Vee is for Vortex – Chapter 44

After Don Lothario’s very successful “sales pitch” with his alien friend Anyala Nirtam, I had Don get back to business. He still needs to pay back the money he got from me to buy the store. His employees were unhelpful as ever – Snape didn’t even show up to work at all! – so Don had to get to work himself.

Don happily sold a few items, mostly clothes. For some reasons all the customers go after is clothes. I think it’s because they’re cheap. And because Don doesn’t have good enough business skills to sell more expensive stuff. No one ever wants to buy the fitness equipment. Maybe I should take all clothes off sale and see what happens…

But first more urgent matters require my attention. I left the door to Don’s apartment open to let Anyala out. And I guess it backfired, because suddenly all the customers were interested in was Don’s TV. I should have known *sigh*

Unlike me, Don saw the positive sides of the situation. Two pretty women were sitting in his apartment? What could be better? Well, the girl on the right is a teen, so she’s out. Not going there Don, not going there. But the girl with the blonde and pink hair is Candy Behr, a premade from the Get Together pack. Not only is she a young adult, but also very pretty. Before I could say anything, Don was already talking to her. I guess it’s too late to intervene, so I played along.

He tried to impress her with his freshly-trained bizeps. Who would even fall for that?

Oh. I guess Candy did. Before I could warn her, she was already head over heels into Don. Oh my days, someone slap this girl.

It didn’t even take Don a lot of effort to charm her. He promised her flowers and fame and she was all his. Geeze.

Very much his!

Wow, things are moving quickly here! It feels like yesterday when Don was with Anyala. Oh wait, that was today. GET IT TOGETHER, DON!

What the… does he want to marry Candy? She must be a pretty good kisser. To be honest, I think I liked him better with Anyala. I’m not a huge fan of Candy. Please, don’t do this Don. But just as I was about to panic, Don remembered that he was non-committal after all. Phew. Crisis averted.

And yep, Candy’s definitely only thinking of how sim-famous she’ll become by being associated with the great Don Lothario.

Future me: Oh, you have no idea HOW associated you will be, girl.
Past me: What is that supposed to mean, huh?
Future me: You’ll see *evil laugh*

Things got heated up! But while Don and Candy were enjoying their time together, business was not running itself!

Only three items sold. Shame on you, Don! It’s time to get back to work.

Candy wanted to leave right after the deed was done. Was Don really that bad? Shame, that I had locked the door so no one would … disturb them.

I’m not sure if I should open that door. I remember what happened last time. In the end, of course, I did let poor Candy go. I can’t let her be stuck in an apartment with Don all day. I know just what they would do.

Don was very pleased with himself. Two girls in one day? How could this week get any better?
Future me: Well, he’s in for a hell of a week.
Past me: I have a bad feeling about this…

After Candy left, Don stocked up a few items that got sold during the day. Since he hadn’t signed up any employee for the task. Not that they would have done it if he had.

For his aspiration, he needs to have three strong romantic relationships at the same time. I guess woohoo is strong enough for that, because he already has two – Anyala and Candy. Now let’s check who might be the third.

His pink bar is relatively high with Nadja, but she yelled at him in a previous chapter so that might not be a good idea. Alba Palermo, the barkeeper, it is. But you’ll see about that in the next chapter! See you around!

PS: I saw Belle walking buy thinking of all the money she would make. Pfft. She should start actually working before I pay her anything.

Next: Chapter 45


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