, what’s she telling her about Don?

In the background you can see pregnant Candy Behr, one of the Windenburg premades. She was talking to Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab’s evil daughter Autumn. I hope she’s not scheming for world domination again. And look, who it is! Sad clown massage guy, the one who was with Sandra Muffin (who’s pregnant also). Did I tell you I found out his name? I’m so proud of myself. It’s Landon Walters.

Is he going to buy a treadmill? Oh my days, that would be a first! Everybody only ever buys outfits. He ended up buying an outfit as well, to be honest. Sigh. This retail system is messed up. I do enjoy restaurants a lot more! (The next household will open up a restaurant!)

Poor Sabreene! It seems like I should also upgrade the bathrooms. We only have one toilet and the store is extremely busy these days.

Oh no, who is this? Is this Candy’s boyfriend? I hope not. He seems super mad that Candy got knocked up. I decided to close the shop for the day before it comes to a brawl!

Sigh, we aren’t making money big time yet. And what the heck am I paying these employees for?! They didn’t even show up to their shift! I fired them both. Now that Anyala is here to help and I’ll get at least 3 more slave minions kids, I don’t need them. I’d rather keep the money. Speaking of kids…

Don had a minor freak out!
“What do I do? I’m not used to this!”

But Anyala was in good hands. Her doctor is Laura Stevens, a friend of Sandra Muffin’s. We met her in the first few chapters of this rotation. Here’s to hope she can make Anyala feel more comfortable!

She had this nasty orange glow about her. Meanwhile, Don regained his composure. Anyala was treated at the operation table. Nooboo time!

After a long and is-this-supposed-to-happen looking procedure, Anyala and Don welcomed their baby girl! Rinai Lothario!

Awww, so cute. I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she grows up. I hope Don will soon realize he’s a dad now and stop sleeping around.

A fitness store is no place for a baby, even if it has an apartment. So the whole family went home, to Don’s tiny house. We might need to get a new one soon, because there’s absolutely no space for this bassinet.

Don picked up Rinai to cuddle but he didn’t seem to happy with the idea of changing diapers and bottle-feeding.

He’ll get used to it, though.

That’s it for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed it and will tune in next time to see how Rinai looks like as a child!

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