Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 49

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is actually a new Vee is for Vortex chapter! Quick recap to fresh up your memory: After wooing a few ladies in his shop “Don’s slim sim supplies”, Don Lothario had a few pregnancies to deal with. He moved in with his alien girlfirend, Anyala Nirtam and they had a daughter named Rinai. But Alba Palermo, the blue haired barkeeper, and Candy Behr from Windenburg were also expecting babies from Don. So in today’s chapter we’ll see what they look like!

This is Judd Behr, son of Candy Behr and Don. He’s a cheerful little boy (but to be honest he also looks a bit mischievous! ) who has the artist prodigy aspiration. Doesn’t sound like Don at all – doesn’t look much like him either. Is Candy sure, Don’s the father?

Alba Palermo had twins! I visited her in Oasis Springs to age them up.

First off is Arian. He got the Music Lover trait and the Whiz Kid aspiration. I think he has the Don look!

His twin sister Sienna looks even more like Don, because she has his eyes! She is a lazy social butterfly, what a combination. Maybe she’ll meet loads of people online while lazying around in front of her computer – wait that’s me, not her. Oops.

Here are both of them in CAS. I didn’t give them any makeovers because I thought they looked really cute with the random clothes they got.

Especially Arian I mean isn’t he ADORABLE?! I might have to play with this household soon.

Back at the Lothario’s Rinai is trying to fulfil her social butterfly aspiration! Her first goal is meeting five new sims so she immediately gets to work by introducing herself to Sophie Mocca’s boyfriend, Francis.

Rinai: “Hey, Mr., aren’t you that famous baseball player Jack Llamason?”
Francis: “What’s baseball?”
Rinai: “I guess not… You’re lame.”

After moving on from the fake baseball player, she interrupted Eliza and some random dude who were fishing (Note to Rinai: Rude!).
“Hey you there, I just met a guy who looked like Jack Llamason. Do you know him?”
Update: They don’t. Also, Eliza wasn’t too keen on talking to Rinai at all. But it didn’t matter, because it fulfilled her milestone anyway!

After Rinai’s chattiness was satisfied, Eliza was allowed to go back to fishing. Rinai herself resorted to doing her homework directly next to the canal. Please don’t fall in! Oh well, I guess Eliza could fish her out again…

By now it was around 2 pm and Don was still sleeping! What a lazy bum!

Anyala was already hard at work practicing her mixology skills. I would love her to run a bar or a restaurant someday. She was having a pretty productive day and also cleaned all of the house and repaired a broken sink. You go girl!

However, Anyala was not pleased about Don being so lazy. She confronted him after he got up and tried to sneak out (probably to meet with one of his side chicks). They had a huge fight!

So huge that Rinai actually came up to her mother and asked her if her and daddy were getting a dee-borse. All that while glitching out on the porch. Yikes!

Anyala had to explain to her that her and Don aren’t even married. They’re just going through a rough patch and I’m sure they’ll be fine – maybe.  Anyala promised Rinai she would always be her mom and love her no matter what happened with her and Rinai’s dad. Rinai was satisfied with that answer. These two are cute!

A last dinner with the whole family. It actually went pretty well! I’m moving on to the next household soon but I hope these three will be okay while I’m gone and there will be no Don-ish shenanigans! See you around!

Next: Chapter 50


2 thoughts on “Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 49

  1. All these babies! I love how much Arian and Sienna look like Don! Judd looks like such a cool cat – he definitely takes after his father’s personality even though there’s not much of him look-wise!

    Rinai’s such a sweetheart. Anyala’s so good with her daughter! She has a strong maternal instinct, that’s for sure. 🙂

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